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Recap / Mickey Mouse (2013)

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Featured shorts in the series Mickey Mouse (2013). The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse has its own page.

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    Season 1 
  1. "No Service": Mickey and Donald don't meet the clothing requirements of Goofy's diner.
  2. "Yodelberg": An avalanche threatens to put an end to Mickey and Minnie's yodeling duet.
  3. "Croissant de Triomphe": Mickey fights wild obstacles all over Paris to deliver Minnie's croissants.
  4. "New York Weenie": Mickey chases an elusive hot dog through New York.
  5. "Tokyo Go": A surge in rush hour causes Mickey to board the wrong bullet train.
  6. "Stayin' Cool": Mickey, Donald, and Goofy struggle to stay cool on the hottest day.
  7. "Gasp!": Mickey must save his pet fish after a cat causes the fishbowl to break.
  8. "Panda-monium": Mickey attempts to snap a photo of a shy panda.
  9. "Bad Ear Day": Mickey loses his ears and must hunt them down.
  10. "Ghoul Friend": After his car breaks down, Mickey is pursued by a hideous ghoul.
  11. "Dog Show": With Pluto ill, Mickey decides to enter Goofy in the big dog show.
  12. "'O Sole Minnie": Mickey attempts to woo Minnie over the course of a busy day in Venice.
  13. "Potatoland": Mickey and Donald attempt to build a theme park made of potatoes.
  14. "Sleepwalkin'": Goofy reveals he's been having trouble with sleepwalking.
  15. "Flipperboobootosis": Mickey and Goofy find a cure for Donald's foot ailment.
  16. "Tapped Out": Goofy volunteers Mickey to fight a dastardly wrestler.
  17. "Third Wheel": Goofy invites himself on Mickey's date with Minnie.
  18. "The Adorable Couple": Mickey and Minnie attempt to make Donald and Daisy happy!
    Season 2 
  1. "Cable Car Chaos": Mickey must save Minnie from a runaway cable car.
  2. "Fire Escape": Mickey rescues Minnie after he realizes her apartment building is on fire.
  3. "Eau de Minnie": Minnie's new perfume enchants the whole city.
  4. "O Futebol Clássico": Mickey's dream of watching the futbol championship is put in jeopardy.
  5. "Down the Hatch": Mickey and Goofy are shrunken to miniature proportions.
  6. "Goofy's Grandma": Mickey helps Goofy by letting his grandma stay at his house.
  7. "Captain Donald": Mickey is eager to sail Donald's boat.
  8. "Mumbai Madness": Mickey embarks on an epic odyssey across India.
  9. "The Boiler Room": Mickey's attempt to fix Minnie's plumbing are foiled by a monster.
  10. "Space Walkies": Pluto complicates Mickey's space mission.
  11. "Mickey Monkey": A mischievous monkey steals Mickey's identity.
  12. "Clogged": Minnie tries to fix the windmill to save her garden.
  13. "Goofy's First Love": Mickey and Donald help Goofy woo the love of his life.
  14. "Doggone Biscuits": Minnie inadvertently feeds Pluto too many dog treats.
  15. "Workin' Stiff": Mickey and Donald help Goofy get through an interview.
  16. "Al Rojo Vivo": Mickey's red-hot temper entices a bull to chase him.
  17. "Bottle Shocked": Mickey tries to keep a precious bottle safe.
  18. "A Flower for Minnie": Mickey tries to find the perfect flower for Minnie
  19. "Bronco Busted": Mickey enters a rodeo competition to help his friends.
    Season 3 
  1. "Coned!": Mickey puts on a dog cone to reassure Pluto.
  2. "One Man Band": Mickey struggles to find a spot for his one-man band.
  3. "Wish upon a Coin": Pete steals coins, and wishes, from a wishing well.
  4. "Movie Time": Movie night gets interrupted by a huge rainstorm!
  5. "Shifting Gears": Mickey's car refuses to take him to the beach.
  6. "Black and White": Mickey attempts to save face after he is scared white.
  7. "¡Feliz Cumpleaños!": Piñatas threaten to ruin Mickey's birthday fiesta.
  8. "Wonders of the Deep": Professor Von Drake takes off in a submarine!
  9. "Road Hogs": Mickey chases down a motorcycle gang that took Minnie.
