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    Season 1 (September 26, 2001 to May 22, 2002) 
  1. "Broken Bow": A Klingon turning up on Earth turns into the inaugural mission for the Enterprise NX-01, Starfleet’s first Warp 5 starship, which comes after years of the Vulcans’ interference. Along the way, the crew run afoul of the genetically-enhanced Suliban.
  2. "Fight or Flight": Enterprise happens across an abandoned ship that contains some horrific sights, which makes Hoshi Sato realize all too late that she may have bitten off more than she can chew with her assignment.
  3. "Strange New World": The crew find their first M-class planet, but in settling down to explore, their demeanor begin to slowly change.
  4. "Unexpected": After lending his engineering skills to an alien ship, Trip returns to Enterprise pregnant.
  5. "Terra Nova": Enterprise heads to the the lost Earth colony, Terra Nova, to find out why they haven’t been heard from in a while.
  6. The Andorian Incident": An idle visit to a Vulcan monastery turns into a hostage situation, courtesy of the paranoid Andorians.
  7. "Breaking the Ice": The crew investigate a comet, but a Vulcan ship has their eyes on it as well.
  8. "Civilization": Discovering a fully-inhabited planet, the crew blend in with the locals, to find out why a disease is spreading throughout the citizens.
  9. "Fortunate Son": The Enterprise crew helps out a freighter ship, the Fortunate, who has been under attack from the Nausicaans.
  10. "Cold Front": Archer discovers one of his crew members is from 900 years in the future, and looking for a Suliban.
  11. "Silent Enemy": A mysterious alien ship becomes a threat to the Enterprise, forcing the crew to upgrade their equipment. Meanwhile, Hoshi does some research into Reed’s background.
  12. "Dear Doctor": A planet being inflected by a plague sparks a discussion between Phlox and Archer about non-interference.
  13. "Sleeping Dogs": A Klingon ship is found wrecked inside a gas giant, and T'Pol takes Sato and Reed to investigate.
  14. "Shadows of P'Jem": As Starfleet deals with the fallout from "The Andorian Incident," Archer and T'Pol are taken prisoner on a war-torn planet.
  15. "Shuttlepod One": Trip Tucker and Malcolm Reed struggle to survive together for days in a damaged shuttlepod, dead in space.
  16. "Fusion": Renegade Vulcans are welcomed to the Enterprise, where they discuss their embracing of emotions. One of them, however, has a particular fixation on T'Pol.
  17. "Rogue Planet": After touching down on a planet that's always nighttime, Archer has visions of a mysterious woman.
  18. "Acquisition": The crew are knocked out by a group of Ferengi, who then scour the ship for valuables.
  19. "Oasis": The crew get a tip about a seemingly-abandoned spaceship where they can get some supplies, but this particular ship is supposedly haunted.
  20. "Detained": Archer and Mayweather’s away mission winds up with them both thrown into an alien prison, where they share space with the Suliban.
  21. "Vox Sola": A slimy alien creature gets on the ship and traps several crewmen in a strange web.
  22. "Fallen Hero": To the discomfort of T’Pol, the Enterprise is asked to take aboard Vulcan ambassador V’Lar, who’s been accused of criminal misconduct.
  23. "Desert Crossing": Archer and Trip struggle to survive on a desert-like planet.
  24. "Two Days and Two Nights: The crew get some much-needed shore leave on Risa, but things gradually start going sideways when they start talking to the locals.
  25. "Shockwave, Part I": The NX-01 is called back to Earth after accidentally causing an explosion that devastated an alien colony. (Or so it seems...)

    Season 2 (September 18, 2002 to May 21, 2003) 
  1. "Shockwave, Part II": Archer has met up with Daniels again, but this time they’re both trapped in the 31st century. Meanwhile, the NX-01 crew try and take back the ship from the Suliban.
  2. "Carbon Creek": T'Pol tells a story to Trip and Archer about her great-grandmother’s adventure to 1950s Earth, revealing that first contact with humans might’ve happened a long time before humans realize.
  3. "Minefield": A Romulan minefield proves to be trouble for the ship, and when trying to remove one from the hull, Reed gets himself badly hurt, forcing Archer to get involved.
  4. "Dead Stop": After the events of the previous episode, the crew get a stroke of luck and find an automated space station that can make efficient repairs.
  5. "A Night in Sickbay": After Archer’s dog Porthos causes a diplomatic incident with the Kreetassans, Archer finds Porthos has contracted a virus from their planet and has to stay with him in Sick Bay overnight.
  6. "Marauders": The crew find a deuterium mining colony that's under Klingon control.
  7. "The Seventh": T'Pol has to capture a fugitive for the Vulcan High Command.
