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"It is a little bit of a mini-tragedy that him and Magneto don't, you know, have sex and become married and become best friends."
James McAvoy shares his thoughts on Charles / Erik

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     X-Men: The Last Stand 
  • X-Men: The Last Stand:
    • A Harsher in Hindsight example. After X-Men: First Class revealed that the young Xavier taught Lehnsherr how to achieve greater control over his power by finding the point between rage and serenity—the latter requires a happy memory—Magneto's line of "Charles always wanted to build bridges" as he's moving a large section of the Golden Gate Bridge seems to indicate that he's thinking about his dear old friend instead of his mother in order to attain serenity. And like his mother, Xavier—whom he loved—is now dead, so happy memories from their brief friendship in 1962 is all Magneto has left of him.
    • Ian McKellen wanted Magneto to have homosexual relationship with Professor X in this film.
      "It would be wonderful if the camera hovered over Magneto's bed to discover him making love to Professor X."
    • Barely Political's "X-Men 5: The Broadway Play" features a parody of Patrick Stewart's Professor X and Ian McKellen's Magneto bickering Like an Old Married Couple. note  The characters later talk to a psychologist in what feels like a marital therapy session.

     X-Men: First Class 
  • Charles and Erik in X-Men: First Class, who are the most popular pairing in the whole movie franchise.
    • If you don't feel like reading this entire folder, then you can watch the "Are They Gay? Professor X and Magneto" video instead.
    • James McAvoy wasn't kidding when he called it a love story. This is confirmed by co-screenwriters Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz in the "Second Genesis" featurette which was included on the DVD/Blu-Ray release:
      Miller: The story between Charles and Erik is on some level this tragic romance. You gotta arrange the other elements in that way, too.
      Stentz: Yeah, in this case you have Hank and you have Raven who end up being kind of the B-story version of the same thing you're seeing playing out with Charles and Erik. It's the making and breaking of a relationship.
    • In the rare "Magneto the Survivor" featurette (the password to view the video is xmfc), First Class producer Simon Kinberg refers to Professor X's and Magneto's separation as a divorce when he discusses their older counterparts.
      "What I love between Ian [McKellen] and Patrick [Stewart] in X1, 2, 3 is the sense that they're disappointed in each other. They actually wish that the other one would just come back to them, come back to their side, you know, 'we could be so great together.' It really is a post-divorce story. Understanding the origin of their conflict was the thing that was most interesting to me in this film. Understanding the beginning of their political fissure and their emotional fissure."
    • Their first meeting comes off a lot like a Meet Cute. Charles saves a drowning Erik, hugging in the water to calm him down, and they share this exchange:
      Charles: I'm like you, now calm your mind.
      Erik: I thought I was alone.
      Charles: You're not alone. Erik, you're not alone.
    • When Erik magnetizes himself to the hull of the Blackbird to protect Charles as the plane is spinning out of the control... well, their bodies are right on top of each other and they're both screaming, plus Charles is gripping very tightly to Erik's wrist...
    • At the strip club, Charles and Erik are very comfortable lying in a bed together. They spend half of the time looking into each other's eyes instead of the scantily-clad women.
    • In a deleted scene, Charles projects Erik in drag (yes, you read that correctly) and remarks, "You've never looked more beautiful, darling." There are a million other things Charles could've conjured with his mind to make Angel giggle, and creating an image of his best friend in make-up, with a ginger wig, dressed in a sparkly blue miniskirt, fishnet stockings and go-go boots is, uh... unusually kinky.
      • The "It's good isn't it?" just beforehand. Technically, he's talking about his telepathy, but really Charles, you do seem a bit too pleased with yourself.
    • Erik, who has known Xavier for only two days at this point, basically admits that he thinks Charles is cute when he calls him "an adorable lab rat." Seriously, when was the last time you saw Magneto playfully tease another male character in this manner?
    • Erik tells Emma that he wants her on his team to fill the "gap in [his] life" left by Xavier (who, it is important to note, he has only known for a few months tops).
    • There's such a ridiculous amount of Ho Yay in this movie, that by the end it almost feels like Charles is cheating on Erik when he kisses Moira (and Erik is cheating on Charles when he kisses Raven). Certainly the fact that Erik was absolutely hell-bent on turning those missiles on the Soviet and American fleets, and the only thing that stops him is Charles getting shot, whereupon he falls to his knees in abject horror, cradles his friend in his arms, and forgets the thousands of soldiers just off the coast doesn't help things! And that's just one example.
