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Astro Boy (2009 film)

  • Astro's stunned reaction to the first time his rocket boots fire, including a hilarious expression and a wonderfully prompt (and pretty harsh) slap to his own face.
    • And then as shock becomes delight he tries to zip off heroically - only to briefly forget how to power the jets and, on reactivating them, slam himself backwards into a building and then straight up through its stone facade.
  • A soldier trying to use windshield wipers when Astro crashes into his ship. Astro's look of sheer annoyance is priceless.
    • Astro gets caught by several gunships, but starts pulling them behind him. A warning on one soldier’s visor flashes EXTREME DANGER!!, then switches to DINNER RETURNING.
  • While trying to catch Astro, one of the ships accidentally snatches up a dog, a tablecloth, and a woman accepting a proposal:
    Soldier: "Uh...I'm just gonna take these back."
    • Best of all, the woman doesn't even care she got snatched.
      Woman: [dangling from ship] I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!
  • Trash Can the robot dog's final attempt to "out" Toby as a robot, spelling out on the ground in huge letters "HE'S A ROBOT!" with an arrow pointing to Astro/Toby to Zane. Made funnier when Zane shrugs, "Almost makes me wish I could read."
  • When the RRF 'rescue' Astro.
    Cora: What just happened?
  • "Hey! I'm voting for the other guy!"
  • When Astro discovers his "accessories".
    Astro: What? I got machine guns? In my butt?!
  • When Astro saves one of the guy's after him, and then has to deal with the reinforcements.
    Astro: What's with you guys?
    Guard: I love you!
  • Any scene involving the Robot Revolutionary Front.
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  • The President as the Giant Mecha. Everything out of his mouth is pure hilarious Deadpan Snarker.

2003 series

  • From the first episode, the Inspector asks Dr. O'Shay about the blackout caused by reviving Astro. His explanation? "I can't sleep with the lights on."
  • Anytime someone bangs down Tenma's door. Made better by his sheer calmness about it.
    Tenma: (surrounded by police) So many visitors. And I didn't even make tea.
  • Some of Tenma's creeper moments qualify as well.
    Tenma: (disturbing grin) Always a pleasure.
    Astro: You're creepy.
  • Astro Boy continues to sass Dr. Tenma
    Astro: (on Tenma's Stalker Without a Crush tendencies) Don't you have anything better to do?

Original Manga

  • This moment from the "Astro Reborn" arc.
  • There's a scene in one volume where Astro's school friends try to rescue him from a villain in what's generally a Moment of Awesome, but at one point their choice of taunt to the villain just comes off as hilarious for some reason: "We're going to cut off your beard and throw it in the garbage can!"
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  • In Hamegg's robot circus, someone asks Astro to point out the good and bad people in the room. He immediately declares Hamegg the worst of all.
  • Towards the end of the "Greatest Robot on Earth" arc, Astro and Pluto finally begin their last duel at the top of a volcano, but when it's about to erupt, Astro immediately starts picking up large rocks to prevent an eruption that would destroy the surrounding settlements. Pluto and Boro, designed only for combat, refuse to help him. Professor Ochanomizu's frustration is priceless:
    Ochanomizu: This is the craziest thing I've heard of!! We've got two giant robots here and both are useless!!!

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