  8. "The Communicator": Reed mistakenly leaves his communicator on a pre-warp planet, and things go downhill fast when they try to get it back.
  9. "Singularity": A black hole causes the crew to become irritable and obsessive.
  10. "Vanishing Point: After going through the transporter for the first time, Hoshi begins slowly disappearing.
  11. "Precious Cargo": Trip helps a cargo ship out with repairs, and gets himself into trouble when he finds out that the cargo is a princess.
  12. "The Catwalk": A neuronic storm threatens the well-being of the crew, so they squeeze into a maintenance shaft to wait it out for eight days.
  13. "Dawn": Trip's shuttlepod crash-lands on a moon after a battle with a hostile alien. Upon investigating, he finds the only other person on the moon is that same alien, who's also stuck there.
  14. "Stigma": The Vulcans discover T'Pol has contracted a disease from the events of "Fusion," and it threatens her mission with Enterprise.
  15. "Cease Fire": Archer meditates between the Andorians and the Vulcans in a territorial dispute, and sure enough, things get heated.
  16. "Future Tense": The crew find an abandoned space craft with a strange secret, but they're far from the only interested parties.
  17. "Canamar": Archer and Trip are locked up on a prison ship and sent to a penal colony.
  18. "The Crossing": Non-corporeal beings trap the Enterprise in a gigantic ship and begin possessing crew members.
  19. "Judgment": Archer is captured and put on trial for his crimes against the Klingon empire.
  20. "Horizon": We get a look into Travis Mayweather's family history, when he boards his family's old cargo ship.
  21. "The Breach": Dr. Phlox is forced to treat a patient from a race who despises Denobulans.
  22. "Cogenitor": The crew have a friendly first contact with a species with three genders. When Trip gets too close to the "cogenitor", however, relations begin to sour.
  23. "Regeneration": A group of Borg wake up in the Arctic after the events of Star Trek: First Contact and escape into space, where they meet a thoroughly unprepared Enterprise.
  24. "First Flight": Archer tells T'Pol the story of his old Starfleet rival, A.G. Robinson, and the trials and tribulations leading up to Archer getting the assignment as captain.
  25. "Bounty": A Tellarite hired by the Klingons imprisons Archer and escapes. Meanwhile, T'Pol begins showing signs of the pon farr while in the decontamination room with Phlox.
  26. "The Expanse": The Enterprise NX-01 is recalled to Earth after an alien attack leaves over seven million humans dead.

    Season 3 (September 10, 2003 to May 26, 2004) 
  1. "The Xindi": After six weeks of searching, the Enterprise crew get a tip on where to find one of the Xindi.
  2. "Anomaly": Spacial anomalies wreak havoc on the ship, leaving the crew open to piracy.
  3. "Extinction": A virus alters the DNA of Archer, Reed and Sato, and turns them into primordial creatures.
  4. "Rajiin": The crew rescue a woman from slave labor and take her on board the ship, but it turns out she has an ulterior motive.
  5. "Impulse": The crew discover the Vulcan cruiser Seleya, which was lost in the Expanse nine months ago. An away team boards the ship and learns the terrible truth of why the Vulcans never returned.
  6. "Exile": A telepath gets in contact with Hoshi Sato, offering information to help the crew with their mission.
  7. "The Shipment": The crew find a planet where components for the new Xindi weapon are being made.
  8. "Twilight": Archer’s brain gets infested with parasites that prevent him from creating any new long-term memories. Without his help, the crew fail to stop the Xindi and Earth is destroyed. Twelve years later, Archer is in Phlox and T'Pol's care, and they come across a solution that could both help Archer and change the course of history.
  9. "North Star": Archer and company find a colony of humans in the Expanse, and the colony appears to be rooted in the 19th century American West.
  10. "Similitude": An accident nearly kills Trip, and to save his life, Archer consents to having Phlox create a short-lived clone in order to harvest organs.
  11. "Carpenter Street": Daniels catches up with Archer, and asks him and T’Pol to travel back to early 21st century Earth to stop Xindi-Reptillians.
  12. "Chosen Realm": A group of religious extremists who worship the mysterious spheres in the Expanse seize control of the ship, and plan to use it to help fight their war.
  13. "Proving Ground": Captaining an Andorian ship, Shran chases down the Enterprise in the Expanse and offers to help find the Xindi weapon.
  14. "Stratagem": Archer and the crew capture Degra, the man overseeing the manufacturing of the Xindi weapon. Using an incredibly elaborate deception, Archer tries to get some information out of him.
  15. "Harbinger": Enterprise recovers an alien from a spacial anomaly and tries to get answers out of him, while the rivalry of Reed and Major Hayes reaches its breaking point.
