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The long-running series M*A*S*H amassed 251 episodes in its eleven-year run, from 1972 to 1983note .

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    Season 1 
  1. "Pilot": Captains Pierce and McIntyre must raise $2,000 to send their houseboy to college.
  2. "To Market, to Market": The 4077th is in desperate need of supplies, so Hawkeye, and Trapper must obtain it by shady means.
  3. "Requiem for a Lightweight": To keep a nurse at the hospital, Trapper must champion a boxing match for the camp.
  4. "Chief Surgeon Who?": The camp's chief surgeon is decided.
  5. "The Moose": Hawkeye and Trapper try to free a visiting sergeant's Korean servant, or 'moose'.
  6. "Yankee Doodle Doctor": A film is made on the camp.
  7. "Bananas, Crackers and Nuts": Hawkeye, in need of R&R, pretends to be insane to get leave.
  8. "Cowboy": A chopper pilot needs to go home to save his marriage.
  9. "Henry, Please Come Home": Henry is reassigned to Tokyo.
  10. "I Hate a Mystery": Someone is stealing from the camp, and Hawkeye is framed, it's up to him to figure out who.
  11. "Germ Warfare": A wounded North Korean needs a transfusion, but the only person in the entire camp with the same blood type is Burns...
  12. "Dear Dad": Hawkeye writes a letter home, Christmas comes to the 4077th, and Klinger almost kills himself over a bandana.
  13. "Edwina": A lonely nurse is due to be shipped home, but could never find any romance in the camp, so the other nurses hold off until she does.
  14. "Love Story": Radar receives a "Dear John" record from his fiancée, and finds love with a new nurse. Unfortunately, Hotlips and Burns conspire to break up their romance.
  15. "Tuttle": Hawkeye and Trapper make up a fake identity to make donations to a nearby orphanage.
  16. "The Ringbanger": A zealous colonel with more casualties than ground taken shows up, so Hawk and Trap convince him he needs some rest.
  17. "Sometimes You Hear the Bullet": Frank throws his back out and applies for a Purple Heart medal, an underage marine is brought in for an appendectomy, and Hawkeye receives a visit from a childhood friend.
  18. "Dear Dad...Again": Hawkeye writes another letter to his father, Radar takes a final exam for a correspondence school, and Frank wants a martini.
  19. "The Longjohn Flap": A cold spell hits the camp, and a pair of longjohns becomes a big commodity.
  20. "The Army-Navy Game": A bomb lands in the compound, and right in the middle of a football game between Army and Navy personnel on the radio.
  21. "Sticky Wicket": One of Hawkeye's patients takes a turn for the worse, and Frank relishes having the shoe on the other foot.
  22. "Major Fred C. Dobbs": Frank becomes convinced to seek a transfer, so Hawkeye and Trapper must trick him and Major Houlihan into staying so that they won't have to pull any double duty.
  23. "Ceasefire": A ceasefire is declared, but will it last?
  24. "Showtime": A USO troupe visits the camp, whilst Henry's wife gives birth at home.

    Season 2 
  1. "Divided We Stand": General Clayton sends a psychiatrist to evaluate the unit with the implication that the unit will be broken up if the evaluation goes poorly.
  2. "5 O'Clock Charlie": A North Korean bomber with terrible aim tries to bomb the camp, but Frank takes him seriously and wants to shoot him down.
  3. "Radar's Report": Radar reports the happenings at the 4077th while the doctors deal with a Chinese patient and the Majors try to get Klinger out.
  4. "For the Good of the Outfit": Hawkeye and Trapper want the Army to take responsibility for bombing a defenseless South Korean village.
  5. "Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde": Hawkeye suffers from sleep deprivation, writes a letter to President Truman and attempts to send a latrine to North Korea.
  6. "Kim": Trapper wants to adopt an orphaned Korean boy.
  7. "L.I.P. (Local Indigenous Personnel)": An American soldier wants to marry a Korean woman.
