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Title Drops in animated movies.

  • "Not to worry, Charlie. You'll go to heaven. All Dogs Go to Heaven, because dogs, unlike people, are naturally good, and loyal, and kind."
  • "Now, what can I give An Angel For Christmas..."
  • Corpse Bride contains a number of title drops, as most of the inhabitants of the underworld refer to Emily as either "the bride" or "our corpse bride." Victoria, the living bride, also uses it once when speaking to the minister.
    Victoria: Victor is married to a dead woman. He has a corpse bride!
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  • Foodfight! is titled dropped twice in the film: once during a club brawl, and again during the climax.
  • "Arendelle! It's completely frozen!"
  • "I give you Happily Never After!!!" — said by the evil stepmom guessed it, Happily Never After.
  • Happens in both Hoodwinked and its sequel, when the source of the conflict reveals how the good guys were tricked with the phrase, "You've been hoodwinked!"
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame has a scene in the middle of the "Topsy Turvy" number where Clopin quells the panicked crowd when it is discovered that Quasimodo's "mask" is actually his face.
    Clopin: We asked for the ugliest face in Paris, and here he is! Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre Dame!
    • In Japan, the word "hunchback" is highly offensive, so the movie was titled The Bells of Notre Dame, making the entire opening song one of these.
  • "I'm just saying, how do we know it's an Ice Age? – "Because. Of all. The ice!"
  • "The fact is... Mars Needs Moms."
  • "General Monger, I propose we go forward with your Monsters vs. Aliens idea...thingy."
  • The Prince of Egypt has a few.
    "I was the prince of Egypt, the son of the man who slaughtered... their children."
    "I pardon forever all crimes of which he stands accused, and will have it known that he is our brother, Moses, the prince of Egypt!"
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  • Strange Magic was named after the song by Electric Light Orchestra and is sung in duet by Marianne and The Bog King.
  • Several times in the first act of Yellow Submarine.
    Lord Mayor: Fourscore and thirty two bars ago, our forefathers...
    Old Fred: A quartet...
    Lord Mayor: And foremothers...
    Old Fred: Another quartet...
    Lord Mayor: Made it in this yellow submarine.

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