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  • Banned in China: While the franchise is not necessary banned in China, a University of Minnesota student has gotten into trouble for tweeting images of the Big Bad of the original cartoon, Lawrence Limburger, as well as Winnie-the-Pooh; both characters supposedly bear a resemblance to Chinese president Xi Jinping.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: The title character of the episode "Hard Rock" was voiced by television and radio presenter Riki Rachtman.
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  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Susan Silo as Dr. Karbunkle, and Leeza Miller-McGee (Charley Davidson) as Modo's nephew Rimfire. Only once, though.
  • International Co Production: Animation contractor Philippine Animation Studio Inc. returns from the original series to co produce the 2006 revival.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Only the first season was released on DVD in America, and it is now out of print.
  • Name's the Same:
  • No Export for You: The 2006 revival suffers this in two ways:
    • While it finally aired in America on 4Kids in 2008, seven episodes never got a chance to air before the show was pulled from the schedule ("Desperado", "Cat and Mouse", "First Mice on the Moon", "Once Upon a Time on Earth" parts 1-3, and the Grand Finale "Turf Wars").
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    • DVD releases have only been available in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Bulgaria.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Napoleon Brie's henchman Number One was originally voiced by Mark Hamill, but was voiced by Jeff Bennett during his final appearance in the episode "Hit the Road, Jack".
    • Modo's nephew Rimfire was originally voiced by Rob Paulsen in the three-part episode "Back to Mars", with Leeza Miller-McGee voicing him in a flashback of when he was a child. The remainder of his appearances in the original series had him voiced by Brian Austin-Green, while his appearance in the 2006 revival episode "Break Up" had Jess Harnell voice him.
    • Some other cases of characters being recast in the 2006 revival.
      • Lisa Zane replaces Leeza Miller-McGee as Charley Davidson.
      • While Peter Strauss reprises his role as Stoker for five episodes, the rest of the series has him replaced by Jim Ward.
      • Dina Sherman replaces Leah Remini as Carbine.
      • Jennifer Hale replaces Kath Soucie as Harley.
      • Aside from replacing Brian Austin-Green as Rimfire, Jess Harnell also replaces Brad Garrett as Greasepit, Stu Rosen as the Pit Boss, and Jeff Bennett as Lord Camembert.
      • Dr. Catorkian is voiced by Jess Harnell for most of the series, but Jim Ward fills in for him in the episode "Manchurian Charley".
      • Cataclysm is usually voiced by Clancy Brown, but his grunts in "Biker Mice Down Under" and "Once Upon a Time on Earth, Part One: Stoker's Gambit" are provided by Dorian Harewood and he is voiced by James Avery in the Licensed Game for PlayStation 2.
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  • Production Posse: Several actors from Beverly Hills, 90210 have roles in the series. Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders) plays Vinnie, Luke Perry (Dylan McKay) voices Napoleon Brie, Brain Austin Green (David Silver) voices Modo's nephew Rimfire, and Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh) guest-starred in two episodes as Jack McCyber.
  • Recycled Script: "Modo Hangs It Up" and the SWAT Kats episode "Razor's Edge", both written by the same author, share similar plots: one of the heroes suffers a Heroic BSoD followed by a 10-Minute Retirement after the villain tricks him into thinking he injured a civilian.
  • Role Reprise: While the revival had most of the supporting characters recast, some of the actors from the original series return to reprise their roles.
    • Rob Paulsen, Ian Ziering, and Dorian Harewood all return as Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo.
    • William Morgan Sheppard and Susan Silo reprise their roles as Lawrence Limburger and Dr. Karbunkle in the few episodes featuring them.
    • Luke Perry returns as Napoleon Brie in "Once Upon a Time on Earth, Part Two".
    • Peter Strauss reprises his role as Stoker for five episodes, with Jim Ward replacing him for the rest of the series.
  • Short Run in Peru: The revival initially aired from 2006 to 2007 on the British television channel CITV. The series did eventually air in America on 4Kids in 2008, but was pulled from the schedule before every episode had a chance to air. While the revival was said to resume airing on TheCW4Kids in fall 2009, it never came to pass.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • William Morgan Sheppard voices both Lawrence Limburger and the Sand Raiders' leader Slobber the Mutt.
    • Jim Cummings voices both Saddle Sore and Deathmaster in "So Life Like" as well as the Plutarkians Gerald Gruyere and Gutama Gouda in "Diet of Worms".
  • Word of God: Original series co-creator Tom Tataranowicz has stated that he believes none of the Martian mice have last names and have avoided them altogether because surnames were considered a liability and the Martian mice didn't need them because they could identify their relatives with no problems, though he has acknowledged that series creator Rick Ungar may have a different idea behind the Biker Mice's First-Name Basis.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Biker Mice from Mars Wiki.


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