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    Season 1 (January 16, 1995 to May 22, 1995) 
  1. Caretaker: A mission to find a Maquis ship hurtles the USS Voyager across the galaxy and into the Delta Quadrant, thus beginning Captain Kathryn Janeway's quest to return home.
  2. Parallax: The Voyager becomes trapped inside of a quantum singularity that interferes with the crew's sense of time and space.
  3. Time and Again: After discovering a planet that had been laid to ruin, Janeway and Paris are flung back in time to the day before the cataclysm that destroyed the planet.
  4. Phage: Neelix is rendered infirm during an away mission as a result of a dying alien race removing his lungs to study organ replication.
  5. The Cloud: Voyager explores a nebula in search of an alternative energy source, only to discover that the nebula is alive.
  6. Eye of the Needle: Voyager discovers a small wormhole leading to the Alpha Quadrant and attempt to get a message through to the other side.
  7. Ex Post Facto: Paris is convicted of murder and sentenced to forever relive the final moments of the victim's life, a punishment that threatens to kill him.
  8. Emanations: Kim becomes trapped on a world where an alien race is using a planetoid as a graveyard.
  9. Prime Factors: The USS Voyager makes contact with an alien race that has the technology to help them return home. Unfortunately, they have a Prime Directive of their own that makes them reluctant to help.
  10. State of Flux: Someone on Voyager is sending vital information to the Kazon, jeopardizing their mission.
  11. Heroes and Demons: Some members of the Voyager crew go missing in a holodeck recreation of the epic tale Beowulf, and the Doctor is the only one who can save them.
  12. Cathexis: Chakotay has fallen into a coma, and the Voyager crew must find the cause of his ailment.
  13. Faces: Torres is captured by an alien race and split into two people: a timid human, and a violent Klingon.
  14. Jetrel: Neelix is dying of a mysterious illness, and his only hope of surviving lies in the hands of a mad scientist responsible for the death of his people.
  15. Learning Curve: As Tuvok trains the Maquis crew that were brought onto Voyager, the crew must investigate the mysterious failure of the ship's bioneural gel packs.

    Season 2 (August 28, 1995 to May 20, 1996) 
  1. The 37's: An old Earth vehicle found floating in space leads the crew to discover the fate of one of history's flying pioneers, Amelia Earhart.
  2. Initiations: Chakotay is captured by a Kazon who draws him into his people's rite of passage.
  3. Projections: The Doctor's identity is called into question when he learns that he may actually be his own creator, not a hologram on a long-lost starship.
  4. Elogium: As the crew encounter a race of spaceborn aliens, Kes suddenly begins to undergo maturation.
  5. Non Sequitur: Kim finds himself in an alternate timeline in which he never boarded Voyager and was never trapped in the Delta Quadrant.
  6. Twisted: An inversion field distorts the ship and the crew inside, threatening to tear it asunder.
  7. Parturition: Paris and Neelix find themselves stranded on "Planet Hell" and must set aside their differences to survive.
  8. Persistence of Vision: The crew of Voyager are stricken with bizarre hallucinations and must find the cause before they are driven insane, or worse.
  9. Tattoo: Chakotay discovers markings on an alien world similar to those his tribe used during his adolescence.
  10. Cold Fire: The crew make contact with a colony of Ocampa who offer to unlock Kes's psychic powers.
  11. Maneuvers: The transporter technology on Voyager has been stolen, and Chakotay sets out to recover it.
  12. Resistance: With her crewmembers imprisoned on an alien world, Janeway must join forces with a delusional man who believes she is his daughter.
  13. Prototype: Torres is kidnapped by a race of sentient robots who force her to help build more of their kind.
  14. Alliances: With Kazon attacks on Voyager intensifying, Janeway must forge an alliance with her enemy's enemy to proceed.
  15. Threshold: Paris tests out a new shuttlecraft that will allow him to exceed speeds of Warp 10. When he returns to Voyager, however, he begins to undergo a strange transformation.