  8. "The Trial of Henry Blake": Majors Burns and Houlihan put Henry on trial for incompetence and giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
  9. "Dear Dad...Three": Another letter home from Hawkeye to Dad, dealing with a racist, and Henry's home movies.
  10. "The Sniper": A sniper takes potshots at the M*A*S*H and everyone takes cover while waiting for help to arrive.
  11. "Carry On, Hawkeye": Hawkeye is the only doctor available during a flu epidemic.
  12. "The Incubator": The Army won't let the 4077th have an incubator for medical testing.
  13. "Deal Me Out": A big poker game is held in The Swamp, with numerous interruptions.
  14. "Hot Lips and Empty Arms": Margaret, frustrated she missed out on a rich husband and the lack of discipline with the rest of the M*A*S*H, requests a transfer and begins drinking.
  15. "Officers Only": An Officers Club opens up, but the enlisted men feel left out.
  16. "Henry in Love": Henry, a married man, falls in love with a new woman, but there's more to it than it looks.
  17. "For Want of a Boot": Hawkeye goes through a Chain of Deals to get replacement boots.
  18. "Operation Noselift": A soldier wants the surgeons to give him a nose operation, but they aren't allowed to do it.
  19. "The Chosen People": Radar is pinned as the father of a Korean woman's baby while a family moves onto the 4077th's land.
  20. "As You Were": Frank needs surgery for a hernia, but doesn't want wisecracking Hawkeye and Trapper operating.
  21. "Crisis": The 4077th's supplies have been cut off, forcing Col. Blake to take drastic measures.
  22. "George": Frank discovers a wounded soldier is gay, and wants to dishonorably discharge him.
  23. "Mail Call": A large supply of mail arrives, including stock reports for Frank, book balancing for Henry, a pen pal Radar has been lying to, and more.
  24. "A Smattering of Intelligence": Col. Flagg comes to the 4077th upon getting word that Communists have infiltrated the unit.

    Season 3 
  1. "The General Flipped at Dawn"note : General Steele visits, and it becomes clear he's insane.
  2. "Rainbow Bridge": The doctors go into enemy territory to retrieve wounded POWs from the Chinese.
  3. "Officer of the Day": Frank makes Hawkeye Officer of the Day while he deals with several people named Kim Luck and Colonel Flagg looking for an espionage agent.
  4. "Iron Guts Kelly": A general dies of a heart attack while visiting, but the press tries to make him look better by saying he died in combat.
  5. "O.R.": Hawkeye performs a risky heart operation, Trapper donates blood, and supplies run low during an influx of wounded.
  6. "Springtime": Love is in the air, even in war-torn Korea.
  7. "Check-Up": Trapper winds up with a ulcer and a ticket home.
  8. "Life with Father": Father Mulcahy has been asked to perform a Jewish bris, Hawkeye and Trapper enter a contest, and Henry has problems with his wife.
  9. "Alcoholics Unanimous": While Henry's away, Frank bans alcohol.
  10. "There Is Nothing Like a Nurse": All the nurses are shipped further away from the front lines for their safety.
  11. "Adam's Ribs": Hawkeye tries to spice up the terrible menu by ordering ribs directly from a restaurant in Chicago.
  12. "A Full Rich Day": In a "Dear Dad" episode, Hawkeye and Radar deal with a wounded but bloodthirsty Turk, while a dead soldier from Luxembourg goes missing.
  13. "Mad Dogs and Servicemen": The search is on for a dog that bit Radar that might be rabid. Hawkeye and Trapper must help a psychologically traumatized patient suffering from hysterical paralysis before his condition becomes permanent.
  14. "Private Charles Lamb": The Greeks invite the 4077th to celebrate Easter with them, and Radar tries to set their prized lamb free.
  15. "Bombed": The 4077th is being shelled by American troops, and everyone's calling to get them to stop.
