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"I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."
Ripley, Aliens

The release of nuclear weapons has been authorized
— Captain Ramsey, Crimson Tide

And man said: "Let there be light.".

And he was gifted with light. Heat. Magnetism. And all the other radiations of the universe.
The Second Renaissance, The Animatrix

The atom bomb was no "great decision." It was merely another powerful weapon in the arsenal of righteousness.
Harry S. Truman

"Tactical nuke ready. Turn the key."
Ghost, Modern Warfare 2

"NUKE THEM...if you wish."

I will provide funding and research to develop tactical and strategic weapons covering a full range of needs so my choices are not limited to "hand to hand combat with swords" and "blow up the planet".

Terl:'re probably figuring out by now that we Psychlos are not very smart. In fact, the only reason we're able to take over any galaxies at all is that we fart nuclear bombs out of our anuses.
Nostalgia Critic:: Oh. So none of this has to deal with strategic planning or superior intellect?
Terl: Nope! It's just farting bombs!!
The Nostalgia Critic's review of Battlefield Earth

Alright guys, High Command has decided to introduce The Swarm to the wonders of the nuclear age.

No one likes us
I don't know why
We may not be perfect
But heaven knows we try
But all around
Even our old friends put us down
Let's drop the big one
And see what happens
—"Political Science" by Randy Newman

Daniel let off a throaty ‘mmhmm.’ “Advanced enough where we don’t make war on each other. Omoc, the leader of the Tollans we first made contact with, made an observation about nuclear weapons, which he claimed the Tollans had never built, because they were designed only for offensive war. He said we would wipe ourselves out if we did not learn quickly.”

“Have you used nuclear weapons?” Commander Vasic asked.

“We have,” O’Neill confirmed immediately.

“Twice.” Daniel held up his middle and index finger. “And then and now there is still debate over their use and the mass death and horrors they’ve caused after their deployment.”

O’Neill motioned for Daniel to lay off and let him take it. “And we did use them two other times as weapons of last resort, after much debate. We’ve conducted thousands of tests. But only twice on Earth, to end World War Two.”

Daniel observed the reactions of the Colonials and their reactions. There was confusion and disbelief. They were mumbling to themselves, too low for the translators to pick up. Colonel Tigh and Yannis were both shaking their heads, the CAG motioning to the SG team. His body language showed he clearly didn’t believe them.

“Your people have only used nuclear weapons twice…?” Yannis asked with a fake smile bordering on the disbelieving. Daniel nodded. “We’ve used nuclear weapons for centuries. But to the point of wiping each other out is madness… nuclear warfare is an integral part of our doctrine, Doctor. And who determines what ‘culture’ is more ‘advanced’… what does that even mean, Doctor?”

“Integral, you say?" O'Neill raised an eyebrow. Yannis looked slowly towards him, nodding curtly.

"I want forty space freighters loaded with atomic warheads and sent to Uranus."

"I threw a hand-held tactical nuclear weapon at the creature."
Kremmen of the Star Corps

"Guns over swords, and nukes over guns. Hah! If we had one of those, it would be the greatest thing ever!"
Revy, Black Lagoon

Lisa: Nuke the Whales? You don't really believe that, do you?
Nelson: I dunno. Gotta nuke something.

"Our words are backed with NUCLEAR WEAPONS!"
— Everyone who has the Nuclear Fission tech in Civilization and Civilization II, and Gandhi in Civilization V

"Shoot a nuke down a bug hole, you get a lot of dead bugs," growled a veteran of the Six Second War. "Well except for the time we created those giant man-eating ants."

The sun rose on Mega-City Two at 05:50. It sparkled like a shower of gold on the sea, cast a rich array of pink and orange on the glaseen towers, banished the darkness of night for another day...
At 05:56, the sun rose again.

"You all heard the little filly. Nothing down on that planet but horrible non-befriend-y monsters. The poor things must be tired of always crawling around in the dark and gloom. Let's give them some sunshine to play with!"
Captain Sealight (right before glassing a planet), The MLP Loops 41.8

"My fellow Americans...I think we all know where this is going so let's just skip to the end. [detonates nuke]"


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