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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In issue 74, we're shown how Oliver and Nolan bond over the months they spent watching over Mark who was recovering from his battle with Conquest. Oliver notes how he's always had difficulty being attracted to human women, mentioning one occasion where he saw a lobster in a tank and thought it was the most beautiful thing ever. Without a hint of mockery, Nolan smiles warmly and promises that once they return to Talescria, he will introduce Oliver to an alien female who looks very similar to what he described. After Mark and Eve move to Talescria, Oliver joyfully introduces them to his girlfriend Haluma, a lobster-looking alien...showing that Nolan truly kept to his word and helped out his son.
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  • When Mark reunites with his family after being absent for five years, Terra, despite having never known her father personally until now, welcomes him with open arms.
    Mark: (crying) I was going to be there for you. Every day...I wanted to spend every day with you when I got back. I wanted to teach you things and...
    Terra: Daddy?
    Mark: I'm so sorry...
    Terra: It's okay...(hugs him)... I still love you.
  • Mark and Eve's wedding in issue 133. Granted, it does come on heels of Oliver's funeral, but his widowed wife Haluma doesn't mind it at all, joyfully stating how she needed a reminder that there is still some joy left in the universe despite all the tragedies going on.
  • After the Viltrumites move to Earth, Thragg had ordered them to interbreed with humans and stay out of their affairs otherwise, only to discover that without the toxic Viltrum culture to perpetuate itself, virtually ALL of them begin forming bonds just like Nolan had. General Kregg has begun relationships with at least 13 human women, but has repeatedly broken Thragg's orders to stay out of conflicts because he loves all of them and can't stand by and watch them die if he can stop it, and Lucan refuses to breed with more than one woman, because the one he's in a relationship with was hurt by cheating partners before, and he doesn't want to put her through it again.