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  • The opening scene — Nightcrawler utterly curb-stomping the Secret Service and fighting his way to the Oval Office in just about a minute's time, moving so fast and so erratically that the Secret Service has no idea what's going on, and they can't get the President out of the office because they don't know where he is or even how many of him there are. And it's all set to Mozart's ''Dies Irae''. The scene is considered a highlight of the film and shows just how powerful Nightcrawler could be if he let go of his inhibitions and didn't care about hurting people.
    • Nightcrawler moves so fast that the Secret Service momentarily thinks the White House is under attack from multiple assailants instead of one.
  • Cyclops fighting the security guards is a really cool moment. Taking out 3 or 4 well trained guards in a matter of seconds without even using his optic blasts on all of them proves why he leads the X-Men.
    • Also the fact that Cyclops got shot with a knock-out dart, the same darts that were used to take out the students and even staggered Wolverine before his healing-powers could kick in... but Cyclops just tanked it and didn't go down until he was physically knocked out by Lady Deathstrike
  • The first time Wolverine stabs one of Stryker's soldiers right through the chest. Until that moment, a lot of people were expecting Movie Wolverine to be sort of like Animated Wolverine, who doesn't really do that to living people (and which he never really did in the first film). Once it became clear that this version of Wolverine had no problems slicing living opponents, fans could truly anticipate the badassery to come and we got it in spades when Wolverine roars into Stryker's goons with an animalistic berserker fury.
    Logan: You picked the wrong house, bub!
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  • Colossus throws two soldiers through the wall after turning to metal and completely No Selling their shots. The next time we see him, he's cradling an unconscious Siryn and herding the other kids to safety.
  • Marie, Bobby, and John are trapped by a squad of Stryker's black-ops commandos. Enter: The Wolverine.
    Logan: rrrrrrrRRRRRRAAAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!! (Leaps down from the mansion's staircase landing and piles the military boys under three hundred pounds of muscle and adamantium. They're sliced and diced in the tussle. Two more show up behind Logan with guns raised. Without even looking, he impales their lower legs, lifts them back and through the air for a twelve foot double body-slam and sheathes his claws in front of the awed X-kids.) Let's go!
  • Magneto making his escape from his plastic prison. The little smirk on his face when he senses metal in range of his abilities for the first time in months, backed up by Ian McKellen's masterful dialogue delivery is hair-raising. A very squicky and highly memorable death, certainly one of the better Mook dispatches of all time.
    Laurio: Have a nice sleep, Lensherr?
    Magneto: There's something different about you today, Mr. Laurio.
    Laurio: Yeah, I was having a good day.
    Magneto: (gets up) No, no it's not that...
    Laurio: Sit down.
    Magneto: ... No.
    Laurio: (draws his truncheon) I said, sit your ass down!
    (He starts for Magneto, who holds up his hand. Laurio stops forcibly)
    Magneto: What could it be...?
    Laurio: (gasps) What - are you — doing?
    Magneto: Ah, there it is... (He widens his palm, and Laurio lifts into the air) Too much iron in your blood! (He rips a cloud of red iron particles out through Laurio's chest capillaries, and squeezes them into a set of ball bearings. Laurio collapses in a blood-soaked heap.)
    Magneto: Mr. Laurio, never trust a beautiful woman. Especially one who's interested in you.
    • Then there's the glorious shot of him floating across the chasm atop a ball transformed into a platform, arms crossed, chin up, looking downright regal as he escapes.
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  • Wolverine facing Stryker's men alone after closing the secret passage behind Rogue.
    Logan: You wanna' shoot me? *Snikt!* SHOOT ME!
  • Nightcrawler saving Rogue via no line of sight teleportation when she gets sucked out of the Blackbird and is falling twenty thousand feet! Plus Magneto catching the entire thing just before it hits the ground.
    • Later he tops it, making several blind 'ports with passengers to rescue the captured students.
  • The entirety of the: "They say you're the bad guy" interaction between Pyro and Magneto.
  • For Mystique, when she infiltrates Stryker's base disguised as Logan, slips her cuffs, kicks ass, uses human shields, somersaults around gunfire and then flips them the bird while she slides under the closing blast-doors.
    Mystique!Stryker: There's a meta-morph loose! Could be anybody!
    Control Room Operator: Anybody?
    Mystique!Stryker: (Seizes one dude's assault rifle barrel, knocks him and the other dude out with lazy grace and locks the Control Room doors.)
    Mystique: I'm in.
    Logan: She's good.
    Erik: You have no idea...
    • Raven sealing herself in the control room, but not before blowing Stryker a kiss goodbye and waving as the door shuts. While wearing his appearance!
    • Speaking of Stryker, he took one look at Mystique!Wolverine, and instantly deduced that that wasn't "his own handiwork". He's had experience with this particular mutant, after all.
  • Wolverine vs Deathstryke.
    • "I used to think you were one of a kind, Wolverine. I was wrong."
    • Deathstryke dominating most of the fight, launching Logan around the chamber like a rag-doll. Not to mention her rapid-fire knife hand strikes to Logan's kidneys.
    • Logan electrocuting Deathstryke through the tank's solution while choke-pinned through the Adam's Apple and being repeatedly shivved in the back, then managing to kill her by melting her skeleton with the impromptu application of an adamantium injector straight through her stomach and into her spine. Logan's animal might didn't win him the day but his brains.
