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"teenagers slaughtering each other"

Anima Solus is a Magical boy and girl roleplay group inspired by the popular series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It was founded in 2012 and has since been abandoned.

Magical boys and girls are conceived from individuals with blossoming determination and hope. These chosen few must fight for their lives to reach the ultimate prize, a single wish, or perish in the attempt.

Anima Solus contains examples of:

  • Evil Overlord: Lily, the group's leader. Mass character slaughter and high levels of torture and agony are prominent during her ASRPG's.
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  • Gender-Bender Friendship: Cecil's actually a girl, but is keeping it a secret. Assumed to be because of Orion's Cannot Talk to Women status.
  • Magical Girl: The theme of the roleplay, featuring boys as well as girls.
  • Power Trio: Orion as Fire, Andrei as Lightning, and Scott as Ice.
  • Rescue Romance: Corelle and Andrei met when Corelle saved Andrei from being bullied by Mephiste.
  • The Rival: Raycer and Piers. Platonic(?) hate. Despite despising each other, they don't want the other permanently dead.
  • Sadist Show: Being a Magi is suffering. Being a Magi at the hands of a group of angst-thirsty writers is even worse.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: This is what Piers keeps telling everyone about Colette, because he honestly has a girlfriend. But everyone ignores him anyways.


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