    • Erik ferociously barks, "I SAID BACK OFF!!!" to the youngsters like a predator who wants to defend its wounded mate. If Charles was indeed dying, Erik would selfishly be the only one who could say goodbye to him—even Raven (whom Magneto respects more than the other mutants present) isn't "allowed" to be near her foster brother.
    • As blatantly homoerotic as the entire film is, the scene where Charles uncovers the happiest memory in Erik's mind, which results in Erik shedding a Single Tear and Charles wiping away one from his own cheek, takes the cake.
      Erik: What did you do to me?
      Charles: I accessed the brightest corner of your memory system. It's a very beautiful memory, Erik. Thank you.
      • Note that this is the only time in the entire franchise we see stoic, grim Erik give a full, honest smile and actually laugh.
    • In the truck where Charles mentally renders his team invisible to the Soviet soldiers, Erik's hand is on the inside of his friend's thigh.
    • Just as Moira and her team are about to ditch Erik at the residence of the Soviet official after he becomes a security risk, Charles bluntly tells her, "I'm sorry, I can't leave him," and runs off after Erik.
    • "Rage and Serenity" from the soundtrack is practically a Love Theme for Charles and Erik because it's a combination of their own individual Leitmotifs. This essay explains in more detail what makes the piece so poignant.
      " 0:42, a small melodic motif is introduced, which seems to generally be used as Charles' theme in the film. This continues to play as Charles acts as a mentor and friend to Erik, showing him the memory, and telling him to try again.

      At 1:19 in the song, Erik's theme comes in. Now, Erik has two themes: a calmer, somewhat arpeggiated electric guitar riff, and a more intense "Magneto" theme, generally used when he is doing something violent. The one used here is the calmer one. However, instead of taking over the music entirely, the guitar actually plays the theme in counterpoint to Charles' theme, not sacrificing its unique timbre, but still blending in with the orchestra to create an amazing sound. The song builds to a climax as Erik finally moves the dish, and then fades away gently as Erik smiles and laughs, and Charles pats him on the back proudly.

      This, more than anything, really enforces the metaphor that Erik and Charles are Rage and Serenity. They have their individual strengths and advantages, but they are stronger when working together to reach a single goal. And working together doesn't erase either of their individual qualities—Erik is still Rage and Charles is still Serenity, just as the guitar is still a guitar and the orchestra is still an orchestra. Together, they create something new and better, something more than a sum of its parts, as the popular saying goes. That's why the relationship between Charles and Erik is so powerful, and why this scene is so emotionally charged—they were practically made for each other, each perfectly complementing the other."
    • The USA Network's commercial for First Class's Blu-Ray/DVD release includes this cheeky line: "Unfortunately, [Charles and Erik] working together to prevent nuclear Armageddon was not great for their relationship."
    • ''First Class'' could've been marketed as a family comedy about two foster dads (the nurturing Team Mom Charles and the "tough love" Team Dad Erik) trying to raise several rowdy teenagers, and it wouldn't be far from the truth.
    • In this crossover parody between First Class and Casino Royale (2006) (which is appropriate because XMFC was inspired by '60s-era James Bond films), Erik Lehnsherr is 007, Moira MacTaggert is M, Sebastian Shaw is Le Chiffre, and Charles Xavier is... you guessed it, Vesper Lynd— Bond's love interest—who, like Charles, has access to money and also harbours a strong aversion towards violence. While it's odd hearing Professor X with a woman's voice, his character is nevertheless well-suited for Vesper's role.
    • Hell, for that matter, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. While doing interviews promoting the film, they sang to each other and talked about how they would fly all over the world spreading love to the hapless populace if they had super powers. McAvoy even "confesses" that he and Fassbender have done the horizontal limbo.
      Interviewer: What is the most common question you are asked?
      McAvoy: How many times did you have sex with Michael Fassbender?
      Interviewer: That is the question. And what is the answer?
      McAvoy: Four.
      • Let's not forget this little gem.
        Interviewer: Extraordinary chemistry between you and Michael [Fassbender]. Can you talk a little about how you developed that onscreen?