  16. Meld: A murder on Voyager leaves Tuvok gravely troubled, and he must investigate the reason behind so senseless a death.
  17. Dreadnought: The USS Voyager encounters a deadly weapon that Torres had sent flying into the Delta Quadrant long ago, which has now endangered a populated world.
  18. Death Wish: The crew of Voyager have a run-in with the Q Continuum when one of its members requests asylum so that he can die, but not if the Q who plagued the Enterprise has anything to say about it.
  19. Lifesigns: The Doctor begins to fall in love with a patient while Paris's insubordinate nature causes trouble on the ship.
  20. Investigations: Neelix uses a news program he makes for the crew to investigate treason aboard Voyager.
  21. Deadlock: Strange proton bursts threaten the USS Voyager, created by a spatial phenomenon that has created a second Voyager.
  22. Innocence: Tuvok is trapped on a moon with alien children, and must protect them from a strange force causing them to disappear.
  23. The Thaw: The crew of Voyager must contend with the personification of fear as they attempt to rescue aliens trapped in a nightmarish virtual simulation.
  24. Tuvix: A transporter accident merges Tuvok and Neelix into a singular person. A moral dilemma ensues as this new person, "Tuvix", doesn't want to be separated.
  25. Resolutions: With Janeway and Chakotay dying of a mysterious illness, Tuvok must find a cure, or else abandon them.
  26. Basics (Part 1): A mission to rescue Chakotay's son sees Voyager captured by their Kazon-Nistrim enemies.

    Season 3 (September 4, 1996 to May 21, 1997) 
  1. Basics (Part 2): With the USS Voyager in Kazon hands, the crew must learn how to survive on a hostile world while Paris, Suder, and the Doctor attempt to retake the ship.
  2. Flashback: A suppressed memory threatens Tuvok's mind, and Janeway must travel through his memories as an officer aboard the USS Excelsior, under Captain Hikaru Sulu, to help him.
  3. The Chute: Detained in a prison on an alien world, Paris and Kim must find a way to escape before the neural implants they were given drive them mad.
  4. The Swarm: Voyager is attacked by a swarm of warships as the Doctor suffers a grave malfunction.
  5. False Profits: Ferengi are found on a Delta Quadrant world manipulating the local population for personal profit. The wormhole that sent them to the Delta Quadrant may be the best option for Voyager to return home.
  6. Remember: Torres is haunted by visions of a mysterious person onboard Voyager.
  7. Sacred Ground: With Kes's life in danger, Janeway must find a way to save her, but in so doing, her faith in science will be tested.
  8. Future's End (Part 1): An encounter with a Federation timeship sends Voyager across time and space to late 20th century Earth.
  9. Future's End (Part 2): With the launch of a timeship threatening history, Janeway must find a way to avert the launch while preventing any further alteration to history.
  10. Warlord: The mind of a vicious would-be dictator takes over Kes's mind.
  11. The Q and the Grey: Q approaches Janeway with a bizarre proposition: he wishes to have a child with her! It may be the only way to end a civil war in the Continuum.
  12. Macrocosm: A spacial anomaly causes viruses on the ship to grow large and threaten the ship.
  13. Fair Trade: Neelix reunites with an old friend. Unfortunately for the crew, this old friend is trouble.
  14. Alter Ego: Tuvok and Kim become smitten with a holodeck character, but there is much more to her than meets the eye.
  15. Coda: Janeway is dead! The spirit of her father offers to guide her through the hereafter...but something is amiss.
  16. Blood Fever: As a Vulcan ensign begins to undergo pon farr, the Vulcan mating cycle, Torres also begins to exhibit similar symptoms.
  17. Unity: Trapped on a world embroiled in conflict, Chakotay is rescued and taken in by a people harboring a dark secret.
  18. Darkling: Kes falls in love with an alien and contemplates leaving the USS Voyager to stay with him. All the while, the Doctor's experiments with implanting new personality subroutines go horrifically awry.
