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You can start humming the cartoon theme now.

Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there was the X-Men film series. This, along with Blade, turned Marvel back into the movie business.

Individual pages


  • An official X-Men Universe promo (it includes snippets from X-Men to X-Men: First Class).
  • This 14-minute long X-Men film retrospective is epic (it contains footage from X-Men to X-Men: Days of Future Past).
  • If you're short on time, this 7-minute version is also excellent and very enjoyable.
  • The X-Men Ultimate Franchise Mashup, which features clips from the team films (X-Men to X-Men: Apocalypse).
  • This official X-Men Dark Phoenix X-Men Legacy trailer covers all the films except the Deadpool films and The New Mutants.
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  • An analysis of Professor X's and Magneto's views on mutant-human relations throughout the original trilogy and the First Class trilogy. Although the video is in Chinese, there are English subtitles.
  • The fact that this franchise along with the Spider-Man Trilogy is what brought comic books films into the 21st century by combining the use of top notch CGI to render superpowers and compelling characters and story. The Marvel Cinematic Universe itself owes its existence to the X-Men film series. In the words of Forbes journalist Mark Hughes:
    "The franchise served as a proving ground for concepts and effects later employed by other studios to expand our understanding of what's possible in the superhero genre. From grounded gritty storytelling to ensemble team-ups, from convincing superhuman powers to spinoffs and soft retcons, from R-ratings to loving self-satire, X-Men was groundbreaking and deserves our respect for its many important accomplishments."
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  • The Wolverine solo trilogy managed a very rare achievement — a trilogy which has the next installment performing critically and financially better than the previous one with audience support.


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