  • The bit where about a dozen heavily armed troops are stationed in front of Cerebro to prevent Magneto from coming through. Before they even see him Erik uses his mastery of magnetism to rip every pin out of the multiple grenades that each of these Mooks are carrying... Boom.
    • Erik then shows again why his elocution is just as fearful as his powers.
      Erik: (to a mind-controlled Charles utterly ignorant of his friend's presence) Hello again, Charles. Still fighting the good fight? From here, it doesn't look like they're playing by your rules. Maybe it's time to play by theirs.
  • Logan's penultimate confrontation with Colonel William Stryker. Brian Cox and Hugh Jackman's acting is fantastic and the performance riveting. Although Origins added a bit of meat onto his character's bones, (considering Stryker flips between the fatherly general of an experienced soldier to a man petting his run-away dog), we can't be sure of his true intentions to Logan; except of course when he tells his old war buddy to abandon the X-Men. To which Jimmy Howlett replies with a frank Shut Up, Hannibal!.
    • The scene also masterfully shows why the bone claws are useless from a story perspective. Weapon-X was about dehumanizing Logan. The knives that burst from his hands turn him into something worse than an animal. They make him seem like a mindless, clinical instrument of death. A monster. But the following dialogue shows which man has truly changed his ways.
      Stryker: (Screams horribly as Logan stabs him through the upper arm.)
      Logan: (With justified relish.) How does it feel, bub?
      Stryker: (Voice ragged with agony.) Why - did you come back?
      Logan: You cut me open! You took my life!
      Stryker: You make it sound like I stole something from you. As I recall it was you who volunteered for the procedure.
      Logan: ... Who am I?
      Stryker: You - are just a failed - experiment. (Cries out again as Logan twists his wound.) If you really knew about your past... What kind of person you were... The work we did together - People don't change, Wolverine. You were an animal then, you're an animal now. I just gave you claws. (Alarms from the base start to blare.)
      Logan: What the hell is that? What is it?!
      Stryker: The dam's ruptured. It's gonna flood water into the spillway. It's trying to relieve the pressure. It's too late. In a few minutes, we'll all be underwater. Come with me and I'll tell you everything you want to know. You can't help your friends, they're as good as dead, Wolverine. You're a survivor. Always have been. (Lopsided smile.)
      Logan: Oh, I thought I was just an animal... With claws... (Pops second set of adamantium blades slowly but surely inching them to Stryker's face, who tries to feebly arch out of the way without much success due to being pinned to the chinhook.) If we die, you die. (Ties Stryker up with the mooring chains and runs back to save his friends.)
      Stryker: Aah! There are no answers that way, Wolverine!
  • Then Logan saves the rest of the X-Men from the tidal stream rushing into the dam by stabbing the spill-way mechanism with his claws. For which Magneto had earlier mocked their, and by extension Logan's usefulness before they went in.
  • Even when it leads to tragedy not minutes later, Rogue piloting the jet during the finale.
    • Also, earlier, when she stopped Pyro (who was still her friend at the time) from rampaging against the cops. At this point she's still not used to using her power combatively, but when the chips are down, she drains his powers and is able to quickly get enough of a handle on them to put the fires out.
    • Pyro's rampage, at least until it goes too far, is awesome in itself. Considering the one idiot cop overreacted and shot Wolverine, they had that beating coming.
  • Honestly, just the fact that a major studio made a blockbuster sequel that was not only good but many people view as even better than the original is a CMOA for Hollywood.
  • When the party is trying to evade pursuing jet fighters, Storm cocks her head, her eyes turn white, the sky darkens...and then not one, not two but at least twenty cyclones form in rapid succession, as Storm effortlessly steers their way through them.
    • A minor CMOA for the fighter pilot who despite having to fly through said twenty cyclones still manages to get a missile lock on the Blackbird right before she ejects.
  • Kitty also deserves massive props for being one of the only students to evade Stryker's team. The second she's woken up, she phases through her bed, runs through the wall, and escapes into the night to safety.
  • Siryn deserves credit for alerting the whole school to the invasion. She wakes up and her reaction is to scream as loud as possible to wake everyone else. Her scream is so powerful, she neutralizes the team for quite a few minutes.
  • Possibly the CMOA for the entire film is Jean's sacrifice at the end of the movie. Fans of the comics could probably sense something along these lines was coming, given her dramatic increase in power between the first and second movie, but that doesn't make it any less epic. The mild-mannered heart of the team realises the dam breaking will kill her and all of her friends (except Wolverine) so she sneaks out of the X-Jet without anyone noticing until it's too late. Once Charles notices she's gone and the others try to follow, Jean closes up the X-Jet, somehow reactivates the jet's previously depowered engine and locks Storm out of the controls. All of this is a strong show of power for Jean, but it's barely the tip of the iceberg. She then remotely controls the jet to raise it into the air above the water, uses Charles Xavier (one of the world's most powerful telepaths) as a glorified megaphone, cancels out Nightcrawler's ability to teleport, and creates a telekinetic buffer against the rushing water from the broken dam that protects both herself and the rising jet - ALL AT ONCE. So great is this feat of power that we see Jean's eyes start to glow as she's engulfed in a fiery aura, implying she's tapping into some cosmic-level power. Moments later, once her friends are safely out of harm's way, she lets go and allows herself to be consumed by the water.