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A list of "Notable" Fan Fiction Archives. The only requirement to be on this list is that it covers more than one fandom. Single Fandom Archives, naturally enough, go on Single Fandom Archives.


  • Adult-FanFiction. Kind of like, but for adults, and by 'for adults', we mean 'for anybody who reads Lemon, Lime, Porn Without Plot, Slash Fic and other related literary porn'. The administrators of the site have made it clear that the site has no affiliation to It's been getting more attention since pulled its M+ section. They frown on plagiarism and have a Hall of Shame ready for those who commit this crime, and being in the Hall of Shame comes with a permanent ban from the site note 
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  • has a large and thriving section dedicated to fanfiction (labelled as "Fandom Alternate History"), which is only viewable by logged-in forum members. As of 2018 the section is dominated by A Song of Ice and Fire, but there are dozens of other fandoms which are well represented. Given the nature of the site, pretty much all the fics are Alternate Universe, rather than being canon-compliant.
  • Antifanfiction is a small board that, despite the name, is very pro fanfiction with a horde of members, RPs, fanfiction and original fiction.
  • Archive of Our Own is a large fanfiction archive for all fandoms. Image embedding is allowed for fanart and all fic can be downloaded in PDF, ePub, MOBI, and HTML format. However, as the site is still in Beta, there is a wait list to get an account. During the latter half of 2012, that wait could be up to a few months, but nowadays it's down to a day or less.
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  • Asianfanfics is mostly about Asian characters, and topics that often revolve around Asian culture.
  • Deviant Hearts: A Femslash archive. Closed in 2014, but a mirror has been provided by Nullroute.
  • Fanbards is an evolution of Darkscribes. It's purpose is to be an all inclusive page for fans of everything. And not just fans of created stuff. Darkscribes if now a section dedicated to original content. Fans of technology are encouraged to share articles about it as well. Sections for Bookshelf (The Drupal features set based on Fanbards so others can create story archives),, Starbase 42 (Star Trek), Lemontastica (NC-17), and future groups that haven't created yet.
  • Fictionpad is the newest of the sites, having been established in 2013.
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  • FicWad Like FanFiction.Net, but much, much smaller.
  • Lunaescence Archives a moderated Anime, Manga, and Gaming Fan Fiction archive dedicated to quality, with a large volume of second-person ("you") fanfiction.
  •, anime fanfiction and fanart.
  • Mibba is a bit like a Myspace-style writing site. They cover pretty much any fandom, you just have to search (although bandfic reigns supreme), and original fiction is available there too.
  • Open Scrolls Archive is a het-only archive that rejects Slash Fic and Mary Sue. The majority of stories are set in Tolkien's Middle Earth, but the archive includes several other fandoms and a few original stories.
  • Passion & Perfection the Femmeslash fanfiction archive.
  • Questionable Questing A questing, story, and Play-by-Post forum created in response to the moderation of spacebattles restricting the posting of adult material, its stated goal is to allow quests that spacebattles would either ban, or would consider watching closely, in order to allow for more creative freedom.
  • Quotev has a section for fan fiction.
  • Rockfic A fanfiction site dedicated to stories of various rock and heavy metal bands. Unlike other music RPF sites, Bandom isn't all that huge there; you're more likely to get fiction of bands like Metallica, Guns N' Roses and Megadeth there. You'll need an account to read most of the fiction, which usually contains a lot of slash.
    • To top it off, you'd even get fan fiction of bands you probably wouldn't expect to get of, such as Mastodon, Overkill, Finntroll, Dream Theater and Lamb Of God. Metalheads who are craving fanfiction of their favorite bands, this is the site to go to.
  • Shoujo-Ai Archive for Girls' Love fanfiction.
    • Founder died in 2007; domain expired in 2014; server was reachable until 2015. Now completely gone, though a mirror can be found here courtesy of Nullroute.
  • Spacebattles Forums has its Creative Writing subforum, which has spawned many a popular fanfiction, such as Nobody Dies, Witch Quest, Sleeping with the Girls, Renegade, A Hero, Friends of a Solar Empire, Magica Madoka Veneficus Puella, Finishing the Fight, and No Gods, Only Guns.
  • Sufficient Velocity Forums is an off shoot of Spacebattles above with a few aspects unique to it.
  • Superstories covers all superhero/heroine works, including original characters and settings. Once the premier NSFW superhero archive in the late 90's and early 2000's (the vast majority is porn), it went through several permutations and domain ownership/management changes, sometime "loosing" previous stories and features, or replacing them with new ones; it now seems on the verge of abandonment, with little forum activity, hosted sites/subdomains that vanished with all their content, and inaccessible story archives. The Gamebook / Round Robin feature called "Superstories Addventure" is the only part of the site still reasonably active.
  • Skyehawke, a multifandom archive that allows NC-17, and which attempts to screen out badly written fics.
  • Trylasotar Fanfiction Archive covers Dangerverse and fanfics thereof, but also stories related to Anne Walsh's original fiction or set in the universes thereof.
  • Twisting the Hellmouth for crossovers with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (although it has branched out somewhat in recent years)
  • TFF Archive: An archive of fics that are available only on 'The Fanfiction Forum'. The Fanfiction Forum recently closed all new memberships, so all works exclusive to it were unavailable to anyone new, until someone who was still a member began to archive them off site. This was the birth of TFF Archive. It has recently expanded to include any other hard to locate stories.
  • Wattpad has a section for fandom.
  • Writing.Com, although by no means a dedicated fanfic site, does accept fan fiction. Some of the advantages it has over is the ability to create interactive stories, which includes interactive fanfics.


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