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Anime & Manga

  • Black Jack: In Kimba, Astro Boy cameos twice. Once he's in a world's fair as a model robot, the other time one of the villains is actually WATCHING Astro Boy beat up one of his enemies!
  • High School Of The Dead: In the manga: when Saya explains what the side effect of nuclear explosions is, electronic appliances no longer working, there are pictures of said appliances. Among them there is a robot that looks similar to Astro Boy.
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  • Nichijou: The Professor seems to be a fan of Astro Boy if Nano's adventures in Chapter 178 are anything to go by.


Comic Strip

  • Calvin and Hobbes: Hobbes once does Calvin's hair for school picture day. Calvin keeps asking him how it looks and Hobbes finally tells him that he looks like Astro Boy. Upon hearing this Calvin exclaims that he can't wait to get his picture taken.


Video Games

Western Animation


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