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Recap / M*A*S*H S2 E5: Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde

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Hawkeye Pierce is a truly dedicated surgeon, but sometimes he can be a little too dedicated.

After performing surgery for an incredibly long period without rest, Hawkeye is ordered to stand down and finally get some sleep. Complications, both hilarious and troubling, arise when the 4077 continues to be inundated with wounded and Hawkeye ignores orders and advice to resume saving lives.

Attention, attention! Captain Pierce has been ordered to presently forego the following tropes and get some sleep:


  • Actually Pretty Funny:
    • Henry cracks up at Hawkeye wanting Margaret's body
    • Some of the nurses find Hawkeye's sleepy and exhausted mood hilarious
  • Armor-Piercing Question: "Somebody, and it wasn't you or me, started this war. Now, who was it? It isn't Pearl Harbor, we already had one of those. I gotta find out who started it."
  • Blatant Lies: Trapper and Henry tell Hawkeye to get some sleep and let them worry about the new batch of wounded soldiers being brought in. He claims he's just looking.
    Hawkeye: That kid's got chest wounds. I can spot it a mile off.
    Henry: Terrific. Your eyes are perfect.
  • Captain Obvious: A dark and slightly disturbing case with Hawkeye.
    Hawkeye: Something funny is happening around here and I'm finally beginning to notice it. For the past couple of days, I've been making some very careful observations. [beat] There's a war going on here.
    [Trapper tries to go back to sleep. Hawkeye jostles him awake]
    Hawkeye: People walking around with guns. Uniforms. Dozens of bodies coming in by helicopter. And without exception, every one of them is mangled in some way. Don't you see, it all adds up? There's guns, uniforms, wounded bodies.
    Trapper: You figured that out, huh?
    Hawkeye: I'm beginning to see a pattern.
    Trapper: Why don't you go to sleep? You're turning into a 170-pound fruitcake.
  • Covered in Mud: A passing Jeep splatters Hawkeye and Trapper's legs with mud.
    • An extra slips over the muddy road when there's more incoming wounded.
  • Deadpan Snarker:
    • Hawkeye forgets he's already finished with a patient, to Trapper's incredulity
      Trapper: What are you doing?
      Hawkeye: Somebody took my patient.
      Trapper: You finished him.
      Hawkeye: Well where's the next one? Let's go! Give me another case! I'm on a winning streak here!
    • Hawkeye talks about how badly he wants to get to sleep
      Hawkeye: I never wanted to get to bed so bad in my whole life. [pauses] Wait a second, I take that back. There was a nurse in med school. When I put my ear to her navel, I could hear the ocean.
      Trapper: Some night.
      Hawkeye: Before that, it was some day. Before that, it was some night.
      Trapper: Well, you kept taking all the chest cases like you were their only hope.
      Hawkeye: Oh you're right. I keep forgetting what wonders Mercurochrome can do.
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    • Hawkeye treats his bed as a real person before his first attempt at getting some sleep
      Hello, bed. This is Captain Pierce. Can you hear me? I'm coming in, bed.
    • Trapper does a serious one when he sees Hawkeye's dedication starting to rise beyond a normal level.
      Trapper: Hey, you've been carving for twenty straight hours. Even Albert Schweitzer takes a break.
    • Although his concerns are noted, Henry replies to Frank's question about the sleep-deprived Hawkeye being at the operating table in this way.
      Frank: Henry?
      Henry: Yeah?
      Frank: What's he doing in here?
      Henry: Gee, I don't know, Frank. He's a doctor. Maybe somebody's sick.
      Frank: I've been asleep three times while he's gone on operating. You know what that means?
      • When Frank gives up, Margaret feels the need to continue. Hawkeye of course keeps up the snarking.
        Margaret: What that means, Colonel, is that this man is probably operating below par.
        Hawkeye: Nonsense, I've had six holes in one. Get it? Six holes in one? Some gallows humor to relieve the tremendous pressure. I must have your body.
    • Hawkeye is trying to take photos of something offscreen but Radar is standing in the way.
