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  • Besides there being no movie, why not a plane? Sure they couldn't go through official airport channels, but finding someone to fly them out there wouldn't be so difficult. Especially with $20000 or so.
    • It actually would be fairly difficult to find a pilot who wouldn't report them and would fly them for that money. Logan doesn't have connections in the black market to smuggle three people by air. Besides, Transigen is very resourceful and could probably figure out where they went. Besides, Logan doesn't believe in Eden and probably doesn't want to blow his money on something that he doesn't think exists.


    Publicizing video 

  • Why doesn't Gabriela release her video to the public? No matter what clout Transigen has, surely most people wouldn't tolerate children being genetically engineered as soldiers and euthanized when that fails.
    • There was never positive sentiment for Mutants in the population as a whole and after Apocalypse and the Westchester event probably even less. Gabriela probably thought taking the kids to a safe haven in secret was a better plan then letting the world know of their existence.
    • So either they're outraged over the disposable child soldiers, or them fucking around with the x-gene after mutants apparently went extinct?
    • Transigen has an army of lawyers, no doubt. They don't seem particularly concerned with conducting paramilitary actions and torture in America or Mexico. The video just wouldn't do much to hamper them.
    • It's heavily implied that the US government is backing Transigen. In the aftermath of the Munson slaughter, you see soldiers and government agents helping with the cover up. And a military officer confronts Dr. Rice about the mess he's created. They'll likely cover up any attempts to leak information about the lab.
    • Who says it won't be released? Gabriela may have been too busy trying to escape with Laura to upload it on YouTube, but someone is helping the kids slip across the border, so there's a very good chance that once they're safe the truth about what happened is going to get out.


  • The film is said to take place a year after the good future in X-Men Days of Future Past. How have Xavier and Logan aged so much in the span of one year?
    • Was this not the "good future" shown as the present day i.e. the 2010s, not the mid-2020s? Even so, a mere decade seems to have caused a lot of aging — maybe not for Xavier, who was born in the early 1940s if memory serves, but certainly a lot of decline to catch up with Wolverine in such a short span of time. This is especially jarring since Logan was only going a bit grey in the Bad Future timeline of Days of Future Past, and hadn't suffered any apparent decline in his healing powers, which were what allowed him to time-travel to avert the Bad Future in the first place. Perhaps whatever cataclysm decimated the mutant community in this timeline brought prematurely crippling effects to both of them?
    • Actually the "good future" was very much set in 2023 (its explicitly mentioned by Logan that its been 50 years since 1973). As for the rest...bear in mind that there's still no official confirmation that the film is set in 2024. Even if its set only about 3-5 years after 2023, things deteriorating this badly can make sense. Xavier was already pushing 90 in 2023. Maybe the technology at the Mansion was keeping him relatively healthy. Perhaps in the next few years some cataclysm occurs which leads to the deaths of the X-men, the Mansion being destroyed, mutants dying out...creating the world we see in the movie where Xavier AND Logan have both really declined.
    • Its so weird that Days of Future Past all but states the future scenes take place in 2023, yet everywhere that talks about the films plot refuses to accept that year as fact, only stating it as "the future". Logan taking place in 2024 seems a bit farfetched, especially with all mutants being exterminated that quickly in less than a year. My money is it takes place 6 or more years later, enough time for Logan's healing powers to start deteriorating, and Xavier's mind to start going. So sometime after 2029 is my guess.
    • Apparently you've never watched someone endure a serious illness. It's completely plausible for an individual to go from visibly healthy to physically decrepit in less than a year. If Xavier fell ill not long after the "good future" scene, his condition could deteriorate very rapidly. Moreso if he was already ill and unaware of it (such as how some forms of cancer can be missed until they're already in their very late stages). Likewise for Logan; if something compromised his healing factor, his violent life would catch up with him fast, especially if, like Xavier, he happens to fall ill at the same time.
    • Or maybe this takes place in the bad future where mutants were nearly wiped out by the Sentinels, but that raises the question of what happened to the overpowered Sentinels.
    • We now have it confirmed by Mangold that the film takes place in 2029.
    • The modified corn syrup that is now in every food product courtesy of the Evil Corp most likely suppresses powers of living mutants. It may even have been responsible for Xavier losing control of his powers and thus all the deaths he caused are on their hands. Caliban even mentions something is seriously wrong, as if aging is not a completely normal thing; it's not for Logan.
    • Xavier is suffering from seizures and dementia, not an uncommon illness at 90, and Logan is poisoned by the adamantium that is finally overwhelming his healing factor after accumulating in his body.
    • The film never establishes that it's the adamantium that's breaking his healing factor. Rather, it seems to be a symptom rather than a cause.
    • It can perfectly be both. When Logan's healing factor works at its full efficiency, it completely keeps at bay the adamantium poisoning (as we see in the Day of Future Past timeline). If the modified corn syrup he's been unknowingly consuming for the few past years is weakening his mutant power, even a little, then he could start being poisoned, further putting a strain to the healing factor, thus causing a cascading effect that result in aging and wounds beginning to catch up on him.
    • Just for reference, Wolverine is a young boy in 1845 (X-men Origins: Wolverine), and as mentioned above, this film is set in 2029, which gives him an approx age of between 190 to 200 depending on how far into 1830 his birthday was. He is an old man who has lived a hard life by any standard; and throw in any long term diseases and infections that he may have already had that had been previously suppressed, the metal throughout his body and his obvious depression, honestly its no surprise to me that he could get ill so quickly. And having personally witnessed people with degenerative conditions, I can tell you that these things can destroy you in mere months.