  16. "Bulletin Board": Margaret wants to borrow $240 from Frank, Henry gives a lecture about sex, and the camp watches The Littlest Rebel.
  17. "The Consultant": While in Tokyo, Hawkeye and Trapper convince a veteran doctor to help them on the front lines, and he offers to do an artery transplant.
  18. "House Arrest": Hawkeye is imprisoned in The Swamp after hitting Frank, but everyone sympathizes with him.
  19. "Aid Station": Hawkeye, Houlihan, and Klinger are sent to an aid station on the front lines.
  20. "Love and Marriage": Hawkeye and Trapper try to get a Korean medic a pass to see his family, and deal with a money-making scheme.
  21. "Big Mac": The M*A*S*H prepares for a visit from General MacArthur.
  22. "Payday": Hawkeye donates the leftover money from payday to charity, then the Army comes after him.
  23. "White Gold": Thieves steal penicillin from storage, but there's a conspiracy behind it.
  24. "Abyssinia, Henry": Henry has earned enough points to be discharged, and is going home.

    Season 4 
  1. "Welcome to Korea"note : Hawkeye rushes to say goodbye to Trapper while also bringing in his replacement, Captain B.J. Hunnicutt.
  2. "Change of Command": After Henry Blake's death, Major Burns (and Houlihan) take over until Colonel Potter arrives.
  3. "It Happened One Night": The doctors work in the middle of the night while the camp is shelled by friendly fire.
  4. "The Late Captain Pierce": In a bureaucratic accident, Hawkeye has been declared dead.
  5. "Hey, Doc": The doctors deal with a stolen microscope, a sniper, and an ingrown toenail in exchange for scotch.
  6. "The Bus": On the way back to the 4077th from a medical conference, Hawkeye, B.J., Burns, Potter, and Radar get lost, and then the bus breaks down.
  7. "Dear Mildred": While Colonel Potter writes home, Radar, Hawkeye, and B.J. take care of a horse.
  8. "The Kids": The 4077th has to take care of a bunch of displaced Korean children.
  9. "Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler?": An officer believes he's the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.
  10. "Dear Peggy": B.J. writes home after having to take over for Frank on a surgery, Father Mulcahy has trouble with a superior chaplain, and Hawkeye attempts a world record.
  11. "Of Moose and Men": Hawkeye deals with an irate colonel, a sergeant deals with his wife's affair by getting a Korean girlfriend, and Frank becomes paranoid.
  12. "Soldier of the Month": Potter has a contest for Soldier of the Month.
  13. "The Gun": Frank wants to get his hands on a visiting colonel's gun.
  14. "Mail Call...Again": Potter becomes a grandfather and Frank's wife wants a divorce.
  15. "The Price of Tomato Juice": Radar tries to be nice to Colonel Potter by getting him some tomato juice.
  16. "Dear Ma": Radar writes home, telling of a foot inspection, and Colonel Potter getting shot.
  17. "Der Tag": Potter gets Hawkeye and B.J. to be nice to Frank, which gets him drunk and accidentally sent to the front lines.
  18. "Hawkeye": Hawkeye gets into an accident and while staying in a Korean family's home, concludes he has a concussion and tries to keep himself awake.
  19. "Some 38th Parallels": Frank wants to sell off the camp's garbage, and Hawkeye buys it to give to a reckless colonel.
  20. "The Novocaine Mutiny": Frank becomes acting CO, goes mad with power, and ultimately charges Hawkeye with mutiny.
  21. "Smilin' Jack": A helicopter pilot who wants to break the record for most-delivered wounded is grounded due to diabetes.
  22. "The More I See You": An old girlfriend of Hawkeye's shows up.
  23. "Deluge": The doctors deal with a huge amount of wounded, interspersed with newsreels.
  24. "The Interview": A black-and-white newsreel of the 4077th M*A*S*H with interviews of the staff.

    Season 5 
  1. "Bug Out"note : A false rumor goes around that the 4077th is bugging out. Then they actually have to bug out.