  19. Rise: Voyager encounters a planet besieged by asteroids and must protect the people living on it. Tuvok and Neelix are assigned to an away team, but crash-land on the planet, leading to some personal tension boiling over.
  20. Favorite Son: Kim learns that he may actually be of a race native to the Delta Quadrant, who wish for him to stay with his own kind.
  21. Before and After: Kes finds herself being thrown backwards through time from the end of her life, and must find a way to stop the time jumps before she is thrown too far back.
  22. Real Life: As Voyager investigates a spacial anomaly, the Doctor experiments with being a family man on the holodeck.
  23. Distant Origin: A Delta Quadrant scientist discovers that his race may be linked to a distant planet called Earth.
  24. Displaced: Aliens are replacing members of Voyager's crew, and Janeway must find out how and why.
  25. Worst Case Scenario: A holonovel simulation of a Maquis mutiny aboard Voyager is discovered, but who wrote it?
  26. Scorpion (Part 1): Voyager enters into Borg territory, and the crew find themselves having to ally with the Federation's most hated enemies to deal with an alien that threatens the Borg.

    Season 4 (September 3, 1997 to May 20, 1998) 
  1. Scorpion (Part 2): Janeway forges an alliance with the Borg to combat a common enemy, joining forces with one Borg unit, Seven of Nine, to save the quadrant from a grave threat.
  2. The Gift: As Kes's psychic powers grow out of control, Seven of Nine must deal with life as an individual separated from the Borg collective.
  3. Day of Honor: With death closing in on them, Paris and Torres come to terms with their feelings for one another as Voyager attempts to aid a group of aliens without a home of their own.
  4. Nemesis (unrelated to the film): Chakotay is stranded on a planet where two races are in the midst of a brutal war.
  5. Revulsion: The Doctor makes friends with another hologram who calls out for help.
  6. The Raven: Seven experiences flashbacks to her traumatic past, believing them to be a sign that the Borg collective is calling for her to return, as Voyager comes across a derelict starship that may hold the answers to Seven's past.
  7. Scientific Method: The crew find themselves being used as guinea pigs by a group of aliens without their even knowing.
  8. Year of Hell (Part 1): A Krenim scientist hopes to restore the Imperium by creating a temporal weapon that can alter history and destroy Voyager.
  9. Year of Hell (Part 2): With Voyager on the verge of destruction, Janeway must stop the Krenim scientist while saving Paris and Chakotay.
  10. Random Thoughts: On a planet of pacifistic telepaths, Torres is imprisoned for the crime of having violent thoughts.
  11. Concerning Flight: Pirates have absconded with the ship's main computer and other equipment, and Janeway must reclaim them with the aid of a hologram of Leonardo da Vinci.
  12. Mortal Coil: Neelix is brought back from death by Seven's Borg nanoprobes, and he is forced to contend with the fact that he never experienced the afterlife, causing a crisis of faith.
  13. Waking Moments: The crew begin to have bizarre, recurring nightmares that all feature a strange alien.
  14. Message in a Bottle: The discovery of an abandoned subspace relay gives Voyager a chance to send a message to the Alpha Quadrant...or rather, a messenger; the Doctor. The Voyager also makes first contact with the violent warrior race known as the Hirogen.
  15. Hunters: Starfleet transmits a message with letters for the crew of the USS Voyager, but the Hirogen retaliate for the ship's use of their communication network.
  16. Prey: Voyager takes on an injured Hirogen who is hunting a familiar enemy of the ship's crew.
  17. Retrospect: Janeway enlists the aid of an arms dealer to prepare Voyager following their encounter with the Hirogen, but Seven is none too trusting of him.
  18. The Killing Game (Part 1): Voyager is captured by the Hirogen, who brainwash the crew and force them to help satisfy their hunting urges by participating in a holodeck simulation of WWII where the hunters cast themselves as Nazis.
  19. The Killing Game (Part 2): Janeway discovers the Hirogen's plot and must convince her brainwashed crew to help her retake the ship.
