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It may be Logan’s last ride, but boy oh boy does he go out with a bang.

  • Logan's opening fight with the gangbangers trying to strip his limo makes two things clear: This is no longer the nigh-invincible Wolverine… but even a vulnerable Wolverine is still a dangerous one.
  • For fans of X-23, finally seeing her make the jump to live-action was enough to make them happy, but it got so much better than that in her debut fight.
    • When Pierce sends three Reavers to capture Laura, they go in with guns loaded and cuffs at the ready while Laura eats cereal. Back outside, everyone hears yelling and gunshots. Then Laura walks outside, tosses Pierce a severed head, then drops her bags and the cuffs before unleashing her claws.
      • Then she proceeds to tear apart as many of the Reavers as only she can. That includes using her foot claws, and subjecting a few she lures back into Logan's shack to a brutal Mook Horror Show.
    • After taking a bullet to her arm, Laura does not wait for her healing factor—she sucks the bullet out of her wound and spits it out without hesitation.
  • When Logan returns to the hotel, Xavier is having another one of his seizures, which makes Logan the only other person (besides Laura) able to even move. So when Logan gets back to his room, he sees a bunch of Reavers with guns drawn, all of them paralyzed by Xavier's seizure. He takes them all out, one by one, as he struggles to get the seizure-ending medication into Charles. This page's image is the fate of one of those mooks, which was also shown in the first Red Band trailer as an example of just how R-rated this film was going to get.
    • Also, it's suspiciously convenient timing for a seizure — just as the Reavers closed in on Charles — and Charles says he stopped them while it's Logan (established before as sometimes underestimating Charles' knowledge and ability because of how addled he sometimes is) who says "No, that's one of your seizures, take the damn meds." There's every reason to see this as Charles single-handedly stopping the Reavers and then losing control. The founder of the X-Men has one last supreme badass moment of the kind we know he's capable of but seldom get to see. One last time, he was Professor X, easily superior to an army of cyborgs on his worst day.
    • The fact that all of the Reavers in the room were completely frozen in their tracks, yet Laura still managed to crawl half way across the room to try administering the injection that would stop the seizure. She didn't make it all the way herself, but it's still damned impressive she made it as far as she did when grown men couldn't even move.
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    • This scene can be amazing if viewed for the first time. The viewers would already have the knowledge that whenever Charles has a seizure, everyone is suspended but are aware of this. So when it happens on a larger scale in this scene, viewers are so shocked and awed at this, they are literally glued to their seats, just like the film showing us.
    • The fact that Logan could have suffered less by going straight for Charles, except all the Reavers would immediately kill all of them once the sedative hits, and Logan has to suffer through it longer just to make sure every one of them is dead first. Anyone who's had to take a massive shit and/or piss while fumbling through your house keys can empathise.
  • Logan defending Will Munson against a group of gun-wielding hicks is quick, but it is still damned satisfying. The fact that the claws didn't need to come out even makes Logan and the scene more badass.
    • This is the one scene in the film where Logan defeats an opponent without resorting to killing. All it took was one well placed blow to the nose, and the hicks retreat right away. With the claws retracted.
  • The Munson family are undeniably Badass Bystanders. Will, the father, has no issue with facing down a mob of armed locals. The son goes right after X-24 with a baseball bat. The mother pulls a shotgun. Then Will recovers from being stabbed and thrown down the stairs to ram X-24 away from Logan before emptying that shotgun in a Dying Moment of Awesome.
  • The other X-23 kids show off their mutant powers while fighting the Reavers:
    • One uses her breath to freeze a guy's arm before shattering it.
    • Another uses her control over plant matter to kill one mook, and tear another to pieces.
    • One boy grabs a jeep and unleashes an electrical charge that shocks the Reavers inside.
    • Rictor uses his ability to lift one of the Reavers's vehicles up into the air and flip it onto X-24.
    • And all of them use their collective powers to kill Pierce.
    • The "Puppet Master" deleted scene shows one of the X-23 kids has the ability to mentally manipulate people to follow his actions. When being chased by three Reavers, he controls the first one to turn around and shoot the other two, before holding the gun to his chin and shooting himself. This was likely deleted due to how stupidly overpowered it is, but it's terrifyingly awesome nonetheless.
  • After Logan takes all of the mutation enhancement drug and reverts to his physical prime for a few minutes, he performs a Foe-Tossing Charge and slices through a dozen Reavers while on the run, roaring like the old Wolverine we all know.
    • Because Logan is behind them and the Reavers are running ahead, it's hard to tell if they're still chasing the kids, or just running away from him.
    • Logan and Laura fighting side by side against the Reavers. After being at each other's throats the entire time, they finally put everything aside to work together. Logan even tells Laura to stay behind him so he can shield her from the bullets due to his fully adamantium-covered skeleton making him a lot more durable than Laura whose claws are only laced in metal.
    • Even more so is the announcement that Wolverine is re-entering the battle. As the X-23 kids are fighting the Reavers, Laura gets involved and violently stabs one of the Reavers to death...only to stop cold in her tracks as she hears a roar. Not just any roar, but that roar of anger and adrenaline and primal rage that Hugh Jackman channeled so well in over a decade of playing Logan. Cut to Logan sprinting through the woods, with no limping or hesitation or impediment. Audiences were reported to cheer because, for one last time, He's Back.
  • Both of Logan's fights against X-24 feature an aging legend going up against a clone that looks like his younger self mixed with Victor "Sabretooth" Creed. Both fights are equally brutal, with Logan doing everything he can against a foe that has all of his abilities but none of his remorse or humanity.
    • For that matter, Laura versus X-24. Despite being half his size, she is fearless—and downright vicious—when attacking him. She inflicts massive damage to him before he finally throws her off. She ultimately delivers the killing blow by using Logan's gun and adamantium bullet.
  • This clip shows that while Logan's mutant powers are getting weaker, his skills are none the worse for wear. Take note of how he quietly Flash Steps in front of the bad guy.
  • Throughout the movie, Caliban is beaten and tortured by the Reavers, not to mention the verbal put-downs from both Logan and Xavier. When he has a chance to fight back, he turns it into a Dying Moment of Awesome by setting off two grenades—sacrificing himself to take out several Reavers and the van in which he was imprisoned. He even gets a Pre-Mortem One-Liner that echoes a threat Pierce made to him earlier: "Beware the light."
  • The way Logan takes down both Rice and Pierce — with a revolver. It isn't just cool, it's clever. Nobody expects the Wolverine to bother pulling a gun, right?


