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Nov 29th 2021 at 9:41:14 AM •••

My English isn't all that good so I don't think I can articulate this perfectly but actual all-encompassing State mandated Social Credit System likely doesn't even exist. The one cited in the article (and the one usually heard by the layperson) is a misconception caused by conflation between several unrelated programs ran by private and state entities that later taken Up to Eleven by the media.


Interesting points from the article:

1. ”There is no such thing as a national “social credit score.” A few dozen towns and cities in China, as well as private companies running loyalty-type programs for their customers, do currently compute scores, primarily to determine rewards or access to various programs. That was the source of at least some of the confusion. Alibaba’s Sesame Credit program, for instance, which gives rewards on Alibaba’s platforms and easier access to credit through a linked company, was often cited as a precursor of a planned government program, despite being a private enterprise.

Tl;dr, Private run consumer loyalty program

2. The government does assign universal social credit codes to companies and organizations, which they use as an ID number for registration, tax payments, and other activities, while all individuals have a national ID number. The existing social credit blacklists use these numbers, as do almost all activities in China. But these codes are not scores or rankings. Enterprises and professionals in various sectors may be graded or ranked, sometimes by industry associations, for specific regulatory purposes like restaurant sanitation. However, the social credit system does not itself produce scores, grades, or assessments of “good” or “bad” social credit. Instead, individuals or companies are blacklisted for specific, relatively serious offenses like fraud and excessive pollution that would generally be offenses anywhere.

Tl;dr, Government SCS focuses on corporate governance rather than individuals, and can't even be used to grade anyone

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