  20. Vis à Vis: Paris runs afoul of an alien who swaps bodies with their victim. With the genome thief now using his body, Paris must find a way to convince the crew to help him retake his body.
  21. The Omega Directive: Janeway discovers an Omega particle, one of the most powerful and dangerous substances in the universe.
  22. Unforgettable: Chakotay meets a woman who claims that they are an item, but he can't recall ever having known her, much less courting her.
  23. Living Witness: A backup of the Doctor is discovered hundreds of years in the future and must investigate war crimes supposedly caused by the crew of Voyager.
  24. Demon: The USS Voyager must travel to a dangerous "demon class" planet to resupply, only to discover a strange phenomenon that causes Kim and Paris to be unable to leave the planet, or else they will die.
  25. One: Most of the crew go into suspended animation to avoid being fatally irradiated, leaving only Seven and the Doctor to look after the ship.
  26. Hope and Fear: Starfleet sends the crew of the Voyager a ship capable of bringing them back home in a matter of months, but there may be more to this ship than meets the eye.

    Season 5 (October 14, 1998 to May 26, 1999) 
  1. Night: Janeway reflects on her decisions leading to the present as Voyager must find its way through a dark region of space devoid of stars and light.
  2. Drone: A transporter accident combines technology from the Doctor's mobile emitter and Seven's nanoprobes to create a Borg "child" far more advanced than any present-day Borg.
  3. Extreme Risk: The crew race against the clock to retrieve a probe as Torres becomes more obsessed with placing herself in danger.
  4. In the Flesh: Voyager stumbles upon a space station containing a surprisingly accurate recreation of Starfleet Academy.
  5. Once Upon a Time: When Naomi Wildman's mother goes missing after her shuttle crashes, Neelix takes the child under his wing.
  6. Timeless: Fifteen years ago, Voyager crashed on an ice planet, with the loss of all hands save for Kim and Chakotay. Now, the two seek to alter history to prevent this tragedy.
  7. Infinite Regress: A Borg vinculum causes Seven to develop multiple personalities.
  8. Nothing Human: Torres falls prey to an alien lifeform, and the Doctor must call upon the aid of a hologram based on an infamous Cardassian scientist to save her.
  9. Thirty Days: Paris is demoted and sentenced to thirty days in the brig. He takes the time to write a letter to his father detailing what happened.
  10. Counterpoint: In a system where the government oppresses telepaths, the USS Voyager must ferry a group of psychic refugees to safety.
  11. Latent Image: Someone has been tampering with the Doctor's memory banks, an act of sabotage that may be connected to the death of a crew member.
  12. Bride of Chaotica!: A fun day for Paris playing out a pulp sci-fi holonovel takes a turn for the serious when photonic lifeforms interfere.
  13. Gravity: Paris, Tuvok, and the Doctor are trapped on a planet in a temporally-unstable region, with their only hope being a strange woman who has developed feelings for Tuvok.
  14. Bliss: A wormhole that can lead back to Earth has been discovered, but Seven has her doubts about it.
  15. Dark Frontier (Part 1): A plan to steal a transwarp coil from the Borg goes awry when the Borg Queen appears and issues an ultimatum to Seven; return to the collective, or watch as Voyager and her friends are assimilated.
  16. Dark Frontier (Part 2): Seven allows herself to be re-assimilated into the collective to save Voyager, but Janeway refuses to abandon her.
  17. The Disease: Kim falls in love with an alien woman, but their relationship conflicts with Starfleet regulations.
  18. Course: Oblivion: Voyager is falling apart and its crew is dying. The search for a solution to this crisis leads to revelations that call everything Janeway knows into question.
  19. The Fight: Voyager is trapped in an area of space where the laws of physics are ever-changing, and the key to getting out lies in visions Chakotay has that allude to his boxing career.
  20. Think Tank: Voyager is in the crosshairs of a group of bounty hunters, and a group of alien scholars offer aid. All they ask in return is to take Seven into their custody.
  21. Juggernaut: A damaged Malon fighter is on the verge of being destroyed and irradiating an entire sector, and Voyager must stop it.