  2. "Margaret's Engagement": Margaret goes on leave and comes back engaged.
  3. "Out of Sight, Out of Mind": Hawkeye is blinded in an accident, and fears he may be blind forever.
  4. "Lt. Radar O'Reilly": After Hawkeye wins a bet, Radar is made officer, but he may not be fit for the role.
  5. "The Nurses": Disciplinarian Houlihan spars with the more playful nurses, especially after they lie to get one of their husbands into the camp.
  6. "The Abduction of Margaret Houlihan": Margaret has gone missing, and Colonel Flagg shows up to investigate.
  7. "Dear Sigmund": Dr. Freedman visits, investigates a prankster and witnesses an ambulance accident.
  8. "Mulcahy's War": Father Mulcahy joins Radar on a trip to an aid station, and has to help with emergency surgery on the way back.
  9. "The Korean Surgeon": A wounded but friendly North Korean surgeon turns up in the OR, but tries to hide his identity to help out.
  10. "Hawkeye Get Your Gun": Hawkeye and Potter help with a Korean hospital near the front, and are attacked on the way back.
  11. "The Colonel's Horse": Colonel Potter's horse gets sick while he's away.
  12. "Exorcism": Bad luck spread throughout the camp, and a Korean ritual might be the solution.
  13. "Hawk's Nightmare": Hawkeye gets nightmares and starts sleepwalking. Dr. Freedman investigates.
  14. "The Most Unforgettable Characters": Radar enters a creative writing course and fills his life with Purple Prose.
  15. "38 Across": Hawkeye calls for help from a Navy surgeon...for a crossword puzzle.
  16. "Ping Pong": Hawkeye helps out a Korean ping pong player and his girlfriend.
  17. "End Run": A football player with an amputated leg loses the will to live.
  18. "Hanky Panky": B.J. winds up cheating on his wife when he gives sympathy to a nurse, and debates whether or not to tell Peg.
  19. "Hepatitis": An outbreak of hepatitis hits the camp, starting with Father Mulcahy while Hawkeye deals with back pain.
  20. "The General's Practitioner": A general is so impressed by Hawkeye's work he wants to have Hawkeye as his private doctor.
  21. "Movie Tonight": Colonel Potter brings in My Darling Clementine, but interruptions ensue, though this doesn't stop the M*A*S*H from having fun.
  22. "Souvenirs": An American pilot is selling dangerous war souvenirs.
  23. "Post Op": The doctors share stories with the patients.
  24. "Margaret's Marriage": Margaret and Donald Penobscott get married, and everyone else gets drunk partying. But for Frank, this is the end of the road, who feels a sense of loss that he may never overcome.


    Season 6 
  1. "Fade Out, Fade In"note : Burns gets transferred stateside after Margaret's wedding, and Major Charles Emerson Winchester III is brought in under the pretense of a temporary assignment.
  2. "Fallen Idol": Radar gets wounded, but finds Hawkeye isn't the hero he thinks he is.
  3. "Last Laugh": B.J. is brought up on charges after a prank with an old friend goes too far with a general in Seoul.
  4. "War of Nerves": Dr. Freedman comes in wounded while everyone starts bickering due to stress.
  5. "The Winchester Tapes": Hawkeye continually tries and fails to get to Seoul, Potter paints Charles's portrait, and B.J. makes Charles think he's getting fat.
  6. "The Light That Failed": Everyone, desperate for books to read, tears apart a murder mystery, reads it together, and finds the page revealing the murderer is missing.
  7. "In Love and War": Hawkeye falls in love with a Korean woman caring for refugees.
  8. "Change Day": The Army changes scripnote , Charles takes advantage, $400 is stolen, and Klinger applies for West Point.
  9. "Images": Margaret wants an emotional nurse transferred, while Radar wants a tattoo.