    Hawkeye: I can't take your picture now, Radar. Come back later and we'll get a pony and do it right.
    Radar: I've been looking all over for ya.
    Hawkeye: You can even ride the pony when we're finished.
  • Delayed Reaction: Trapper successfully manages to give Hawkeye a sedative on his second try by putting it in a glass of gin. To his and Radar's shock, it doesn't seem to affect Hawkeye at all.
    Radar: When's he gonna fall down?
    Trapper: I don't know. Rasputin swallowed a whole drugstore and didn't even belch.
  • Description Cut: Hawkeye comes looking for Frank, believing he's in Margaret's tent. A surprisingly calm Margaret reminds him that Frank usually holds an orientation lecture every Friday afternoon. The scene cuts to said lecture.
  • Determinator: No matter what, no matter how tired he is, Hawkeye Pierce puts his patients first. That is precisely the problem.
  • Exact Words: A sleep-deprived Hawkeye takes one of Frank's metaphors literally, causing him to come to the conclusion that they can end the war by sending a latrine to North Korea.
  • Exhaustion-Induced Idiocy: Hawkeye has been operating for so long that he is unable to sleep. Among his exhaustion-induced ideas are shipping a latrine to North Korea and sending a telegram to President Truman reading "Who's responsible?".
  • Failed Future Forecast: Radar said at the beginning of the episode that there would not be any casualties or 24 hours. It couldn't have been more than ten minutes.
  • The Insomniac: I think we're playing a game of Captain Obvious here.
  • Mood Whiplash: Hawkeye goes from a teary-eyed rendition of "I'll Be Home For Christmas" straight into singing "Der Fuhrer's Face".
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Hawkeye has a telegram written and sent to Harry Truman, then President of the United States.
  • Oh, Crap!: Henry is informed General Clayton is coming to the 4077, is as mad as hell, and coming to find out who did it. Henry first makes a Reflexive Response and walks into his office, does an off-screen Double Take and comes right back out.
    Radar: Message from General Clayton. He's mad as hell and is coming down here to find out who did it.
    Henry: You can hardly blame him.
    Radar: Yes sir.
    Henry: Coming down here to find out who did what?
    Radar: Someone sent a telegram to President Truman.
    Henry: A telegram? To President Harry S. Truman? That president?
    • Radar goes into full-fledged panic when General Clayton is about to enter the latrine Hawkeye is about to drag away to give to the North Koreans.
  • Red Scare: The subject of Frank's lecture
    Frank: We're here to keep the peace, to keep the enemy back behind the 38th parallel where they came from, or else, they'll spread down Korea, turn left and the next thing we know, they'll be marching down Main Street U.S.A.
  • Sanity Slippage: Hawkeye suffers this when his lack of sleep catches up with him. It gets worse the more he goes without it.
  • Standard Snippet: In one particularly memorable scene, Hawkeye sings a few lines from "I'll Be Home for Christmas" and "Der Fuhrer's Face".
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Henry lets Hawkeye have it when he operated in the O.R. against orders.
    Henry: Listen, Pierce. You were ordered to stand down.
    Hawkeye: I did, but I fell up again.
    Henry: You've gone against orders, Pierce. Somebody else could have operated.
    Hawkeye: I asked the kid to sit in the waiting room, but he read all of our magazines.
    Henry: I'm gonna be frank with you, Pierce.
    Hawkeye: You're gonna be Frank [Burns] with me?
    Henry: I mean blunt.
    Hawkeye: Oh, that's good. Otherwise Frank would try to be Henry with me and I don't think I could stand that.
    Henry: You pay close attention. Can you understand what I'm saying?
    Hawkeye: Why? Is there something wrong with your mouth?
    Henry: No, I'm fine! The problem is you've been on 24-hour call three nights this week!
    Hawkeye: Three times twenty four...
    Henry: Look, Doctor, no matter what comes in, I'm putting you to bed.
    • Henry gets nervous about General Clayton coming to find out who sent the telegram to President Truman. Radar tells him he knew it was Hawkeye all along.
      Henry: How do you know?
      Radar: Uh, I sent it.
      Henry slaps his hand down on his desk
      Henry: Well, why didn't ya tell me?

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