  22. Someone to Watch Over Me: The Doctor tries to teach Seven about courtship, and in so doing develops feelings for his Borg crewmate.
  23. 11:59: Janeway learns that everything she knew about her ancestor, an engineer who paved the way for colonizing Mars, may be wrong.
  24. Relativity: Captain Braxton, a Starfleet officer from the future, calls upon Seven's aid to prevent the destruction of Voyager.
  25. Warhead: The Doctor is hijacked by the artificial intelligence of an alien weapon that forces the crew to carry out a mission of destruction.
  26. Equinox (Part 1): The crew of Voyager encounter another Federation starship stranded in the Delta Quadrant, but what dark secret are they concealing?

    Season 6 (September 22, 1999 to May 24, 2000) 
  1. Equinox (Part 2): Janeway is determined to defeat the captain of the USS Equinox, regardless of the cost.
  2. Survival Instinct: Seven reunites with a group of Borg drones who temporarily escaped from the Collective years ago.
  3. Barge of the Dead: Torres is dead. She awakens to find herself on a boat destined for Gre'thor, the Klingon version of Hell, along with the soul of her mother.
  4. Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy: Alien spies attempt to surveil Voyager through the Doctor, only to end up in one of his daydreams.
  5. Alice: Paris comes into ownership of a shuttlecraft that he can control with his mind through a neurogenic interface. Unfortunately for him, the ship's artificial intelligence is not only sentient, but fiercely jealous.
  6. Riddles: An attack from aliens leaves Tuvok devoid of not only his memories, but his control over his emotions.
  7. Dragon's Teeth: Seeking shelter from attackers, the Voyager discovers a group of people in suspended animation, the last bastions of a long lost civilization.
  8. One Small Step...: The Voyager discovers an ancient spacecraft from Earth's history, which may hold the key to preventing a cataclysm.
  9. The Voyager Conspiracy: Seven stumbles upon a conspiracy between the Federation, Cardassians, and various other factions which may be responsible for Voyager being stranded in the Delta Quadrant.
  10. Pathfinder: Back on Earth, Reginald Barclay, a veteran engineer of the USS Enterprise, tells his old friend Deanna Troi about his obsession with making contact with the USS Voyager.
  11. Fair Haven: Janeway falls in love with a hologram from a new holodeck simulation Paris made based on 19th century Ireland.
  12. Blink of an Eye: The inhabitants of a pre-warp planet where time moves at a faster rate than normal mistake Voyager for a new star.
  13. Virtuoso: The Doctor becomes an overnight celebrity on a planet upon which he introduces the concept of music.
  14. Memorial: The crew is plagued with memories and flashbacks of an atrocity they were apparently party to.
  15. Tsunkatse: Seven is abducted by the proprietor of a fighting arena and forced to fight for her life.
  16. Collective: Voyager makes contact with a Borg Cube, separated from the collective and manned exclusively by Borg children.
  17. Spirit Folk: The characters of the Fair Haven holodeck begin to suspect the crew are witches, endangering their lives.
  18. Ashes to Ashes: As a presumed-dead crew member returns to Voyager, Seven contends with the rebellious Borg children she brought onboard.
  19. Child's Play: One of the Borg children is returned to his parents, leaving Seven conflicted over the maternal feelings she began to develop for the child.
  20. Good Shepherd: Janeway accompanies a group on an away mission as part of a team-building exercise to improve their performance.
  21. Live Fast and Prosper: A group of con artists impersonate Janeway, Tuvok, and Chakotay for personal gain, spelling trouble for the genuine Voyager crew.
  22. Muse: Torres finds herself stranded on a primitive world where romantic poetry is the cornerstone of civilization.
  23. Fury: Kes is back, and she wants Voyager destroyed and Janeway dead!
  24. Life Line: The Doctor returns to the Alpha Quadrant to cure his creator, Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, of a deadly disease. Unfortunately, it turns out the "good" doctor is quite the curmudgeon.