  10. "No": Mickey asks Donald for help saying "no" to people.
  11. "Roughin' It": Mickey and Donald clash on camping styles.
  12. "Dancevidaniya": Mickey competes in a Russian folk dance battle.
  13. "Couple's Sweaters": Mickey wears an uncomfortable sweater.
  14. "Turkish Delights": Merchants threaten Mickey's stand in the Grand Bazaar.
  15. "Sock Burglar": Minnie tries to catch a sock thief.
  16. "Ku'u Lei Melody": Mickey goes on a mystical journey in Hawaii.
  17. "Entombed": Mickey and Minnie are separated in an Egyptian tomb!
  18. "No Reservations": Minnie and friends try to get into a fancy restaurant.
  19. "Split Decisions": Professor Von Drake's invention splits Donald in half!
  20. "Good Sports": Goofy learns the meaning of sportsmanship.
  21. "Duck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special": Instead of going south with his family and the other ducks, Donald stays behind with Mickey and friends to celebrate his first ever Christmas.
    Season 4 
  1. "Swimmin' Hole": It's summer but the swimmin' hole has been stolen!
  2. "Canned": Mickey helps a sweet old lady take out the trash.
  3. "Touchdown and Out": Mickey and the gang take on a team of bad guys.
  4. "Locked in Love": Mickey and Minnie are locked together while in Seoul.
  5. "Bee Inspired": A bee interrupts Mickey as he poses for a painting.
  6. "Shipped Out": Mickey and Minnie take on every cruise activity.
  7. "Three-Legged Race": Mickey vows to win the three-legged race fairly.
  8. "Nature's Wonderland": Mickey and Minnie wander into an abandoned mine.
  9. "The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular": On Halloween night, Mickey attempts to tell his and Donald's nephews a story that will scare them silly.
  10. "The Birthday Song": Minnie tries to keep Mickey from finding his present.
  11. "The Perfect Dream": The perfect dream awaits a sleepy Mickey.
  12. "Feed the Birds": Mickey's bird feeder backfires.
  13. "Carnaval": Minnie's costume takes flight during Rio's Carnaval!
  14. "Year of the Dog": A mysterious creature steals the Lunar New Year Feast!
  15. "The Fancy Gentleman": Minnie enrolls Mickey in a finishing school.
  16. "New Shoes": Mickey, Donald, and Goofy accidentally switch bodies.
  17. "Springtime": Winter refuses to relinquish its grasp of the season.
  18. "Dumb Luck": Mickey desperately searches for a good luck charm.
  19. "Flushed!": Mickey accidentally flushes his goldfish!
  20. "Roll 'em": Mickey and Minnie chase a runaway reel in Hollywood.
    Season 5 
  1. "Amore Motore": Mickey helps his scooter woo the bike of his dreams.
  2. "A Pete Scorned": Mickey helps Peg Leg Pete regain his mojo.
  3. "House Painters": Mickey attempts to give Minnie's new house a makeover.
  4. "Surprise!": Minnie struggles to keep Mickey away from his gift.
  5. "Hats Enough": Mickey realizes that all of his friends have hats.
  6. "Safari, So Good": Mickey and Minnie set out to cross Africa's Serengeti.
  7. "For Whom The Booth Tolls": Mickey feels guilty after failing to pay a toll.
  8. "Outta Time": Mickey and Donald rescue Goofy from the past.
  9. "My Little Garden": Mickey trims his garden after it grows into a jungle.
  10. "You, Me and Fifi": Mickey seeks to win the love of Minnie's dog, Fifi.
  11. "Outback at Ya!": Mickey's boomerang sets off dangerous consequences.
  12. "Our Homespun Melody": Mickey's prize-winning pig loses its adorable squeal.
  13. "Over the Moon": Mickey and Minnie go around the world with the moon.
  14. "Easy Street": Goofy moves in and behaves like Mickey's pet dog.
  15. "Two Can't Play": Mickey and Minnie play Donald and Daisy in tennis.
  16. "Our Floating Dreams": Mickey and Minnie sell their goods at a Thai market.
  17. "Gone to Pieces": Mickey and Donald struggle to rebuild Goofy!
  18. "Carried Away": Mickey and Minnie's canoe takes them on an adventure!
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