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Nightmare Fuel / Invincible

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned. If you're watching the Amazon Prime animated series, avoid any spoilers past Issue #13.
There is a reason why this Viltrumite stands out from his species.


  • This comic is NOT for those who are squeamish about Gorn. Mark and many other characters tend to suffer horrifying injuries of all sorts. If there's a Viltrumite involved in a fight (and yes, that includes Mark), expect gallons of blood and entrails being shed everywhere.
  • The Viltrumite Empire's collective psychology is beyond terrifying; a perfect parody of Superman's homeworld Krypton that is allowed to live but its people continuing its arrogant and sadistic ways.
  • Most of the more brutal fight scenes, especially ones involving Viltrumites and Dinosaurus.
    • Some of the most brutal battles in the series are the fights involving Conquest, an old and immensely powerful Viltrumite who tries to conquer Earth once Nolan goes rogue.

Issue #61:

  • Once all the Alternate Evil Invincibles are locked away in another dimension, the catastrophe they have caused have ruined the main Invincible's reputation with a person on the news believing the main Invincible to be a conqueror.
  • Despite the grief he is enduring in the after math of the Invincible War, Mark goes into a destroyed city with Cecil Stedman and witnesses the other heroes cleaning up destroyed rubble and rescuing civilians under the casualties.
  • Invincible is suddenly attacked by Powerplex in the back and gets blamed for being the one to cause all the destruction. Although Powerplex is taken away to the Pentagon, Invincible believes that the Invincible War was the result of his reluctance to murder Angstrom Levy.
  • Invincible cleans up the dead bodies that are hidden under the rubble and he is clearly disturbed by what he is seeing. The situation only goes From Bad to Worse when Invincible attempts to take a break, only to get ordered by a random stranger to prepare for his arrival.
  • The random stranger introduces himself as "Conquest" and now wants Invincible to either conquer Earth or die against him.

Issue #62:

  • The moment Invincible and Conquest clash on with each other, a massive shockwave is created which causes the construction workers to feel the weight of its power.
    • If looked closely, a construction worker can be seen flying just from the shockwave that is generated from Conquest and Invincible.
  • After crashing Invincible right through a building, Conquest reveals his blood lusted nature towards Invincible and tells him of his goals of wanting to savor their battle.
  • It initially appears as though that Invincible is able to fight on equal grounds against Conquest, but when Conquest delivers a punch on Invincible's goggle, the punch manages to shatter the goggles, making the tides of the fight slowly shift for Conquest's victory.
  • Oliver leaves his house to assist Invincible in fighting Conquest, but Debbie is worried by the fact that Oliver is risking his life to fight Conquest.
  • Invincible attempts to beg for mercy and combined with his Tears of Fear, he tries to reconsider on negotiating with Conquest's deal, but Conquest only wants to fight Invincible until the latter dead. Once Invincible is dead, Conquest will take the opportunity to kill everyone on Earth.
  • Despite Oliver's bravery in attacking Conquest, Conquest first response to Oliver is to learn the latter's name with the purpose of dismembering him.
  • Cecil angrily screams for D.A. Sinclair to send out any Reanimen robots that had been made from the corpses of the alternate Invincibles. Unfortunately, D.A. Sinclair reveals that it will take weeks for him to create even a single functioning Reanimen from a corpse of the alternate evil Invincibles. D.A. Sinclair's answer causes Cecil to truly freak out and to pray to God that Invincible manages to defeat Conquest.

Issue #63:

