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Nightmare Fuel / Mickey Mouse (2013)

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The show itself is quite unnerving with the constant art shifts, even though it’s a comedy.
  • The giant spider in "Goofy's Grandma". While it's not right-in-your-face like Wormy in SpongeBob SquarePants, it still is terrifying to arachnophobes.
    • Mickey later gets attacked by spiders while he and Minnie explore a tomb in a different episode.
  • The ending of "Split Decision". When everything seems okay, the normal Donald Duck walks away, but we then see the angry Donald Duck right on his butt. Sure, it's not replacing his head (that happened in another short) but it's still horrifying having a raging, vile version of your head replacing your butt.
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  • None other than the king of Disney Nightmare Fuel himself shows up in “Touchdown and Out” - Chernabog shows up from hell itself to lend a hand to Pete and the Beagle Boys. He sets up a hellish football game attended by legions of his demonic horde.
  • The shot of Mickey's eyes looking over the barrier of the lion enclosure in "New York Weenie" looks like something out of a Disney themed creepypasta.
  • Donald's deteriorating health and Sanity Slippage in "Duck the Halls".
  • The final story in "The Scariest Story Ever" actually lives up to the name. Highlights include:
    • The tale is about five rotten kids (Huey, Dewey, Louie, Morty, and Ferdie) who steal pies from everyone in their town until they come across one made by an old lady. The pie proves to be so delicious that the kids go into straight up drug withdrawal after finishing it, tweaking out and trying to lick up every crumb off each other and the floor.
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    • It turns out it was bait to lure them to her cottage and the old lady is actually a witch who proceeds to bake all the boys into pies for her to eat, one by one. Naturally, the kids are absolutely traumatized by the tale. The reveal of the witch alone is disturbing, ESPECIALLY when she made that disturbing grin while turning her head a full 90 degree angle.
    • The bones surrounding the vampire’s castle.
  • Mickey's lack of sleep in "The Perfect Dream", while hilarious, has some pretty intense imagery, like the heavy bags under his eyes and the fact he smothers Goofy over the phone.
  • Not only do we have an official zombie version of GOOFY of all characters, but one particular scene has him mimicking a high-speed version of the "spider crawl" seen in other horror films such as The Ring and The Exorcist. He turns out to be a good guy as usual, but he’s creepy enough to give even adults nightmares.
    • Another shot before this has Goofy chase down Mickey while flailing his arms in the air.
  • The “guy with dry skin” in “The Boiler Room” is quite jarring.
  • Mickey’s horrible rash in “Couple Sweaters” can come across as Body Horror, especially when the camera zooms in.
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  • “Wonders of the Deep” has Mickey and Donald start hallucinating when they start running out of oxygen. In real life, this is no laughing matter. If Goofy hadn’t saved them, they would have died from hypoxia and/or drowning.
  • Gubbles nearly dying in “Flushed”. Also, Mickey could have easily died in the sewer.
  • While it’s a visual gag, Piggy overheating in “Homespun Melody” is pretty sick if you know how bacon is made.
  • The injuries on this show are far more gruesome than the ones typically received by Mickey and the gang. Back in the day, it was a lump on the head at most. Now, expect to see black eyes, missing teeth, and even DEATH in some cases. Granted there’s no blood, but it’s still quite brutal.
  • “Road Hogs”. Kidnapping is bad enough, but having your girlfriend kidnapped by a bunch of bikers twice her size and then driving OFF A CLIFF is far worse. If Mickey had stayed away from the tavern in the first place, this never would have happened.
  • “My Little Garden”. After Mickey fails to prune his garden for over two years, it basically turns into something straight out of a horror movie. The bugs become HUGE, the plants now have a craving for flesh, and Mickey is paranoid. He is nearly swallowed by a nearby flower until the “creature” (actually Pluto) saves him.
  • Mickey’s traumatic video in “Surprise Party”. It starts off pretty benign, but then the gang scares him while he’s at the dentist with several tools in his mouth (ouch). Not to mention he gets in a car crash twice, and the second time was ON PURPOSE.
    • Minnie wants to make the cake bigger and then becomes... possessed for some reason?
  • Mickey and Goofy nearly being run over by lit candles.
  • Goofy falls asleep on the day of his job interview, so Mickey and Donald have to cover for him. The job he got? A living crash test dummy.
  • Anyone who’s ever had to sit through a severe storm will feel Mickey’s pain in “Movie Night”, especially when he nearly drowns and then gets hit by lightning.
  • The diseased animals in the creepy cave Minnie and Mickey go to after Mickey follows a bogus map.
  • Fifi mauling Mickey and both nearly fall to their deaths. Later, Minnie is mauled.
  • The close-up on the bee’s stinger in “Bee Inspired” intentionally resembles a harpoon. Ouch! Good thing Mickey wasn’t stung.
  • Mickey setting off the lethal traps in the tomb (see above for the spiders). Let’s just say mummies are the least of his problems.

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