  10. "The M*A*S*H Olympics": After failing to lift an overturned ambulance, and inspired by the 1952 Helsinki games, Colonel Potter organizes an Olympic competition.
  11. "The Grim Reaper": Hawkeye has a beef against a general that turns war into statistics.
  12. "Comrades in Arms Pt. 1": Hawkeye and Margaret head to the 8063rd, and wind up stranded in a hut in enemy territory.
  13. "Comrades in Arms Pt. 2": B.J. heads out in a helicopter to search for Hawkeye and Margaret against Potter's orders.
  14. "The Merchant of Korea": B.J. needs a loan from Charles to buy property in San Francisco, but then payday is delayed a week.
  15. "The Smell of Music": Hawkeye and B.J. vow to stop showering until Charles stops playing his French horn. Potter deals with a suicidal patient.
  16. "Patent 4077": Hawkeye looks for a custom-built clamp he needs for surgery, and hires a local Korean to make it. Meanwhile, Klinger accidentally throws away Margaret's wedding ring.
  17. "Tea and Empathy": Father Mulcahy and Klinger go to find where the camp can get some penicillin.
  18. "Your Hit Parade": Radar becomes the M*A*S*H DJ during a long surgery session.
  19. "What's Up, Doc?": Margaret wonders if she's pregnant, and requires Radar's pet rabbit for testing.
  20. "Mail Call Three": Klinger gets a Dear John letter from his wife, B.J. is frustrated that someone made a pass at his wife, and Hawkeye gets mail for another Captain Benjamin Pierce.
  21. "Temporary Duty": Hawkeye and a nurse get in an exchange program with the 8063rd, and are replaced by an enthusiastic cowboy doctor and an old friend of Margaret's.
  22. "Colonel Potter's Retirement": Potter learns someone is complaining about him, considers early retirement, and becomes bitter to the staff.
  23. "Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde": Charles takes amphetamines to stay awake.
  24. "Major Topper": Klinger meets a man who's legitimately insane.

    Season 7 
  1. "Commander Pierce": Pierce is made CO of the camp, and has trouble dealing with the pressure.
  2. "Peace on Us": Tempers flare after peace talks break down, the points required to go home go up, and Margaret's marriage reaches a breaking point.
  3. "Lil": Colonel Potter starts to get close to another female colonel with a wary Radar observing.
  4. "Our Finest Hour"note : A Clip Show combined with a newsreel interview a la "The Interview" from Season 4.
  5. "The Billfold Syndrome": After being taken out for consideration for a job in Boston, Charles refuses to speak with anyone.
  6. "None Like it Hot": During a heat wave, Hawkeye and B.J. get a bathtub everyone wants in on, Klinger dresses in layers to get out of the Army, and Radar has tonsil problems.
  7. "They Call the Wind Korea": Klinger and Charles get lost and stranded on their way to Seoul.
  8. "Major Ego": Charles's ego gets a boost when he gets a Stars and Stripes interview.
  9. "Baby, It's Cold Outside": The doctors try to treat patients in subzero temperatures.
  10. "Point of View": A first-person view of a patient who comes through the M*A*S*H.
  11. "Dear Comrade": Charles's new houseboy is a North Korean spy, and he reports his findings to his superiors.
  12. "Out of Gas": The camp is freezing, and runs out of sodium pentothalnote , so Father Mulcahy and Charles offer to trade wine for it on the black market.
  13. "An Eye For a Tooth": Hawkeye and B.J. get Margaret involved in a prank war, a heroic helicopter pilot comes to visit, and Father Mulcahy gets passed over for a promotion.
  14. "Dear Sis": Father writes to his sister the nun around Christmastime while trying to be useful around the 4077th.
  15. "B.J. Papa San": B.J. bonds with a Korean family while caring for their sick father.
  16. "Inga": Hawkeye falls in love with a Swedish doctor, but can't handle her being as good as him.
  17. "The Price": A former Korean cavalry officer, now a lowly laundryman, steals Potter's horse.