        McAvoy: We had sex every morning, and that helped make the chemistry!
      • One reporter outright asks McAvoy at the ''Days of Future Past'' London premiere if he and Fassbender kiss.
        Interviewer: I know a lot of the fans loved in First Class the relationship between you and Mr. Fassbender, Charles and Erik, there was an intimate moment or two, there was a connection, do we finally get to see them kiss?
        McAvoy: (laughs) Air kiss. Air kissing and Eskimo kiss.
        Interviewer: You know if you're air-kissing, he could use his weight to pull you closer.
        McAvoy: (laughs) It's good, he could try, certainly buy me dinner a few times first.
      • The same reporter then tried his luck with Fassbender.
        Interviewer: I know a lot of the fans [..] responded very well to the bromance, the masculine friendship, the intimacy that you shared with James McAvoy on the screen the last time. I asked him any chance of a kiss, and he seems willing if you're game.
        Fassbender: (sings) Sometimes when we touch, the honesty is too much... (laughs)
        Interviewer: I'm welling up! That's an emotional moment.
    • James McAvoy wasn't exaggerating when he called the pairing the "Brangelina of X-Men"; Cherik has become such a phenomenon that British TV host Graham Norton took notice of it and showed McAvoy and Fassbender some of the fanart and fanfiction. On the other side of the pond, Conan O'Brien's interview with the two actors was almost exclusively about their onscreen/offscreen Ho Yay, and a Cherik fanvid was screened at the end.
    • Michael Fassbender has admitted that he had portrayed Erik as being captivated by Xavier's charisma.
      Fassbender: The first thing that James [McAvoy] did was he brought a little mischief, a little bit of a rebel to Professor X. Which I think really was very clever because looking at it from where Erik is standing, there was something about that he found very endearing, and he was charmed by this man. I think that's why the fans really react to the bromance thing, there's a real sort of Butch Cassidy element that he brings to it, James, which I thought was really smart.
    • Fassbender was ready to take it to the next level. Danny Boyle had revealed in his commentary for Steve Jobs that before Fassbender had left Trance due to scheduling conflicts, the actor (who was supposed to portray Franck) was pushing for the character of Elizabeth to be gender-flipped so that he could play the role instead. McAvoy was already cast as Simon, and Elizabeth and Simon had previously been involved in a therapist/patient affair, so that means Fassbender wanted one of the central relationships to be a homosexual one, and he was willing to film sex scenes with McAvoy. Oh, What Could Have Been...
  • Darwin and Alex Summers have their little moments. There is a scene where Darwin places his hand on Alex's stomach, and just a few seconds before Darwin dies, who does he reach out to? Alex.
  • Hank and Alex is a pretty popular pairing in the fandom, too.
  • On the villainous side, the Azazel/Riptide pairing is as popular as Azazel/Mystique.

     X-Men: Days of Future Past 
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past has both past Charles/Erik and future Charles/Erik moments.
    • Younger Charles becomes agitated by the mere mention of Erik. Erik is affected by Charles as well.
      Charles: YOU ABANDONED ME!!! You took her away, and YOU ABANDONED ME!!!
      • It really says something when that was the first thing he said when blinded by emotion. Xavier then brings up Raven, his sister figure... before bringing up Erik abandoning him again. It's pretty clear who's more important to him.
      • And after they've had a huge shouting match during which Erik rages so hard he almost crashes their plane, Erik looks contrite after Charles storms off to sit next to Hank in the co-pilot's seat. In their next scene, Erik attempts to persuade Charles into a quiet game of chess as a peace offering. A section of their dialogue has shades of a Double Entendre.
        Charles: It's been a while since I've played.
        Erik: I'll go easy on you.
      • The scene before the chess game deserved special mention because it perfectly captured the feeling the two men have for each other. Erik tried his damndest to convince Charles that he's good and deserved to be in his good grace. In return, when understanding Erik's role in JFK's assassination, Charles breathed a sigh of relief and immediately dropped the subject, then showed a more vulnerable side by admitting to Erik that he too doubted his idealism when faced with the information that mutants would be wiped out by humans.
    • Logan outright refers to Erik as "someone he [Charles] loved" when trying to convince Charles to go and find him. Although it's possible he was referring to Mystique, they were talking about Erik at the time, and it's left deliberately ambiguous.
