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Heartwarming / Astro Boy

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Original Manga

  • "The Secret of the Egyptian Conspirators" was basically an extended Pet the Dog moment for Dr. Tenma, from saving Astro to trying to help his would-be assassin Cleopatra.
  • Tenma's reasoning behind helping Astro to fight Pluto. "I did it because I love him, and didn't want to see him destroyed!"
  • Professor Ochanomizu's unwavering belief in Astro when he goes bad. He states himself he won't give up on him.
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  • In Volume 20, Tenma accepts that he no longer has the right to call himself Astro's father, and tells Astro's robot parents that he knows they'll make him happy. He then leaves and gets attacked by a man he had previously betrayed. Astro Boy saves him without hesitation.

2003 series

  • The hug between Dr. Tenma and Astro in the final episode, followed by Astro telling Tenma he forgives him. Or if you go by the Japanese version, calls him "Father".
  • Episode 49: "We're here to take Astro home." Pity it leads to Tenma's Villainous Breakdown...
  • Also in the final episode: Dr. Ochanomizu gives out his speech on how robots and humans are comrades.


Astro Boy: Videogame

  • Dr. Tenma ends up having a Heel–Face Turn in this version, acknowledging Astro's identity as a person of his own, moving on from his grief over his dead son, and unlocking Astro's full potential to fight against the game's Big Bad.
    Dr. Tenma: Your powers are beyond anything I ever dreamed of. You are no longer my Tobio. The name, Astro, suits you better. As a final gift, I shall unlock your ultimate potential. You now have the strength of 1 million horsepower!


2009 film

  • Tenma finally gets his act together and teams with Elefun to slight-of-hand the Blue Core out of President Stone's grasp so he can use it to revive Astro. Tenma embraces Astro, telling them that while Astro is not Toby he is still Tenma's son, and then urges him to escape while Tenma and Elefun stay to face down the military.
  • In the denouement, when Tenma embraces Astro in relief on realizing he's not dead. The warmth between these characters in the third act, while a departure from their previous dynamic, is incredibly sweet.
  • Also in the denouement, Zog "resurrecting" Astro/Toby by using some of the Blue Core energy that Toby had used to restore Zog.