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Recap / M*A*S*H S4 E12: Soldier of the Month

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A mysterious fever has the post-op full and doctors scrambling to find a successful treatment. Meanwhile, Radar, Klinger, and other enlisted men compete for the grand prize in the "Soldier of the Month" contest, six days of R&R in Tokyo.

Attention all personnel! The winner of the Soldier of the Month contest will receive the following tropes:

  • Cheaters Never Prosper: Klinger aims to win the contest by writing the answers on his arms and legs, but is foiled when Hawkeye mixes up the order of the questions. Radar eventually notices why he's contorting himself to answer every question.
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  • Hidden Depths: Frank, delirious with the fever, shares a few details about his Abusive Parents and lonely childhood.
  • Mouse Trap: Aiming to curry favour with "Soldier of the Month" judge Frank, Klinger helps him set rat traps throughout the camp - including one that snaps down on his fingers.
  • Ripped from the Headlines: Korean hemorrhagic fever, a strain of hantavirus, affected over three thousand US soldiers in the Korean War, with a ten percent mortality rate.
  • Silly Will: Delirious with fever, Frank dictates a bizarre will to Father Mulcahy, detailing the whereabouts of hidden money and leaving Margaret his clothes.
  • While You Were in Diapers: Frank directs a predictably self-centred variation towards B.J.
    Frank: I was suing people for payment before you even thought of being a doctor.

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