      • Also note that Logan had only met Charles and Erik for about twenty seconds in 1962, came back forty years later when the two were arch-enemies, and still thought this.
      Logan: The professor I knew would never turn his back on someone who lost their path, especially someone he loved.
    • When Logan asks Hank as to why Charles is in such bad shape, Hank lists Erik before Raven and the spinal cord injury, implying that the loss of Erik upset Charles more than the other two.
      Hank: He lost everything: Erik, Raven, his legs...
    • Not to mention them (the older future versions) holding hands when they think they're both about to die.
      Magneto: All those years we wasted fighting each other, Charles... To have a precious few of them back...
    • After Charles punches Erik very hard in the face, not only does Erik not retaliate at all (it's extremely rare for him to not respond to violence with violence), but he simply wipes his mouth where he was hit as he cheerfully greets Charles without any sarcasm. After believing for 11 years that he'd never see Charles again (and 10 of those were spent in solitary confinement), Erik is so darn grateful to be in Charles' presence once more that he isn't the least bit angry by the latter's punch.
      Erik: Good to see you, too, old friend.
    • Without any context, this scene would look like Erik and Charles are engaged in a romantic Held Gaze. This io9 article mentions "Young Professor X and Magneto smoldering at each other!" as one of the highlights of the trailer.
    • When the guards try to shoot them in the Pentagon kitchen, Charles instinctively places his arm across Erik's chest as a protective gesture.
    • Charles letting Erik go after he's just tried to kill the president, even though Erik's not wearing the helmet and he could easily stop him. And then Erik reacts by telling Charles that the humans will kill him if they catch him before he flies away, instead of immediately going for the helmet so Charles can't get back inside his head.
    • Ian McKellen wishes there was a scene of Erik making love to Charles... only to reveal that "Charles" was Mystique in disguise. (So what the actor is suggesting is that Magneto only became romantically involved with Mystique because he couldn't have Xavier.)
      McKellen: I thought it would be wonderful to have a scene in which you saw Magneto waking up, probably making love to [...] Mystique, and it would begin with Magneto making love to Professor X who turns into her. Wouldn't that be fun?
  • There has been a small, but noticeable increase in "Xavierine" (Xavier/Wolverine) shippers thanks to James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman sharing a lot of screentime together. It's a Mentor Ship that works both ways because Logan counsels the younger Charles in this movie, but Professor X is Wolverine's mentor in the original trilogy.
    • You don't even have to choose between Cherik and Xavierine; there's "Cherigan" for Charles/Erik/Logan.
  • Hank and Charles have pretty much isolated themselves from the outside world and are each other's Only Friend for a decade. Situational Sexuality, anyone? James McAvoy even joked about the inherent slash-iness of the two characters in this interview.
    McAvoy: Hank is my enabler and my bitch.
    • There's a brief moment in the Gag Reel on the Blu-Ray/DVD release where Nicholas Hoult lifts James (who is much shorter than his younger co-star) into his arms and performs a Bridal Carry.

     X-Men: Apocalypse 
  • What is it that snaps Magneto out of Apocalypse's brainwashing? The cherished memories of his close friendship with Charles.
    • Writer Simon Kinberg has said that X-Men: Apocalypse is the third chapter of a love story between Magneto and Professor X.
      "If First Class was Erik's story and Days of Future Past is Charles' story, then Apocalypse will be both of their stories. The first movie was about Erik becoming empowered. That's the origin story of a man's power. Days of Future Past is about a guy who is a mess, masterminding the end of this massive movie. So they are both at their peak powers at the start of Apocalypse, so Apocalypse for me is the culmination of that three-act love story."
    • Kinberg later adds that when Erik calls Charles by his professor title for the first time in the movie series, it's a sign of respect and love which is greater than "old friend" because in the Alternate Timeline, Xavier is less pacifistic than in the original timeline.
      Simon Kinberg: 'I feel a great swell of pity for the poor soul looking for trouble.' The way that James said that line, to me, it's almost a Magneto delivery. It's a threat. And there's a response from Fassbender where he gives a little smile. And the little smile to me, that I read that smile and Michael and I talked about that smile, the smile was Magneto understanding Charles has learnt my lesson. That's a militant Charles Xavier. Erik says, 'Good luck, professor.' It's the first time he ever called Charles 'professor.' And it sort of shows respect that I found it really beautiful that Michael said it subtly loving.
