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  • The Final Trailer emphasized in the action element of the film and has many of these moments.
    • Magik wielding the Soulsword and killing the Smiley Men.
    • Cannonball ready to burst.
    • We FINALLY get a glimpse of Rahne's wolf form.
    • Magik's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner:
    Magik/Illyana Rasputin: Demon Bear! Let's play a game.
  • This is the very first Marvel film in general to feature LGBT main leads. note 
    • It's also the first live-action theatrical superhero movie from one of the Big 2 publishers (that would be Marvel and DC) that includes a queer relationship that is actually explored, fleshed-out and part of two characters’ arcs.
  • During the ComicCon@Home panel, it was the most popular panel on the line-up beating out popular franchises such as Star Trek, The Walking Dead and Vikings, despite being a Box Office Bomb that didn't make back it's budget and a Spin-Off that won't release any sequels.
    • Although after ComicCon@Home it was beaten by Vikings.


  • Rahne saves Dani by wolfing out and clawing the absolute crap out of Cecelia.
  • The group discover they're actually being trained to be killers by the Essex Corporation, and remark that they can't escape because Cecelia has force fields around the area.
    Illyana: [deadpan] Then let's kill the bitch.
  • After suffering from a post-traumatic stress break from witnessing the Smiley Men, Illyana teleports herself away, leaving Sam and Roberto on their own. They're soon cornered by Smiley Men and it looks like the end is near, until:
    Illyana: Sum in limbo omnipotens!note  [she suddenly bursts back onto the scene with her Soulsword and proceeds to carve the Smiley Men into little pieces]
  • The film expands on Magik's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner above, and makes it even better:
    Illyana: Take Dani to a safe place, and I'll take care of this bear. Sum in limbo omnipotens! [a portal to Limbo opens, and she walks towards it]
    Rahne: What are you going to do?!
    Illyana: [now sounding completely calm, as she manifests her Soulsword] I'm going to play with it. Get her out of here.
    Sam: Sam Guthrie: Are you crazy?! That thing will kill you!
    Rahne: He's right, it's magic!
    Illyana: So am I. [her eyes glow electric blue]
    Roberto: No! Illy! [he runs at the portal but she closes it after herself]
    Illyana: [she steps out of the portal with Lockheed - now a real dragon with the same glowing eyes - and glares up at the bear] Hey, Yogi! [to Lockheed, wryly] Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Right, Lockheed? [Lockheed chirps in agreement, and Illyana proceeds to lay the smackdown on the Demon Bear]


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