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Drinking Game / Astro Boy

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Because this was the very first anime imported to the Americans, use sake instead of beer.

  • Take a shot every time there are screen-sized Epileptic Flashing Lights in the 1960s series.
  • Take a drink when Atom's dub actress doesn't hide she is a female.
  • Take a sip whenever dialogue is spoken when characters' mouths are closed in the 1960s dub.
  • Take a shot if there's a Wild Take. Take another shot if it is exaggerated. Finish your drink if you're watching "Midoro Marsh".
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  • Drink if Uran makes an appearance.
  • Finish your drink if Atlas makes an appearance.
  • Down the drink if you're watching an episode of the 1960s series with the instrumental theme song (Applies to Japanese airings only.)
  • If you're watching the 1960s dub (Lord help you if you are) take a sip whenever they try to hide the fact that the series is Japanese (saying something speaks English, for example.)
  • Take a shot if they use an Incredibly Lame Punny Name in the dub. If you're watching the 1960s dub, have an ambulance on speed-dial.
  • Take a drink if Higeoyaji (Shunsuke Ban) appears. Finish your drink if he's called "Wally Kisaragi".
  • Take a sip if the characters look completely adorable for no reason at all. You might get cirrhosis.
  • Finish your drink when the derpy Atom appears in the 1980s series.
  • Take two drinks at the start of each episode of the 1960s dub to drown out the annoying kids singing. It may be best to skip the intro of every episode after the first.