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Awesome / Dune II

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  • The intro. For a game made in 1992, it's still quite impressive.
  • The Harkonnen Death Hand missile - incredibly inaccurate (often leading to players having to do a Save Scum in order to hit the right target), but far more destructive than any other weapon in the game.
  • The Ordos Deviator - while the effect doesn't last long, it's always fun to turn your enemy's troops against their own, particularly against the Harkonnen's Devastator tank or deviating an enemy's Harvester.
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  • The Sardaukar troops' armor.
  • The Harkonnen ending, where they blow away the emperor and his advisor.
    Mentat: A crime for which you will indeed pay dearly... with your life!
  • When you are finally able to upgrade to rocket launchers and siege tanks. They also make killing the Sand Worm a lot easier.

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