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Trivia for Invincible by Robert Kirkman

  • Development Gag:
    • Bulletproof, who has Invincible's original development name, costume, and the same exact powers.
    • The Bulletproof costume also appears in the first issue as a prospective outfit for Mark, and on one of the alternate Invincibles during the Invincible War.
  • Throw It In: Nolan and Andressa's tongue kiss was done as a joke sketch. Robert Kirkman thought it was so funny that he included it in the book.
  • Word of God: A very important piece of information regarding Robotís full character closure by the end of the series is left completely out of the epilogue pages proper, it is stated by Kirkman himself in the fan mail column of all things. A fan actually noticed the end of the series is somewhat similar to an alternate reality shown in Issue 54, where The Immortal ruled over Earth but eventually went rogue, guessing it was due lacking Robotís guidance, Kirkman says The Immortal went crazy in that universe exactly because Robot pissed the latter off with so many ideas he couldnít keep track of, and in this universe that very same fate is going to happen too, as Kirkman says that if an old Mark ever comes back to Earth, Robot will be ruling it yet again. That leaves people who didnít bother reading that column completely out of the loop regarding what Robotís ending actually is.

Trivia for Invincible by Michael Jackson:

  • Bad Export for You: "Threatened", "2000 Watts", and "Break of Dawn" were removed from the original Chinese release of the album for unknown reasons. The 2009 box set The Collection restored the missing tracks.
  • Black Sheep Hit: A possible inversion. While 13 million copies still dwarfs all album sales in the past decade, Invincible is seen as Jackson's worst album by default, as it's often compared to his past albums, which all sold over 20+ million copies.
  • Content Leak: For the third time in his career, the lead single from Jackson's album was leaked mere days before the official release. "You Rock My World" was leaked to both WJTM-FM and WKTU-FM five days prior to the single's official release; and they played it frequently, until someone at Epic personally called the program director of both stations, and told him to knock it off. Said program director, Frankie Blue, was a personal friend of Jackson's, though he denied being given an advance copy from Jackson himself.
  • Corpsing: Michael sounds like he's cracking up at Chris Tucker's performance in the Cold Open to "You Rock My World."
  • Creator Killer:
    • For Jackson, the album itself averted this, but his career went into a massive downward spiral for quite a few reasonsnote , just two years after its release. By the time he managed to get his bearings together and start a legit comeback, Retirony reared its ugly head.
    • MJJ Music, Michael's Sony-adjacent record label, was shuttered after the release of Invincible because of his ongoing feud with Sony at the time. R&B group 3T, Jackson's signees and nephews, ended up having their second album shelved as a result of the label closing up.
  • Cut Song: "Blue Gangsta" "A Place With No Name", "She Was Lovin' Me" (Later retitled "Chicago"), and "Xscape" were all recorded for this album, but got cut. They would be remastered and remixed a decade later for Jackson's second posthumous album, appropriately titled Xscape.
  • Executive Meddling: Most of the details are on the main page, but suffice it to say that Michael was fed up with Sony during the album's development.
  • Troubled Production: Jackson spent up to $30 million over more than 2 years, while also recording many unused tracks and feuding frequently with Sony Music president Tommy Mottola, from the production itself to all the afterwards promotion (choice of single, music videos, a possible tour that wound up reduced to just 2 New York concerts...).
  • What Could Have Been: "Xscape", "A Place With No Name", "Chicago", and "Blue Gangsta" were recorded for Invincible, but were rejected from the tracklist. All of them would eventually appear on the posthumous album Xscape, albeit in remixed form.
    • Michael also rejected several tracks made by the Neptunes, most notably "Rock Your Body", which became a number-one hit for Justin Timberlake two years after Invincible came out.
    • Dr. Dre & DJ Quik were personally asked by Jackson to produce Invincible, but Dre declined the offer, and Quik was dropped for unclear reasons. Rodney Jerkins and a returning Teddy Riley were given production duties instead.
    • Thanks to his feud with Sony, he cancelled plans to do an album tour in the USA for the first time since the Bad tour (This was mildly justified, as 9/11 was still fresh in people's minds, and caused virtually every artist in the USA to cancel their tours all the way into 2003 out of fear).