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Headscratchers / Invincible

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  • Is Robot a pedophile? He became obsessed with Monster Girl and created a Rex clone of her (apparent) age so he could get close to her and seemingly seduce her. After they both come back from the Flaxan dimension, their relationship has developed into love, then separation, and they both have an adult appearance. Other superheroes comment on them having a "puppy love" thing going on, despite the fact that they both seem to be adults trapped in children's bodies - in Robot's case, by choice.
    • My understanding is actually that Robot is the younger of the two of them, albeit staggeringly intelligent for his age. Since he founded and lead the Teen Team, presumably as a teenager himself, it's quite possible that his cloned young adult body is close to being representative of his true age. The implications of the "puppy love" vibes would still be a bit squicky in that case (albeit from the other direction) given that Monster Girl was almost thirty years old at the time, though thankfully such concerns would be less relevant by the time they both officially got together, since they were both hundreds of years old by that point.
      • At least on the show, Robot says he's 30 years old, and Monster girl is 24. So, no, she isn't older than him.

  • Can someone explain what part of Robots plan to Take over the world, required him to kill off a huge chunk of powered people? as was shown, the world was becoming utopian, and as far as I can tell there were no really underhanded methods used, apart from the "slaughtering anyone who he felt would stop him" thing, hell later issues show him talking round a good chunk of the resistance easily, while the arc is cool, that was the one part that didn't make sense.
    • Because Robot is not NEARLY as clever as he thinks he is, and is paranoid to boot. He basically decided that some of the people MIGHT someday try to stop him, so he went after them beforehand. After his position was secure, he could afford to take 'foolish' actions. Note that him trying a similar gambit is what gets him defeated for good AND that they promptly realize he's a good SECOND IN COMMAND.

  • Why dident Allen just wait to unleash the scourge virus? seriously there going to be on earth for hundreds if not thousands of years before they try anything off world again, he knows they arent lieing about that part since hes aware of earths importance to repopulation while they want to stay hidden, why not just wait a generation or two then make the call based on how well they are adapting?