  18. "The Young and the Restless": Charles contends with a younger doctor advocating new techniques, Potter has leg problems, and Klinger claims he's still living in Toledo.
  19. "Hot Lips is Back in Town": Margaret is officially divorced, and invites a general to inspect the M*A*S*H.
  20. "C*A*V*E": The 4077th is forced to relocate to a cave, where Hawkeye reveals he has claustrophobia.
  21. "Rally Round the Flagg, Boys": Hawkeye operates on a North Korean before an American, and a corporal and Colonel Flagg believe he's a communist sympathizer.
  22. "Preventative Medicine": A hated and reckless Lieutenant Colonel visits the camp, and Hawkeye fakes the symptoms of appendicitis within him to keep him off the front lines. Klinger resorts to voodoo to try and get sent home.
  23. "A Night at Rosie's": Hawkeye spends too much time at Rosie's bar, and everyone comes to find him, only to join him.
  24. "Ain't Love Grand?": Hawkeye and B.J. fight over each others quirks, Klinger falls in love with a nurse, and Charles tries to turn a Korean woman into a lady.
  25. "The Party": B.J. wants to organize a party for all the families of the M*A*S*H staff back home.

    Season 8 

  1. "Too Many Cooks": The doctors want a soldier who's bad at infantry but excellent at cooking to stay at the 4077th.
  2. "Are You Now, Margaret?": Margaret is suspected of being a communist because of one of her old friends.
  3. "Guerilla My Dreams": A wounded woman may be a North Korean guerrilla fighter.
  4. "Good-Bye Radar Pt. 1": Radar returns from leave to find his uncle has died, and Potter has Radar file a hardship discharge to return home, to be with his ailing mother.
  5. "Good-Bye Radar Pt. 2": Radar wants to stay with the 4077th after seeing the unit fall apart without him. When Klinger manages to pull off a deal to save the unit, Radar goes through with the discharge.
  6. "Period of Adjustment": Radar's departure from the unit hits the 4077th hard, especially B.J., who suffers a severe emotional breakdown after learning Radar met his family and his daughter mistook him as her "Daddy". Meanwhile, Klinger has trouble filling Radar's shoes as company clerk.
  7. "Nurse Doctor": A nurse wants to get too close for comfort with Father Mulcahy.
  8. "Private Finance": Klinger gets in trouble with a Korean woman's mother after she thinks he hired her daughter as a prostitute.
  9. "Mr. And Mrs. Who?": Charles comes back from Seoul hungover...and married.
  10. "The Yalu Brick Road": The 4077th gets an epidemic of salmonella, and Hawkeye and B.J. get lost coming back with antibiotics.
  11. "Life Time": A Real Time episode where a patient has a limited amount of time to get a transplant. However, it will be at the expense of another man's life.
  12. "Dear Uncle Abdul": Father Mulcahy tries to write a war song, Hawkeye and B.J. argue over who tells a joke better, and Margaret complains of a broken footlocker.
  13. "Captains Outrageous": Hawkeye, B.J., and Charles have to take over Rosie's bar after she gets injured.
  14. "Stars and Stripes": B.J. and Charles argue over writing a medical article after they both save a life.
  15. "Yessir, That's Our Baby": A Korean-American baby is found at the 4077th, and the doctors get frustrated when neither country will take care of her.
  16. "Bottle Fatigue": Hawkeye gives up drinking for a week.
  17. "Heal Thyself": Potter and Charles have the mumps and have to live together, and a replacement surgeon is sent in.
  18. "Old Soldiers": Colonel Potter rushes off to Tokyo, and comes back miserable while waiting for a package.
  19. "Morale Victory": After constantly complaining, Hawkeye and B.J. are the camp's morale officers.
  20. "Lend a Hand": The staff plans a party while Hawkeye is out at battalion aid for emergency surgery.
  21. "Goodbye, Cruel World": After Potter complains about Klinger's tchotchkes, he tries to forge a pass.