    • While promoting Apocalypse at SDCC, James McAvoy summarized his charater's love-hate relationship with Erik (and Michael Fassbender agrees).
      McAvoy: It's that thing in a love story where you don't always like the person you're in love with, but you still love them. Charles and Erik always hated the way [the other] approached things. It's like, "Argh, he's always wanting to kill the humans! He's always going about the same old shit," and yet I just love the guy. I can't kill him, I don't want to mind-control him, I love him.
      Fassbender: That's right.
      • Shortly afterwards, McAvoy thinks it's great that same-sex marriage is legal in America because Charles and Erik can get hitched. Fassbender then suggests that their characters can tie the knot in Ireland (which also legalized same-sex marriage in the same year).
    • Both actors add fuel to the fire with this exchange from the Gag Reel.
      Erik: I love your body.
      Charles: I love my body, too. Every Tuesday night. And I think of you.
    • Although Bryan Singer later clarifies in this interviewnote  that Charles and Erik are friends, he nevertheless entertains the idea that they're almost married.
      Interviewer: How do you describe this relationship between Charles and Erik? It's like, "We fight, and we break up. We fight alongside each other, and then we make up."
      Singer: It's called a marriage. That's the best way I can describe it! (laughs)
    • Tumblr has observed that Carolina Bartczak, the actress who plays Madga, Erik's wife, looks like a female version of James McAvoy. While it's probably just a coincidence in terms of casting, you'd think that if the producers had wanted to discourage the Cherik shippers, they would've picked an actress who bore no resemblance to McAvoy whatsoever. Bartczak even directly compares Magda with Xavier, and if you take into account the Homoerotic Subtext of X-Men: First Class,note  plus the scenes of Xavier learning everything about Lehnsherr on the first night they meet and later being able to detect serenity and goodness within him, they add further credence that her character is essentially a Gender Flip of Charles. Erik is therefore in love with a woman who (subconsciously, at least) reminds him of Charles.
      Carolina Bartczak: She meets Erik after he has become this globally wanted criminal, and even on their first night, he tells her who he is. She sees something beautiful in him, something peaceful, something like Charles also sees in him, that he can be a good man and live a normal life. They actually fall in love and start a family.
    • One critic on Rotten Tomatoes titled her review as Professor X and Magneto Should Finally Admit Their Toxic Relationship Is Really Lust and Get on With It. She also wrote:
      Moira has the least to do. Why is she here? Moira doesn't have a costume and is just around to prove Professor X is not gay even if everyone else knows he is in love with Magneto.
  • James McAvoy (who has now firmly cemented his reputation as the ultimate slash whore of the First Class trilogy) told F*** magazine that Professor X and Beast are practically married because they're so domestic.
    "We're like an odd couple rattling around in this mansion, supporting each other. I'd quite like to see a film like The Odd Couple just about Hank and Charles, to be honest with you, bitching about who makes the sandwiches for the kids and who washes all the dirty underwear. There's an implication that we've come to rely on each a great deal in the last decade."
  • There's "Charpocalypse" for Charles/Apocalypse, although it should be noted that the shippers are more likely to use the Mr. Fanservice Oscar Isaac-looking version of En Sabah Nur for their fanfics than his creepy blue form.
    • It hasn't escaped the notice of Oscar Isaac and James McAvoy that there is slash-y vibe between their characters because on the Gag Reel, Isaac turns Apocalypse's scream of pain when Professor X bombards him with the "voices" of other minds into an orgasmic "IT FEELS GOOOOD!!" McAvoy then cheekily wags his eyebrows at the camera.
    • On the Blu-Ray's "Unlimited Powers: VFX, Stunts and Set Pieces" documentary, McAvoy jokes that Apocalypse lusts after Xavier.
      McAvoy: So he really desperately wants to get in my body. Also because, I mean... (gestures towards himself in a "Look how beautiful I am" manner) Do you know what I mean? (winks)
  • Angel/Devil Shipping in form of "Nightangel," or Nightcrawler/Angel.
  • "Nightsilver" for Nightcrawler/Quicksilver.
  • In the Gag Reel, Nicholas Hoult grabs Evan Peters into his arms and pretends to kiss him on the mouth—the Beast/Quicksilver pairing has been validated by the two actors.