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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • "No Service": When Mickey is flown into a snorkel hut, he emerges in scuba gear that makes him resemble a duck. He then mocks the heckling Donald.
  • "The Perfect Dream" where he smothers Goofy over the phone and Goofy acts like he's choking.
  • "Ghoul Friend": Mickey running away from the Zombie Goofy …who is standing perfectly still. At one point, Mickey rapidly turns around various trees while randomly fist-bumping.
    • The squirrel who first alerts Mickey to Zombie Goofy's presence screams and runs... only to stomp back in a huff like it forgot its keys, pick up the acorn it dropped, scream again, and then stomp away.
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  • Mickey's creepy narrator voice when Goofy rides through Potatoland's Haunted Mansion parody.
  • "The Adorable Couple"
    • The Beast and Belle's cameos. Also the Beast attacking Donald for bumping into him.
    • The sun roasting Donald and Daisy.
    • Mickey staring at Minnie with Blank White Eyes when she suggests that Donald and Daisy need some help from them.
    • Mickey and Minnie's attempt to argue with each other.
  • "Flipperboobootosis:" The various attempts to rid Donald of a painful lump on his foot, such as putting honey on it only for Donald to be mauled by a bear.
    • What really tops them all, however, is Mickey and Goofy trying to harmonize Donald's aura with crystals and a tuning fork, only for Goofy to run up and smash the Flipperboobootosis with a hammer.
      • How do they get rid of the lump? The bear ate it!
  • "Black and White":
    Mickey: [putting on his shadow coat] I gotta make it through the rest of this... scary movie.
    [Mickey's coat suddenly appears as a completely black figure]
    Mickey's coat: SCARY MOVIE?! [he runs away]
    Mickey: Hey! Get black here!
  • “Wonders of the Deep”:
    • Mickey sees a dogfish, said dogfish has the face of a bulldog. Goofy can describe this with one word:
      Goofy: Momma?
    • They go deeper and see a tiger shark with, you guessed it, the face of a roaring tiger. It startles Donald and Goofy.
    • The disappointed look Mickey gives when Ludwig explains how unlikely it is to encounter a Kraken.
  • "Shifting Gears" Mickey battles with his sentient car when it refuses to take him to the beach. One particular moment that stands out is Minnie going to borrow his car to get her nails done. Just as she's about to get in, the real Minnie suddenly comes out for the exact same reason, revealing the first Minnie to be Mickey in drag.
    Minnie: Of all the tomfoolery.
    • Later crossing into Black Comedy territory, Mickey gets hit by his surf board and lays on the ground in a daze.
    Mickey: Is that you... Walt?
  • Pretty much the entirety of “Movie Time”. Probably the best part (or worst, depending on who you ask) is when Mickey is going to the store trying to buy snacks through the storm, while the rest of the city is being ravaged by the storm.
  • Mickey going the lengths he does just to get Minnie a flower in “A Flower For Minnie”.
  • Pretty much everybody’s over-the-top reactions in this series are hilarious.
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  • This gem from "Goofy's First Love":
    Scrooge McDuck: Ah, so nice of you all to visit. Now, what can I do for my favorite nephew?
    Donald: Goofy needs a million dollars.
    [Scrooge's giant butler proceeds to kick Mickey, Donald and Goofy out]
  • From "Feliz Cumpleaños!", we have the Black Comedy moment of the mouse orphans eating candy from the leader piñata's stomach while he's screaming.
  • The entirety of "The Boiler Room", with a great reliance on Toon Physics, everybody being a snarker, and Mickey being absolutely terrified of the Boiler Room.
  • "Sock Burglar":
    • The fact that Pete is stealing just one sock from people is hilarious enough, but Minnie's reaction is priceless.
    • Minnie as a ninja... with an outfit she knitted on the spot after Goofy's sock is stolen.
      • The villains Minnie interrogates before Goofy. The Evil Queen in particular looks thoroughly unamused.
    • This line after Pete gets a sock for his peg leg:
    Pete: Now that I got a sock, I can do what I always wanted to do: ROB BANKS!
    busts through the wall behind him, which happens to be the bank's wall, and runs past with a sack of money
    Minnie: Heh heh... oops.
  • "Split Decision"
    • The episode opens with Professor Ludwig von Drake trying to very gently mix two chemicals together. Cue Donald and Mickey bursting in, causing the professor to spill the chemicals, which in turn makes them explode in his face.
