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The Mae Shi was an experimental rock band from Los Angeles formed in 2002. They started playing live in 2003, with the original five members note  and soon became known for their high energy songs and performances. They released their first ep, ‘’To Hit Armor Class Zero’’ on Byron’s label, Join or Die. Their second ep soon followed, being titled ‘‘Terrorbird’’ and was released the following year. In 2005, they were named the best punk/hardcore band in La Weekly’s music award. The same year they released their debut (and only) DVD, ‘‘Lock the Skull, Load the Gun’’ just two months before Buchla had left the band. In 2008, they released their final album together note , HLLYH. They were supposedly working on a new ep following this, but after a promoting tour, Jeff had left the band. As of 2012, Jeff leads a band named Physcial Forms with rapper Busdriver, Cooper is now working under the name Signals, Breek works as Skulltape and we don’t know where Tim went.Oh, and they made music for Fanboyand Chum Chum.


The Mae Shi and their music contains examples of:

  • CAPS LOCK: Their album HLLLYH is officially spelt like this.
  • Garage Band: They recorded almost all of their music in living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Stutter Stop: In the song Do Not Ignore the Potential, the chorus was edited to sound glitchy more than anything, followed by a some-what softer lyrics.
  • The Band Minus the Face: It’s rare to find pictures of the band and if you do, expect it to be on Google Images more than once.