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Tear Jerker / Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: The Contempt of Court

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Even then and now, Brisbane just can't seem to catch a break...
This game definitely has some of the most sympathetic characters...

  • Hearing that Marvin Grossberg had been murdered would certainly upset and unsettle an Ace Attorney fan.

  • Brisbane's story. For the first 25 years of his life, he's a Shrinking Violet, most likely intimidated and bullied a lot. Then, his best friend is mysteriously murdered in front of his eyes, and he is framed. His attorney manages to acquit him and discover his friend's true murderer, but they're not done trying to screw up his life - as a parting gift, they throw the murder weapon at him before being dragged off, resulting in the loss of an eye. No wonder he turned out so rough.
  • Vulper's story could apply as this. He starts off as just an average prosecutor, when his step-brother, Jack Crane, a member of Aculeus, contacts him, and sets him up with a forger. It all goes downhill from there. Not only is he roped in with Aculeus (and, by extension, Hemlock), his brother rats him out to Redd White, who sends him to assassinate Vincenzo Cicatrice. He is unsuccessful, of course, and even gets a scar for it. And it gets better! One year later, the two brothers are assigned to transport the incredibly valuable enigmium, but Crane decides to steal it and split the fortune with his brother... or, rather, Brisbane. After going through this, is it any wonder he decided to off his step-brother? No. Following this, Vulper flees the country for five years, eventually returning to do some... admittedly pretty horrible things, and is finally brought to justice. But the universe isn't done with him yet, oh no: After Cedric Maplethorpe is imprisoned for attempted murder and manslaughter, he is murdered (presumably by Hemlock) in his cell, and Vulper is set up as the obvious culprit. At this point, Vulper knows it's over: he can either confess to a murder he didn't commit, dooming him to the gallows, or simply let the Boogeyman bump him off in the night.
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  • Just about everything about poor Maris Rubin. The girl wants nothing more to please her customers and cannot bring herself to make a mistake in front of them. When she cut her hand badily on the rail as she was delivering coffee, she hid the cut under some gloves because she was worried about upsetting the customer. Unfortunately for her, the client ended up being the extremely paranoid Stan Nyph who took her wearing gloves the wrong way thinking she has poisoned his coffee and pointed a loaded gun at her. Maris understandably was frightened and managed to get the gun from him but suddenly a very loud gunshot was heard and Nyph was dead. Maris then stated she saw a "ghost" and later even believed she shot Nyph. It was at that point that no one not even Maris herself believe she was innocent. It was a good thing Phoenix was there to get to the bottom of it as always.
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  • This game is very good with having tragic backstories and the next up to plate is Terry Greisen aka James Trent. Many years ago, James and his wife Sarah Trent (along with Clive Warren) were a very good detective team and were cracking open cases up and down. They soon stumbled upon the smuggling ring and decided to take it down as well. Unfortunately, they got too eager and Warren was almost killed and Sarah ended up being killed by the hands of Helmock. James took her death very hard and decided to dedicate the rest of his life to taking down Helmock. When James tried to continue the search for Hemlock and the smuggling ring to Interpol, they decided against it which left to James leaving Interpol and taking matters into his own hands. This is what lead to James changing his name to Terry Greisen and developing his over-the-top detective lingo so that it can throw Hemlock off. Poor James because this only lead to Barrows nearly getting killed and Perry Docks aka. Clive Warren actually being killed. James was dealing with the pressure of having two people he cared about being killed. This was all discussed to Phoenix after Phoenix managed to break his Psyche-Locks and, like with Vulper, James has a unique animation where his jacket falls off and finally drops the detective lingo. The real kicker is the next animation where the poor guy looks like he could burst into tears any moment to the point he was actually having an emotional breakdown. Fortunately, it took a very heartwarming speech from Phoenix to get him out of it and James leaves it to Phoenix to take down Helmock hoping other innocent person would be killed.
  • It's finally about time to hear what happened with Renwick Smith for the past 5 years. It's reveled after Hemlock figured out Smith hid the enigmium and refused to tell him where it is, Helmock forced Smith to be his right-hand-man and had him constantly cover up his tracks for his murders. Though Smith was relived to not have to kill anyone himself, he still feels bad that he has it witness all of these crimes firsthand and can't do a damn thing about it. It really gets to him when Brisbane was nearly assaulted to death by Hemlock. Remember, doing all of this, witnessing all of these crimes, covering Helmock's tracks, Smith did it all for the protection of Brisbane, the only person Smith himself stated that he cares about. And Helmock ended up nearly killing Brisbane anyway after finding that he had the enigmium! Note while Smith is explaining all of this to Phoenix, very somber music plays in the background to drive this home. Right before Phoenix presents Smith's profile to reveal he's Helmock's #2, Smith has a unique sprite where he is actually frowning. Not the usual bored/angry frown, but a genuine sad one.
    • To go further into this, Smith technically is guilty of his crimes. Sure, he didn't try to kill Brisbane nor he stole the enigmium, but he was revealed to have tampered with the crime scene and a bunch of other things for the sake of Helmock. Even though Smith isn't evil, he is still a guilty man for other crimes and Phoenix was just trying to figure out what to do about all of this. Sure, his plan is the same to take down Helmock but that means if Helmock goes down, Smith will most likely be facing charges as well.
    • And it's particularly sweet how Smith truly cares about Brisbane and was willing to commit many crimes just to keep him safe. Smith made it clear that he isn't a nice guy and is very anti-social. However, Brisbane was the first person he could truly connect to and Brisbane feels the same way. Even Weever comments how the two often see each other and how good they get along.
    • Hell, even Brisbane told Smith if he told him that Helmock was harassing him for the enigmium all those years, Brisbane would've gave it to him no questions asked. This was a guy who was hell bent on keeping that material for himself (not for money but as a memento of Jack Crane). Indeed, Brisbane and Smith are the best of friends.
  • To follow up on that, Morag Weever may seem like a strict person, but she genuinely is touched on how Brisbane and Smith get along and she really doesn't want to believe that Smith tried to kill him. She only stated what she saw in court and even looked saddened from all of that.
  • The Bad Ending if Phoenix fails to present the correct evidence during any of Freude's Rage Breaking Point moments. Freude breaks Phoenix's badge and per the agreement, Phoenix was forced to step down as defense attorney. Phoenix, clearly in a state of depression, stated the Smith was found guilty and Brisbane never woke up from his coma. He finishes saying that the Boogeyman (Helmock) is still out there and that he got him.

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