  22. "Dreams": The doctors have nightmares based on their war experiences.
  23. "War Co-Respondent": B.J. and a journalist fall in love.
  24. "Back Pay": Hawkeye feels he's underpaid for his job, and demands the Army make up for lost potential pay.
  25. "April Fools": Hawkeye and B.J. need to be careful around a general on April Fool's Day.

    Season 9 

  1. "The Best of Enemies": On his way to Seoul, Hawkeye is forced at gunpoint to heal a wounded North Korean soldier.
  2. "Letters": Everyone responds to questions from 4th graders in Crabapple Cove, Maine.
  3. "Cementing Relationships": The staff replaces the wooden floor in the OR with cement because of staph infections among the wounded.
  4. "Father's Day": Margaret gets anxious when her father, a strict general, comes to visit.
  5. "Death Takes a Holiday": The doctors struggle to keep a soldier alive so he won't die on Christmas.
  6. "A War for All Seasons": An episode spending an entire year at the M*A*S*H.
  7. "Your Retention, Please": After learning his ex-wife is dating his best friend, Klinger decides to re-enlist in the Army.
  8. "Tell it to the Marines": A Dutch Marine's mother is being deported, and he wants to get home before she leaves.
  9. "Taking the Fifth": Hawkeye has a contest for nurses to spend a night with him and French wine, which Charles wants more of.
  10. "Operation Friendship": After Klinger saves his life, Charles pays him back by helping him around, which Klinger abuses.
  11. "No Sweat": The staff copes with a heat wave, B.J. worries about Peg cleaning the gutters, Margaret has a butt rash, and Colonel Potter is only half-awake.
  12. "Depressing News": Hawkeye builds a tower out of tongue depressors as an anti-war message, but the Army sees it as pro-war.
  13. "No Laughing Matter": Hawkeye gives up making jokes for a day, while Charles deals with the colonel who sent him to Korea.
  14. "Oh, How We Danced": Hawkeye works with B.J.'s wife, Peg, to plan a surprise for him on their wedding anniversary.
  15. "Bottoms Up": B.J. sabotages Hawkeye and Charles with pranks. Margaret gets a visit from an old friend, who is revealed to be an alcoholic.
  16. "The Red/White Blues": Potter has high blood pressure, and everyone tries to keep him from getting angry.
  17. "Bless You, Hawkeye": Hawkeye suddenly starts sneezing a lot, but the cause may not be medical.
  18. "Blood Brothers": A Cardinal is coming to visit, and Father Mulcahy wants the camp to be morally perfect for the visit.
  19. "The Foresight Saga": Radar sends a letter to the 4077th telling of his good life back home, but they soon discover it might not be so good after all. A young native farmer may be of aid.
  20. "The Life You Save": The camp falls into chaos when Colonel Potter rotates the duty roster and no one can do their new jobs right. Winchester is nearly killed, reviving memories of his brother who died in childhood.

    Season 10 
  1. "That's Showbiz"note : A USO entertainment troupe shows up, and they quickly form relationships with the people there.
  2. "Identity Crisis": A soldier who doesn't want to be sent back to the front lines switches dog tags with a dead man.
  3. "Rumor at the Top": A new M*A*S*H may be opening up, and everyone fears the 4077th will be broken up.
  4. "Give 'Em Hell, Hawkeye": The 4077th is tasked with beautifying South Korea, leaving it better than when they found it.
  5. "Wheelers and Dealers": Colonel Potter has to take a remedial driving class, but Sergeant Rizzo is too afraid of Potter's superior rank to teach him properly.
  6. "Communication Breakdown": Charles has received a week's worth of newspapers from the Boston Globe, but when one goes missing, Charles is out for revenge.
  7. "Snap Judgment": Klinger finds Hawkeye's stolen camera on the black market, and is then accused of stealing it himself.
