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  • Mad Scientists in Girl Genius understand exactly how important Christmas is and isn't.
    • They all seem to work this way:
    "I've used driftwood & detritus to construct crude sonar torpedoes & wire guided harpoons. Now to build a raft! My priorities may need work."
    — from Twitter log of Othar Tryggvassen, the Gentleman Adventurer.
    • Let's not forget how you can tell when a plan is a bad plan. It's even in the song Mama Gikka's girls perform for Jägers, if you look carefully.
    • There is a nice subversion during the slaver wasp attack on Castle Wulfenbach. The Jägers, who have spent pretty much all their screentime before then needling the Lackya, immediately belt up and get to work when they realise they have a real action on their hands.
    • Agatha actively helps the renegade Mad Scientists of Britain summon an Eldritch Abomination due to scientific curiosity, which would be bad enough if said renegade scientists weren't already making active attempts to kill her and her friends.
  • Most halflings in Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic know exactly what they need from the world.
    Mayor Tollin: And of course, free beer at the wedding reception.
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  • Luke Surl Comics has this one.
  • Minions At Work got Doctor Wallstreet. The lawn care is important.
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • The Principal of Tedd and Elliot's school thinks murals are more important than, say... working fire sprinklers.
    • Later, The Will Of Magic has this to say about why a scenario where anybody trying to cast a spell caused "massive storms of chaos magic".
    Human Seer: That sounds Bad.
    Magic: Yes, people would stop using magic.
  • The Packrat: Packrat lives and breathes this trope. He sells his $2000 high-end Korg Triton workstation and then buys a vintage ARP 2600 with only one voice and no memory for $3000. He'd rather twist the knobs on a synth than those on his wife. He buys an anniversary edition Nord Lead just for the reverse keys and not for the sound. Only three of many examples.
  • Jareth in Roommates has his priorities straight: first his fun and clothing then his friends and love interest, everything else (like ruling his kingdom) comes later and mortal danger is somewhere at the bottom of the list. So what is his first question when appearing in a fantasy dreamworld where a mountain sized talking (eastern)dragon greets him? "Why am I in armor?" of course.
    • Girls Next Door: Let's say you just came out of the shower. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, a younger member of the opposite sex barges in, leaving you one split second and a small towel. What do you cov— no, Erik, not your face...
  • Homestuck pop quiz: A massive forest fire is threatening your home, your friend is about to get hit by a meteor, and you're the only one who can save him via the reality-warping computer game. What do you do?
    • On another occasion, Rose also lampshades the dedication of GameFAQs writers who continued updating their Sburb walkthroughs while being obliterated by said meteors.
    • Later, while Rose is waiting on him to save her from being hit by meteors, Dave starts drawing Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff updates (to be fair, he's waiting for Sburb to load).
  • Let's just say that Freefall's Mr. Kornada disagrees with other cast members about what's urgent.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • A tribe of orcs kidnap Lien the paladin and steal Elan's puppet, Banjo the Clown. Elan considers retrieving Banjo to be the higher priority.
    Elan: We won't leave one of our own behind again!
    Durkon: Ye ARE talkin' aboot rescuin' Lien, right?
    Elan: We won't leave TWO of our own behind again!
    • Nale is accused of this by Tarquin; specifically, Nale's over-inflated opinion of himself means he thinks letting everyone know that he has triumphed is more important that the triumph itself, causing him to jeopardise several plans where success hinged on him being able to keep a low profile.
    • In one of the bonus strips in Dragon Magazine, Vaarsuvius willingly dispels a Sanctuary spell which is keeping the party hidden from some wights, in order to scold the wights for their poor use of language.
  • After Nepta in tinyraygun gets robbed by space bandits, she scours her crashed ship and is delighted to find they missed her rations, first aid kits, and comic books.
  • xkcd:
    • As the Apocalypse unfolds around him, Cueball's first priority is to get himself the Erdos number of 1. Several other mathematicians also share this priority, to the point of needing to form a line. And the Alt Text suggests that he wants to take it further.
    • Heroics? No, just a sysadmin mad that the terrorists cut his connection.
    • The student in Priorities deliberately fails a class so the grades on their report card are in alphabetical order.
    • In Fixed Width, after a night of passion Rob chooses to send Emily a message saying "definitely just sex" instead of "I love you" because the line lengths in their conversation have been syncing perfectly up to that point, and he doesn't want to spoil the pattern.
  • Happens several times in Loading Artist, e.g. in Emergency Service and Internet Time. Or Keep playing Tic Tac Toe while your rubber raft looses air.
  • The Last Days Of FOXHOUND: At one point security on the US-Mexican border has no problem with a hulking Inuit bringing a tank across the border, as long as it doesn't have any Mexicans in it.

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