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"Lois and I have an appointment in Poseidonis at 8:30 Mid-Pacific time."

On a Superpowered Date, a character with access to extraordinary powers of some sort uses these abilities to take a current or potential romantic partner on an extraordinary evening out. Why settle for dancing in the moonlight when your Superpower Lottery winner lover can take you dancing on the moon? (With no pesky asphyxiation!) The powers can be of any nature, so long as they go beyond what a Muggle in the setting can do, and do not need to be innate - effects granted by magical artifacts or highly advanced technology qualify.

A Superpowered Date is often a Grand Romantic Gesture, and one that's hard to outshine when it's pulled off well. For this reason, it can be a powerful tactic for impressing potential partners - at the very least, it should get their attention. It can also be considered the G rated counterpart of Power Perversion Potential.


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  • In All-Star Superman, Superman and Lois Lane's big date involves Lois temporarily gaining Superman's powers via Super Serum. Among other activities, they wind up fighting subterranean dinosaurs together.
  • In Darwyn Cooke's run on Superman Confidential, Superman took Lois on picnic dates on top of famous monuments.
  • Spider-Man: Mary Jane's dates with Peter Parker often involve Peter carrying her as they web swing from tall buildings and take in the awesome aerial views of Manhattan or just chilling in a web hammock he made.
  • In The Ultraverse series Prime young Kevin Green tries to use his Flying Brick powers as Prime to woo a girl he has a crush on, but since Prime is physically an adult it comes off to everyone else (especially the girl) as a creepy perv trying to hit on an underage girl.
  • Superboy:
    • In an issue of his original run, Conner takes Cassandra Cain on a date which involves the two flying up to the sky, where he uses his Telekinesis to build a castle for her out of clouds.
    • In an issue of Adventure Comics, he and Cassie Sandsmark have a romantic dinner on an outdoor picnic bench...which he levitates into the air using his Telekinesis.

     Live Action TV 
  • Smallville: Clark taking Lana to the Fortress of Solitude to create a diamond from coal and then make a wedding ring qualifies as this trope. Lana dies, and to prevent the circumstances of her death Clark reverses time, creating a timeline where this date never happened.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch: A one-episode "rule of witch society" in the first season was that Friday the 13ths allow relaxing the Masquerade for the benefit of witches with mortal friends and loved ones. Sabrina takes Harvey and Jenny to a fair set up with magic-based attractions. (Jenny gets a dance with Drew Carey.) There are a number of presumed mixed couples in the background of the episode as well.

     Fan Works 
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton: The few times Danny has dated a superpowered girl and they simultaneously discover each other's identity, they decide to use their powers to have fun during the rest of their date.

    Film - Animated 
  • Aladdin and Jasmine's magic carpet ride over the city in Disney's Aladdin.
  • Lois and Superman's date in the Animated Adaptation of All-Star Superman.
  • In Megamind, Hal attempts this with Roxanne after becoming Titan, but he comes on too strong and only succeeds in driving her away, especially after he attempts to "rescue" her by dropping her and catching her just before she hits the ground.
  • Similar to the Aladdin example above, Hiccup winds up winning Astrid over to his side after he takes her for a flight on Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon.

    Film - Live Action 
  • Superman: The Movie. The title character takes his date Lois Lane for an aerial tour of Metropolis at night that eventually sees them going into space. In the real world, going into space would have killed Lois due to the lack of air, but in this movie, this just wasn't an issue.
  • In Superman II Supes also flies around the world to fetch rare flowers and turns a lump of coal into a diamond in his hand to impress Lois.
  • Superman IV: The Quest for Peace has Lois and Superman flying together again. When she reveals that she again remembers his secret, Superman makes a second use of the kiss of forgetfulness.
  • Bruce Almighty: They're not on a date, since they're just at home, but Bruce uses his divine powers to create a new breed of flowers, to command romantic music to play, and then to rearrange the night sky to make it look nicer. He erased clouds, created and erased stars, and then pulled the moon closer to the Earth, before the two of them retreat to the bedroom for some "heavenly" sex. Not a bad night in. Later on in the film, when Bruce takes Grace to the restaurant where they first went out, and uses his powers to get Tony Bennett to sing there.
  • In Attack of the Clones, Anakin uses the Force to levitate a piece of fruit off Padmé's plate. He then cuts it up for her and levitates it back a piece at a time.

  • In The Last Olympian, Percy and Annabeth are promptly tossed into a lake by their friends when they started kissing. Percy, being the son of Poseidon, turned it into a prolonged underwater kiss.
    • Percy and Annabeth also get a special date in The Demigod Diaries. As a reward for retrieving Hermes' caduceus, he teleports the two to a fancy restaurant in Paris for an anniversary date.
  • In So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish, Arthur Dent does this with Fenchurch by taking her flying (with the slight twist that since anyone can fly if they learn to miss the ground he teaches her to fly too).

  • An issue of Cracked featured Super People, a superhero parody of People magazine. One article explained how to have an exceptionally cheap date using your Flying Brick superpowers. The night starts with using Super-Strength and Super-Speed to break into a theater and repair the damage while your date is distracted. The only expense for the night is bringing your own popcorn and using Eye Beams to cook it in a large garbage can. The popcorn, along with free sodas beaten out of the vending machine, help deceive your date into thinking you're very generous. After the movie, you fly her home to save on gas. Finally, at her doorstep, you use your Super-Breath in reverse to suck out all the local air, causing her to briefly faint and assume you have super-kissing powers.

    Western Animation 
  • Downplayed in Avatar: The Last Airbender once in the second season - After having dinner with the girl-of-the-day Jin, she pulls Zuko to a plaza with many dead lanterns. She mentions that the lanterns used to be pretty when lit. Not wanting to upset her, Zuko orders her to close her eyes, then he uses his firebending to lit all the lanterns (he's going incognito at the time). This impresses her enough that she goes to kiss him - and Zuko stops and run away. Downplayed because she's covering her eyes while he firebends.