  • The moment Eve wakes up, she is at first calm, but when she sees "Omni-Man" (actually Conquest) beating up Invincible, Eve gets a Freak Out and immediately desires to fight Conquest.
  • Oliver returns again to help Invincible fight Conquest, but Oliver is nearly killed in his attempt to protect Invincible.
    • Conquest tosses Invincible away to have the chance to fight Oliver. Oliver believes Conquest to be weak for being old, but Conquest quickly proves him wrong by immediately defeating him. Conquest only needed to punch Oliver's tooth off and by breaking his arm before quickly grabbing his whole body to rip him to pieces.
    • While Oliver is in the process of ripped to pieces, Conquest takes the time to gloat on the pain Oliver will experience before finally dying. Oliver only manages to survive because Invincible pushed himself to his limits to charges at Conquest.
    • Even at his limits, Invincible is unable to defend himself from Conquest and is threatened of having his heart eaten.
  • Conquest ramming Invincible into a battleship, an island, and a resident's house, while Invincible is screaming in pain from the launch.
    • To make things even worse, Invincible's allies are force to watch him get a curb-stomp beating from Conquest.
  • When Atom Eve arrives to help Invincible fight Conquest, instead of feeling relief, Invincible is horrified that Atom Eve is endangering her life to fight a Vilttrumite who is much more powerful than her.
    • Invincible attempts to protect Atom Eve by trying to launch Conquest away from her, but Conquest instead retaliates by breaking Invincible's leg.
    • While Invincible screams in agony from the pain, Atom Eve attempts to restrain Conquest by holding him in a bubble. Unfortunately for Atom Eve, Conquest immediately shatters the bubble with his own bare hands before coming at her. When Conquest finally gets close to Atom Eve, he easily takes her out in just two attacks.
    • Conquest attacks Atom Eve by breaking her teeth first before impaling her with his own fist right through her own stomach. The impalement is so large, that it leaves a giant hole inside her.
  • While Atom Eve is dying from her injuries and Invincible is mourning for her to stay alive, Conquest takes the time to gloat in the most inappropriate moment possible.
    • During his Evil Gloating, Conquest takes the time to thank Invincible for defying the Viltrumite Empire, for it has given Conquest the opportunity to carnage through the Earth.
      • In Conquest's "thank you speech," he implies to have massacred many planets in the past, but never acted like a primal animal because of the restrictions the Viltrumite Empire had enforced upon him.
      • Conquest does his Evil Gloating while wearing the most sadistic and nightmarish face possible to both the audience and Invincible.
  • With Conquest's gloating ever, Invincible in return, reveals his bloodlust and desire to kill Conquest no matter how strong he is. It should be noted that compared to other villains, Invincible usually wants to spare them if a chance presents itself. However, Conquest manages to anger Invincible to the point that the latter just wants to kill him.

Issue #64:

  • Due to Invincible's rage of what Conquest had done to Atom Eve, their fight between each other progressively starts to become incredibly brutal with their Combat Breakdown. Invincible's own rage gives him the power necessary to kill Conquest, but it also means that Invincible will need to fight in the most animalistic and savage ways possible to catch Conquest off-guard during the last moments of their battle.
  • Rather than fear Invincible's defiance, Conquest laughs at his face and gives Invincible a chance to attack him.
  • When Conquest attempts to do a Killer Bear Hug on Invincible, the latter responds by using his teeth to rip off Conquest's own flesh. The amount of flesh Invincible ripped off causes Conquest to scream in pain and to throw away Invincible.
  • Atom Eve manages to heal herself from the traumatic beatdown she had received from Conquest and is able to attack Conquest from behind while in her unrestrained full power.
    • The burns she inflicts on Conquest, although helpful in giving Invincible the opportunity to kill him, it also shows most of Conquest's burnt skin.
  • Invincible charging at Conquest and then punching his face to protect Atom Eve. Invincible at first looks as though he has the advantage, until Conquest grabs his fist and then squeezes' it to the point that Invincible's fist cracks.
  • Conquest takes the time to gloat again and to proclaim that he still had enough power to kill Invincible. Invincible does not take Conquest's gloating very well and retaliates by headbutting him. The following headbutts Invincible gives to Conquest results in the horrific defeat for the latter.
    • While headbutting Conquest, Invincible asks him if he surrenders. When Conquest doesn't answer Invincible, Invincible grows angrier to demand a response from Conquest.
    • Conquest responds by saying to Invincible that he can still take on more of the headbutts. Conquest's answer angers Invincible that the latter musters up the strength to repetitively headbutt Conquest "death."
    • In the end of the fight, the repeated headbutts that Invincible had dealt to Conquest had quite literally cracked the latter's own head open. The disfigured face of Conquest gives Invincible the impression that his enemy is dead, but is far from it.

Issue #65:

  • Cecil orders D.A. Sinclair to hurry up on creating more Reanimen robots from the corpses of the alternate evil Invincibles with the paranoid thought that the Viltrumite Empire would send more Viltrumites on Earth to demolish it, even worse compared to Conquest.
  • Mark is lucky to recover from his battle against Conquest, but he is so traumatize by his battle against Conquest, that he wants absolute certainty to make sure that Conquest is dead. Mark immediately orders Cecil to look at a corpse of Conquest to make sure he is dead in order to relieve himself from the stress.
  • Although he managed to escape Invincible, Angstrom Levy needs to fulfill his part of the deal with the surgeons that had improved his body.
  • The Sequids slowly start to rise up in power again by secretly collecting human hosts inside the sewers.
  • Cecil locks up the real body of Conquest inside an underground prison at the Mojave Desert. Even though Conquest showed himself to be one of the most horrifying threats to arrive on Earth, Cecil really thought it was a smart idea to lock up Conquest. Even Donald Ferguson is questioning whether it is a smart idea to lock up Conquest instead of making sure that the Viltrumite is dead.
    • While healing, Conquest's disfigured head can disturb the audience, as the head is still leaking blood from Invincible's headbutts.
  • Mark realizes that not all villains can be reasoned with mercy and that some of them may need to be Killed Off for Real to make sure that innocent people are kept safe.

Issue #110: