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Anemoi is a jamjar Journal Roleplay game hosted on Dreamwidth. It started in 2011 and then lost steam in 2014.

Upon their arrival, characters lose their memories. Newcomers are brought to the laboratory in the center of the city of Sirocco, where they are employed by the government and told that the way to get memories back is to find anemoi, either out in the wilderness or through taking jobs in the city, and bring them back to the lab for processing.


And once you get more than a few miles out from city limits, the wilderness can be pretty damn wild. There are all sorts of creatures out there, including creatures from the characters' own worlds. Sirocco is the only known bastion of civilization, and its numbers are dwindling — hence the influx of newcomers. Characters don't know how or why things got to be this way, but perhaps they'll find out sooner or later...


Anemoi contains examples of:

  • Back from the Dead: Characters who are killed discover themselves on a train headed to the afterlife. Should they choose to get off at the Sirocco stop, they'll return back to life.
  • Game Master: The moderators, of course, but the game allows players to run their own anemoi-gathering expeditions if they so choose.
  • Jerkass Gods: The "gods" (for lack of a better term) in this setting, including Kyogre and Shiva, are responsible for the amnesia in the setting. Doomtrain may be the exception — no one can remember it causing their amnesia.
  • Killed Off for Real: In contrast to Back from the Dead above, characters who choose to stay on the train are permanently dead and can never be apped back into the game again.
  • Wide Open Sandbox: While there are self-contained, mod-run plots, the game does not have an overarching plot. This leaves characters and players to do much of what they please. Characters can get jobs in the city, go on trips into the wilderness to explore and collect anemoi, or anything else one can do in a city of Sirocco's size.


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