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You Belong With Me is one of Taylor Swift's first big hits, a 2009 single from Swift's 2008 album "Fearless" it has a troperiffic music video starring Swift as both the Girl Next Door protagonist and The Cheerleader rival, alongside Lucas Till as The All-American Boy love interest.

It also won the 2009 MTV award for best female music video. There's a good chance that you remember this, because the speech provided a memorable and memetic, with Kanye West taking the stage to announce his displeasure at the win. "I'mma let you finish, but..." was the line, if you don't recall.

The video features (is from the perspective of) a blonde band geek who has a crush on her kind-hearted neighbor, a wholesome boy on the football team and dating a brunette Alpha Bitch cheerleader. Through the video it is discovered that the girlfriend is abusive as well as bitchy, and that the boy returns the protagonist's crush. They also exchange messages via large notepads because of their bedroom windows facing each other. The video culminates with her turning up to prom to dance with him, and revealing the note she never held up: "I love you." The boy pulls his identical note out of his tuxedo, and they dance Happily Ever After.


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