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Nightmare Fuel / Dune (2021)

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  • The makers of the film spent over a year perfecting the design of the Sandworm to make sure it looked as intimidating and prehistoric as possible. They succeeded.
  • A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene in the trailer shows Baron Harkonnen’s elephantine form emerging from what looks like a bath of crude oil. It lasts only a second or two but it leaves a powerful impression.
  • The previews are quick to show House Harkonnen's complete contempt for humanity: burning trees, smoldering corpse piles and cluster bombs unleashed on helpless Fremen.

  • In the Harkonnen throne room, there's a six-legged black...thing which looks like it escaped from one of H.R. Giger's daydreams, which seems to be kept as a pet by the Baron or Piter. The Harkonnen servants—who are all bald and eerily thin, with white skin and solid black eyes—also look distinctly alien.
  • The Harkonnen army utterly demolishes the Atreides forces, with the help of a traitorous Doctor Yueh and 3 battalions of Sardaukar soldiers. The Sardaukar are also especially unsettling here, given that they prepare for battle by having their foreheads marked with blood, with a shot of the many people sacrificed for this goal.


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