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372 Pages We'll Never Get Back is a podcast where Mike Nelson and Conor Lastowka, both writers on RiffTrax, read books they're probably not going to like.

Thus far, the podcast has covered the following books:

This podcast contains these tropes:

  • Artifact Title: The title refers to the number of pages in their copy of Ready Player One, the first book they covered. Later books would have more or fewer pages.
    • The segment Real or Fanfiction originally had passages from actual Ready Player One fanfiction to illustrate how the prose was indistinguishable. As later books covered became increasingly obscure, they instead solicited submissions from readers intentionally attempting to mimic the given book's style.
  • Once per Episode - Conor issues a firm "settle down" to something which is overwrought, too cute by half, or just a bit extra.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: invoked Done for Tek War and Shadow Moon. William Shatner and Ron Goulart becomes Shatlart, whereas George Lucas and Chris Claremont are Clucas.
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  • Running Gag - Conor's inability to pronounce "Ogden".


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