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"We will never allow anyone, any organisation, or any political party, at any time or in any form, to seperate any part of Chinese territory from China".

Xi Jinping (15 June 1953- ) is the current President of the People's Republic of China, and the General Secretary of its sole governing Communist Party, serving since 2012, and one of the most controversial figures of the early 21st century.

Entering the Communist Party as the son of a dissident, Xi cultivated the image of an unambitious but loyal everyman, Xi racked up power and influence amongst the party to succeed Hu Jintao as the most powerful man in China. Upon entering office Xi began to purge political rivals, such as the Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai, imprisoning them for apparent corruption. In 2018, Xi amended the constitution, removing term limits and effectively turning him into China's President for Life.

While the PRC was by no means considered a free country by any measure, it's thought that it has become more repressive under his tenure ever since it opened up and readjusted it's system to the rest of the world. The censorship campaign became infamous when the character Winnie-the-Pooh was completely blocked in the country after comparisons with Xi. He has implemented the Social System Credit which penalizes citizens via mass surveillance for anything (from jaywalking to posting the "wrong" opinions online) by limiting access to school and health. His "Xi Jiping thought" became enshrined in the Chinese constitution and universities have implemented it in their curriculum, something not seen since Mao Zedong.


Xi Jiping has been featured/referenced in the following media.

  • South Park: He appears in the episode Band in China which tackles the subject of Western corporations appeasing to the Chinese government in an effort to tap into their market, as well as referencing the Winnie the Pooh incident. Needless to say, the episode got the entire series banned in the country.

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