  • The film is Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, with an approval rating of 93% with critics. That rating tops the one for X-Men: Days of Future Past, making Logan the best-received film in the entire X-Men Film Series.
  • Logan utterly crushed the domestic and international gross of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine's entire run in a mere 12 days.
  • After seeing the film in its fully-finished form, Patrick Stewart decided to retire from playing Professor Xavier, as he could think of no better note for Xavier's story to end on. note 
  • Dafne Keen's performance when Laura is with Logan as he dies deserves a mention because those aren't fake movie tears — Keen is actually crying.note  For that matter, Keen's performance all-around — which is only her second acting credit and her first motion picture role — has been universally applauded by critics in what Mangold, Jackman, and Stewart have made clear would have been an incredibly demanding role for even a veteran performer. This tour de force is made all the more impressive by her age (eleven years old) and newcomer status.
  • While Dafne Keen deserves all the praise for her acting, what should not be overlooked is her Stunt Double. Since it was impossible for the filmmakers to find a stuntwoman who fit Keen's small body type, they had to go for the next best thing: an 11-year old girl named Nayah Murphy.
  • The visual effects department gets one for how good their CG looks despite the low-budget. Donald Pierce's robotic hand? That's a mixture of CGI and practical effects. And according to James Mangold, in a lot of close-ups it's entirely CG. Talk about skill.
    • X-24 is a shining highlight, and most likely one of the greatest Acting for Two usages in film. When he first sees Logan while walking out of the Munson house, he closely walks around his counterpart in just such a way so that his shadows show on Logan. It's so seamless, and pitch-perfect: that you would be forgiven to believe that wasn't Hugh Jackman playing both parts. As a result, this film was also the first superhero film since Superman III to have dual roles fighting each other (multiple times no less), and the end result is positively seamless especially compared to the aforementioned film.
  • The mere fact that Logan was the first movie to be sent screeners to the Academy Awards, months before any of the Oscar Bait movies. Not only does it show how successful the movie was commercially and critically, but it goes to show how much faith Fox has in the film that were willing to send it at all. If successful, it could be the first comic book film nominated for Best Picture, something even The Dark Knight couldn't achieve.
  • Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keen have scored Critics Choice Awards nominations for their performances and the film has gotten a Critics Choice nomination for Best Action. For comic book fans, film fans and fans of the movie, this is fantastic news.
    • That’s not all. The film now has scored a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination at the Writers Guild Awards.
  • The movie has scored another big nomination: this time for the USC Scripter Award. For perspective, winners of that tend to be nominated for or win Best Adapted Screenplay at the Oscars.
  • The film is now on the National Board of Review’s Best Films of 2017, alongside Dunkirk, Phantom Thread and Lady Bird. Fans were understandably excited.
  • It is now officially the first superhero film in history to be nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. Truly a historic moment for comic book fans and shows how far the movies come.
  • Also, lagging behind the Captain America trilogy by just one year, with Logan the Wolverine solo trilogy manages the achievement — a trilogy which has the next installment performing critically and financially better than the previous one with audience support. Way to go out Logan!


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