    • Mickey informs the Professor of Donald's problem.
      Mickey: He's been blowin' his stack at the drop of a hat.
      Donald: I do-
      Mickey: [pulls out a literal hat and drops it]
      Donald: [angry duck noises]
    • Everything about the spacey, borderline-lobotomised version of Donald that is created when all of his characteristic anger is removed.
    • Angry!Donald attacks an obnoxious driver in a sports car with a heavy Bostonian accent.
      Driver: Ay! Chucklehead! Yer blockin' the route of my new spoats cah!
      [Angry!Donald crumples up the car like a tin can with the driver still inside]
      Driver: [weakly] Not cool, bro...
    • A stressed out Mickey starts hallucinating Daisy scolding Mickey for the causing the whole mess with Donald, and tries to console her when she breaks down crying.
      Mickey: Aww, don't cry, hallucination Daisy.
      Daisy [hallucination]: DON'T TOUCH ME! [poof]
  • Mickey and Donald's hilariously contrasting expressions when Mickey gets it into his head to invoke Of Corpse He's Alive on a sleeping Goofy.
    Mickey: What are we gonna do! It's almost time for his interview! (They look to see Goofy's coat on a rack)
    Mickey: (looks at Donald with a Cheshire Cat Grin)
    Donald: (looks at Mickey with a This Is Gonna Suck look)
  • "Swimmin' Hole"
    • Pete claims he can get away with taking the swimming hole because there ain't no law against stealing. Mickey quickly points out that there is, in fact, a law against stealing.
    • Donald stressing that he has to forget his troubles, and emphasizing how that can't be done without a swimming hole.
    • "We killed Holey!"
  • "Canned"
    • As Mickey is shoveling trash out of the trash pile, he pulls out Oswald. Surprised and distressed Mickey does the only sensible thing, throwing Oswald into the trashcan.
  • "Bee Inspired": While Spike the bee tells his brethren to leave Mickey alone, Mickey himself is cowering in fear behind him. As a result, we're treated to a close view of Mickey's ass while the heartwarming speech is going on.
  • "Wish Upon a Coin": The whole "I tripped on a dwarf!" sequence.
    Mickey: Whuhappen?
    • Later, Mickey tries to stop Pete by dramatically standing in the way of his car. Pete just drives around him. The action music even skips a beat when it happens.
  • "Cable Car Chaos"
    • "Next stop Chinatown, everybody, Chinatown. Or as they like to call it around these parts... Chinatown."
    • After the unconscious trolley driver accidentally starts the runaway trolley with Minnie on board:
      Mickey: Minnie?
      Mickey: (softly, yet with feeling) Miiinnnniiiieeee!
    • Minnie asks if anyone knows how to drive a trolley.
      Bulldog: I do! I used to drive one for a living!
      Minnie: Really?!
      Bulldog: Sure! I can't do it without my instructional pamphlet though. I keep it right up here.
      (Opens the overhead compartment to reveal a chicken holding the booklet)
      Bulldog: WHAT THE?!?!?!
      (Chicken flies off with the pamphlet)
      Bulldog: (sits down in defeat) Never mind...
    • Minnie sprouts muscles worthy of the WWE in order to stop the train.
  • Mickey's dream in the beginning of "The Perfect Dream" being ruined by Minnie abruptly barking in the dream (which is caused by Pluto barking in the real world).
    • Minnie apparently has gloves under her gloves.
  • "For Whom the Booth Tolls" shows that the glove box in Mickey's car is completely devoid of change, but contains The Black Cauldron on VHS.
  • "You, Me and Fifi"
  • "Carried Away"
    • The entire events of the cartoon happen with Minnie singing along, sometimes unwittingly matching the dilemmas Mickey's going through.
    • After an escape from a lumber mill somehow lands the duo in Canada on the Niagara River, Mickey tries to figure out how exactly they ended up there. He even pulls out a globe to confirm where they are with the biggest "What the hell?!" expression on his face.
  • Although the final story Mickey tells is not funny, the others' reaction to it is, specifically Louie screaming so hard that he passes out, leaving his spirit to pop out and scream in a much deeper voice. It then cuts to a close up of Ferdie, with water pouring down, only to reveal that he's just crying really hard.
    • Later, when Mickey opens the door for some late trick-or-treaters, the witch from his story (seemingly) appears to offer him pie. Cue a Wild Take that sends Mickey through the roof of his house


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