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Val: "I should use complete sentences. They want you to break Radial Lock."
Corrin: "It can't be broken."
Val: "The problem with all locks, Corrin, is that they were made to be opened."

The second release by up-and-coming developer Iridium Studios, There Came An Echo is a real-time strategy game where you control up to four people using a combination of voice-based controls and traditional mouse-driven interfaces.

You play as the faceless Sam, accompanied by the helpful and snarky Val, a similarly faceless personality. Your mission: guide the computer programmer Corrin Webb, developer of the highly-advanced encryption scheme Radial Lock, on a journey to break his own software.


There Came An Echo provides examples of:

  • Adorkable: Val, definitely.
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: Happens fairly quickly as your first hideout gets attacked just after you meet Syll. The point of it is to hold out until Adam can prep the helicopter. The Tower experiences this immediately after that and you'll have to rescue them when Farrick's forces attack.
  • Action Survivor: Corrin, at first.
  • Cast from Hit Points: After a fashion. You only have an energy meter which powers your shields and your non-pistol weapons. Once the meter hits bottom (and you blow through your two spare batteries), you're dead.
  • Easter Egg: Try telling Wil Wheaton something you may have wanted to say to him for a long time. note 
    • During mission six, saying "Activate tesslatronic remix" will change the background music to a remix done by DJ Tesslatron.
    • "Open the pod bay doors, Val!"
  • It's Personal: The reason Corrin helps Syll with Farrick even though the plot is having less and less to do with him. The heroic thing to do would be to go along because it's become a big important thing, but really, he's tired of getting his life thrown out of whack.
  • Military Alphabet: The NATO alphabet, letters alpha through foxtrot, are used to designate waypoints.
    • "B, C, D sound too similar on the battlefield."
  • Mission Control: You provide the tactical direction for your units in the game.
  • MacGuffin: Radial Lock
  • The Mole: Miranda starts out leading the guys who're attacking Corrin in the prologue. Once he's cornered at the airport, she helps him escape and reveals she was hired to protect him. Later on, when everyone is locked in a containment cell, she reveals she was keeping Heather updated on the team's whereabouts the entire time.
  • Non-Action Guy: Adam, the pilot.
  • Only in It for the Money: The main reason Miranda's going with the whole thing.
  • Shout Outs: There Came an Echo is chock-full of these:
    • "What now, Morpheus?" when you help Corrin escape from Ignite Defense.
    • Malcolm Reynolds is in the airport checkpoint line.
  • Stealth Sequel: At least, this was the case before Iridium Studios chose to rename Sequence to Before the Echo over challenging the legal claim on its original title. Before that, no direct connection between the two games was pointed out by either either Iridium Studios or the game, until the midway point of There Came an Echo makes itself clear that it's a direct sequel.
  • Straight Gay: Adam offhandedly mentions that he has a boyfriend when Corrin asks him if he's got any family waiting for him after the job.
  • Super Breeding Program: The Tower's schtick. At least, that's what Mir says at first. That bit was actually a lie told to conceal the fact that Syll's creation was more their goal.
  • Voice with an Internet Connection: Val fills this role.


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