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Awesome / Dune (2021)

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  • Duncan Idaho facing Sardaukar invaders alone, bellowing as he goes into battle.
    Duncan: Let's fight like demons!
  • Seeing the sheer scale of the film in the trailer - massive docking ports on Arrakis when House Atreides arrives on the planet, a massed army of soldiers in perfect formation, and Shai-Hulud in all of its immense glory. They definitely got the grandeur of the setting down pat.
  • The visual design of the Holtzman shields when Paul trains with Gurney, coupled with the intensity of high speed close quarters short blade combat. What little we see in the trailer does a fantastic job of portraying the paradox of life in the far future - despite amazing technological advances, humans are just as savage as ever.

Alternative Title(s): Dune 2020


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