  16. "Doctor's Orders": Due to a disturbance that may prove hazardous to the crew, Phlox is forced to put the entire crew to sleep for a few days and fly the ship himself.
  17. "Hatchery": A group of Xindi-Insectoid eggs are found, and Archer gradually becomes more and more obsessed with them.
  18. "Azati Prime": The crew find the Xindi weapon, and Archer goes on a potential suicide mission to destroy it.
  19. "Damage": Nearly destroyed after the events of the last episode, the crew are in desperate need of a warp coil, and find that the only way to get it involves putting their morals aside.
  20. "The Forgotten": Archer has to prove that the Xindi have been manipulated by the Sphere-Builders.
  21. "E Squared": Under bizarre circumstances, the Enterprise crew meet their own descendants.
  22. "The Council": Archer finally gets to confront the Xindi council personally.
  23. "Countdown": Xindi factions team with the Enterprise crew to stop the arming of the Xindi weapon, while Hoshi is trapped aboard the Xindi-Reptillian warship and forced to decipher the launch codes.
  24. "Zero Hour": The weapon is on its way to Earth, and Archer leads a team to intercept.

    Season 4 (October 8, 2004 to May 13, 2005) 
  1. "Storm Front, Part I": Archer turns up in an alternate Earth history, where the Nazis have won thanks to the Temporal Cold War.
  2. "Storm Front, Part II": Silik returns to be an unlikely aid in Archer’s fight to restore the timeline.
  3. "Home": The Enterprise crew finally return to Earth, yet things just aren’t the same, for Archer, the crew, and Earth society at large.
  4. "Borderland" (Part one of three): Dr. Arik Soong, previously imprisoned for stealing augmented embryos, is freed in order to help the Enterprise crew catch up with Augments who stole a Klingon cruiser.
  5. "Cold Station 12" (Part two of three): Soong and the Augments head to the titular station with a plan to expand the Augments as a species.
  6. "The Augments" (Part three of three): Mad with power, Malik, the leader of the Augments, tries to ignite a war between Earth and the Klingons.
  7. "The Forge" (Part one of three): Earth’s embassy on Vulcan is bombed, killing a longtime ally of Archer's. Evidence points to a radical Vulcan faction.
  8. "Awakening" (Part two of three): Archer and T'Pol meet T'pau, and the other bombing suspects, the Syrrannites. However, Archer’s changed considerably during his journey on Vulcan.
  9. "Kir'Shara" (Part three of three): In the face of tragedy, and an oncoming war, Archer, T'Pol and T'Pau have to bring an ancient artifact back to Vulcan society.
  10. "Daedalus": The inventor of the transporter and Trip’s hero, Emory Erickson, gets on board the ship to conduct an experiment, which winds up being more dangerous than anyone signed up for.
  11. "Observer Effect": A century before official first contact with humans, the Organians use Enterprise crew members as host bodies, and gauge the crew's reactions to an infection that’s slowly killing Hoshi and Trip.
  12. "Babel One" (Part one of three): The Enterprise is taking a Tellarite ambassador to peace talks on Babel. Things change after a distress call from Shran.
  13. "United" (Part two of three): Trip and Malcolm are stuck on board a Romulan drone ship, while Shran challenges a Tellarite to a duel.
  14. "The Aenar" (Part three of three): Archer and Shran look to the Andorian homeworld, to find some answers from an offshoot race of the Andorians.
  15. "Affliction" (Part one of two): Dr. Phlox is kidnapped and coerced to help cure a Klingon plague, or so he's told. Trip officially transfers to the Columbia, aka the NX-02.
  16. "Divergence" (Part two of two): The Columbia helps out the Enterprise in dealing with sabotage to the ship, and the search for Phlox.
  17. "Bound": Captain Archer receives three Orion slave girls, who become quite a distracting presence on the ship.
  18. "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part I": The Mirror Universe! Jonathan Archer rises to power in the Terran Empire, and the ISS Enterprise happens across an abandoned ship from the future, being held by the Tholians.
  19. "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II": Archer and his crew make off with a new, more powerful ship, but have to deal with a Gorn on board. Meanwhile, the Vulcans start to rebel.
  20. "Demons" (Part one of two): When the Coalition of Planets begins to form, an extremist group named Terra Prime take drastic action to strike back, and their plan involves a human/Vulcan baby that's linked to Trip and T'Pol.
  21. "Terra Prime" (Part two of two): John Frederick Paxton, leader of Terra Prime, threatens to use a powerful weapon to annihilate Starfleet Command, unless all non-human species leave Earth.
  22. "These Are the Voyages...": In the midst of a personal crisis, William Riker uses the holodeck to look back at the final mission of the original Enterprise crew.