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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Mark discovers he has superpowers when he accidentally throws a garbage bag into space. Several issues later we see the garbage bag fall back down to earth, in front of a surprised Englishman and his dog.
    • Later repeated when Mark accidentally throws his mortarboard into the distance during his graduation. At this point, the garbage bag is surrounded by a crowd of people who apparently believe (according to the one skeptic) that it was brought there by a sky god. Then, when said lone skeptic is hit by the mortarboard, the crowd immediately declares that he is the sky god's Chosen One.
      • Unfortunately, this funny little subplot receives a grim ending when the Flaxans invade London: a portal opens nearby, and angry alien warriors brutally murder the poor members of this goofy cult.
  • Mark stealth moving his things into his dorm room while William's on the phone asking him when he's going to finally get there. This all happens over a matter of minutes due to Mark's super speed. William complains that he needs to know when Mark is going to get there so he can get some sleep, only for Mark to appear behind him, next to his now fully made bed, in his pajamas.
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  • On meeting the Martians, the comic has one of the most hilarious handwaves of Aliens Speaking English possible.
    Wait, are you speaking english?
  • Mark's first meal on an alien planet results in something that can only be described as a Cosmic Horror Story in his digestive system.
  • Thaedus revealing to Allen the Alien that he is a Viltrumite by removing his fake beard but not removing his real moustache.
  • The uncomfortable Meet the In-Laws moment for Mark and Eve's parents; Eve tried to warn him. For the most part it goes okay, then Eve's dad has a private rambling speech with Mark where he thanks Mark for dating Even even though he knows she's not a virgin. Then he goes on and on about how having sex with a virgin feels different and what it was like when he had sex with Eve's mom who was a virgin. The next panel shows Mark sitting on the couch looking utterly horrified.
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  • The Reveal that the leader of the Viltrumites, the guy so powerful even Conquest is afraid of him, is a dead ringer for Freddie Mercury.
  • Thragg throwing a tantrum from his throne over his subjects developing a conscious for the humans they are suppose to view as cattle.
  • In the final issue of the series, many future events are revealed. One particular one includes Mark stopping his teenage daughter Terra from engaging in a gang-bang with a person who performs Me's a Crowd, which she proudly admits much to his disgust!
    Mark: That Boy was beneath you!
    Terra: And beside me and top of me and behind me!


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