  8. "Snappier Judgment": On trial, Klinger chooses Charles as his attorney.
  9. "Twas the Day After Christmas": Inspired by Canadians, the M*A*S*H celebrates Boxing Day.
  10. "Follies of the Living-Concerns of the Dead": A soldier has trouble coming to terms that he's dead, and only a delirious Klinger can see his ghost.
  11. "The Birthday Girls": Klinger is dragged into taking Margaret to Kempo for her birthday trip, but everything goes wrong.
  12. "Blood and Guts": Hawkeye has a beef with a famous co-respondent who romanticizes the Korean War.
  13. "A Holy Mess": An AWOL soldier takes sanctuary at the 4077th.
  14. "The Tooth Shall Set You Free": A racist major sends black soldiers on high-risk missions in order to get them out of his unit.
  15. "Pressure Points": The stress gets to Colonel Potter, and when he messes up on a patient, he calls for Dr. Freedman.
  16. "Where There's a Will, There's a War": At a battalion aid station that's being heavily shelled, a scared Hawkeye writes out his will.
  17. "Promotion Commotion": Hawkeye, B.J., and Charles are on the promotion board, and the enlisted men suck up to them.
  18. "Heroes": A boxing champion visits the M*A*S*H, and when he suffers a stroke, the press all want to interview Hawkeye.
  19. "Sons and Bowlers": While the 4077th enters a bowling competition, Hawkeye becomes desperate to call his father who's having a serious procedure.
  20. "Picture This": Potter wants to create a group portrait of the staff.
  21. "That Darn Kid": Klinger's goat eats the money meant for payday, and Hawkeye gets in trouble.

    Season 11 
  1. "Hey, Look Me Over": The nurses come back after being evacuated and scramble to clean up for a tough inspection.
  2. "Trick or Treatment": It's Halloween time, Charles deals with a Marine with a pool ball in his mouth, and a soldier refuses to eat anything.
  3. "Foreign Affairs": The Army struggles to get a wounded North Korean man to defect.
  4. "The Joker is Wild": B.J. bets Hawkeye he can play a prank on everyone in camp.
  5. "Who Knew?": Hawkeye wants to eulogize a nurse nobody really knew.
  6. "Bombshells": Rumor abounds that Marilyn Monroe is coming to visit the 4077th, while B.J. is wracked with guilt after having to abandon a wounded soldier under sniper fire.
  7. "Settling Debts": The officers try to keep Potter out of his tent while they set up a surprise party.
  8. "The Moon is Not Blue": The officers try to get The Moon is Blue, a controversial film for Movie Night.
  9. "Run for the Money": The 4077th organizes a footrace with the 8063rd, and Father Mulcahy is the only chance of winning after Klinger screws up on getting a prize runner.
  10. "U.N., the Night and the Music": UN delegates from various countries tour the M*A*S*H, and Margaret falls in love with the Swede.
  11. "Strange Bedfellows": Winchester's snoring drives the 4077th crazy. Potter gets a bad phone call about his visiting son-in-law.
  12. "Say No More": Margaret gets laryngitis right before she has to give a speech in Seoul and meet a doctor she idolizes.
  13. "Friends and Enemies": Potter has trouble coming to grips that an old friend and fellow colonel is unfit for command.
  14. "Give and Take": Everyone tries to hand off being charity officer to everyone else.
  15. "As Time Goes By": Margaret decides to set up a time capsule from the 4077th staff.
  16. "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen": In this 2.5-hour series finale, Hawkeye goes crazy after a heartbreaking trauma, Charles befriends a group of Korean musicians, B.J. gets his discharge orders, a parked tank attracts shelling, Father Mulcahy starts to lose his hearing after trying to rescue POWs and being exposed to an ear-wrenching explosion, a wildfire strikes camp, Klinger gets married, and the Korean War comes to an end. Now, the 4077th must face a series of farewells, and deal with the pain of saying goodbye, but also the joy of finally going home.