  25. The Haunting of Deck Twelve: When Voyager loses power, Neelix helps pass the time with children by telling ghost stories. But is there more to these stories than just being stories?
  26. Unimatrix Zero (Part 1): Seven discovers a virtual reality where Borgs interact with each other as individuals while regenerating. The Borg Queen considers its existence a grave threat to the collective.

    Season 7 (October 4, 2000 to May 23, 2001) 
  1. Unimatrix Zero (Part 2): Janeway, Tuvok, and Torres allow themselves to be assimilated into the Borg collective to release a virus that will let the users of Unimatrix Zero to retain their individuality and rebel against the Borg Queen.
  2. Imperfection: Seven's implants have begun to malfunction, endangering her life unless the Doctor can find a cure.
  3. Drive: Tom breaks his plans with B'Elanna to enter the Delta Flyer into a race celebrating the end of an interplanetary war. B'Elanna wonders if she and Tom have a future together or if they're a a "bad match."
  4. Repression: The former Maquis serving on the USS Voyager are being assaulted, and Tuvok must investigate why.
  5. Critical Care: The Doctor is abducted and set to work on a hospital ship, where he discovers that the upper crust of society are given preferential treatment while the underclasses are doomed to die.
  6. Inside Man: A hologram of Barclay is brought onto Voyager to help the ship return home. The Ferengi, however, are not far behind, seeing an opportunity for profit.
  7. Body and Soul: As Tuvok falls into a state of pon farr, the Doctor hides in Seven's implants and takes control of her body during an attack.
  8. Nightingale: Kim finds a ship that is in distress and assists its crew.
  9. Flesh and Blood (Part 1): Voyager receives a distress call from the Hirogen; the holographic technology that Janeway gave to the Hirogen has turned on them, and the holograms they were hunting have become the hunters!
  10. Flesh and Blood (Part 2): The Doctor's attempts to aid the holograms takes a turn for the worse when the holograms turn into vicious killers just like their Hirogen masters.
  11. Shattered: Voyager is trapped in a state of temporal flux, and old enemies are conspiring to destroy the ship while it is vulnerable.
  12. Lineage: Good news: Torres and Paris are gonna have a baby! Bad news: Torres is fearful of her child being part-Klingon and wants to erase her Klingon DNA.
  13. Repentance: Voyager finds itself playing host to criminals from a destroyed prison ship and wardens who abuse them.
  14. Prophecy: Religious Klingon fanatics have invaded Voyager, convinced that Torres's daughter is a child of destiny.
  15. The Void: Voyager is stranded in an empty region of space where other trapped starships are locked in a battle royale.
  16. Workforce (Part 1): Voyager crew is kidnapped and brainwashed to work as slaves.
  17. Workforce (Part 2): Chakotay fights to rescue the crew as the slavemasters close in.
  18. Human Error: Seven experiments with human interaction on the holodeck, but finds herself becoming overwhelmed by human emotions.
  19. Q2: Q is a father! Too bad his son is a rowdy, rebellious troublemaker who abuses his powers, so Q brings his boy onto Voyager in the hopes that Janeway can set him straight.
  20. Author, Author: The Doctor makes a holonovel loosely based on his experiences on the USS Voyager, only to find his ownership over the holonovel, and his humanity, are called into question back in Federation space.
  21. Friendship One: A Federation probe has gone missing in the Delta Quadrant, and Starfleet tasks Voyager with retrieving it.
  22. Natural Law: Chakotay and Seven crash-land on a primitive planet while Paris is forced to take drivers' ed after a speeding infraction.
  23. Homestead: Neelix is reunited with his kind, and fights to liberate them from the control of a brutal empire.
  24. Renaissance Man: Janeway has been captured, and the Doctor must become a master of disguise to save her.
  25. Endgame: It has been several years since Voyager finally returned to Earth, but not all is as it should be. With many of her friends dead, Admiral Janeway travels back in time to help herself and her crew return home sooner and prevent any needless deaths.