    Xavier's hair 

  • How come Xavier has totally visible gray hair in this movie? Regardless of the timeline, he should be completely bald.
    • Maybe he started to grow a bit back, but liked the look and kept shaving?
    • This is likely the case considering in the original timeline Xavier just preferred being bald.
    • Whatever killed off the mutants probably neutralized or greatly weakened Xavier's powers the way it did Logan's...the hair is likely a side effect of that.
    • Why should he completely bald? That wasn't the case in the comics regarding Apocalypse's body stealing.
    • Comics =/= Movies. Mangold himself confirms that Xavier's hair is growing back because his powers are weakening. Therefore what likely happened was Xavier received a power boost much like Magneto and Psylocke when Apocalypse tried to take over his body, and that's what caused his hair to fall out. As his powers weaken and he loses control over them with age, his hair has begun growing back in.
    • His health is bad enough that he no longer has the will to shave his ugly, thinning hair.


  • Even if most of the mutants are wiped out, wouldn't Deadpool still be alive in this since he's immortal?
    • We do not know if the movie version of Deadpool is immortal. We don't yet know how mutants (or even if) all mutants were killed. It isn't even clear whether the Deadpool (2016) movie takes place in the same continuity.
    • Alternatively, if Deadpool is alive, he's simply not involved in the events of this movie.
    • If the modified corn syrup is the reason Logan lost his powers, then the same would happen to Deadpool. Except Deadpool has really advanced cancer, so he was probably one of the first to die.
    • Nothing suggests that the corn syrup removes or diminishes mutant powers. I believe it is stated that it suppresses the mutant gene to prevent mutant births. Of the three naturally born mutants we see in the film, Xavier's powers are weakened because he's being given drugs to suppress them (they're clearly still very powerful when he's off his meds), Logan's powers are weakening because the effects of decades of adamantium poisoning are finally overwhelming them, and no one said or suggested that Caliban's powers have lessened at all. Therefore, there's no reason to assume that Deadpool has lost his powers. He's just isn't around because he's somewhere else.
    • They never do go into detail on who all is responsible for that offer of asylum on the other side of the Canadian border. Deadpool and Cable, hearing about some new mutants showing up and wanting to help?
    • If we take a Broad Strokes approach, there's no reason to assume that Deadpool even exists in the "Logan" universe.

    Shooting Laura 

  • Why does Pierce not want any of his Reavers to shoot Laura, despite her healing abilities and being extremely dangerous in close combat?
    • I'm guessing a mix of he doesn't want his men to waste bullets and Laura will get very pissed off if she does get shot.
    • More pissed off then she already is? What will she do, cut off a man's head?
    • He tells them to stop shooting because it's ineffective, and while the Reavers stand and shoot, she's getting away. He wants them to chase after her.
    • Yep, that's it exactly. He tells them to stop shooting because she has healing powers, and it's a waste of time.
    • But they still hurt and can slow her down, like the grappling gun did. Why didn't they use those?
    • Laura didn't show any pain when she was shot and didn't slow down at all on screen. Since she doesn't have a full adamantium skeleton like Logan her healing factor is most likely stronger than his since its not constantly fighting off the poisoning.
    • Let me know when grappling guns and harpoons come in 30-round magazines, fit inside an assault rifle, and fire at 700RPM, then ask that question.
    • Even if they don't cause much damage, they're still there. Couldn't enough bullets in joints and vital functions just degrade the machinery of her body long enough to subdue her?
    • She moves and heals too fast to shoot her that much.
    • It seems like they didn't want to actually kill any of the mutant kids. Even in the final chase, none of the soldiers actually shot at the mutant kids. They only show Pierce shooting Rictor, and it was to wound him.


    Laura's bones 

  • If Laura's bones are encased in adamantium, what will happen when she grows?
    • It's demonstrated that only her claws were covered in adamantium.
    • Granted that it's still a problem in that her claws will eventually be disproportionately short. But they're lethal enough as is.
    • OR her healing factor has imprinted it into her DNA that her claws are adamantium-bone, so they will grow like they should. For comparison, when Logan got shot with the adamantium bullet, his skeleton healed back in adamantium, not bone.
      • Adamantium is a man-made alloy, and therefore not part of her genetic code, so she can't grow it back. Also, they said in Origins the adamantium bullet Stryker shot Logan with wouldn't actually be able to penetrate his skull, though it would inflict brain trauma. At any rate, Origins was pretty much retconned out of continuity by Days of Future Past and Apocalypse, so doesn't matter in this timeline, anyway.
      • Which is to say that if her arm got cut off, the arm that grows back will have bone claws. Which would have been a better strategy than what Pierce actually came up with. (Btw, if the bullet needed to get in his brain to do the right sort of damage in Origins, they should have shot him through the eye.)
      • More-over, adamantium is indestructible, with two exceptions — any material can be damaged by itself when moving at a higher velocity, that's how the adamantium bullet can penetrate X-24's skull — and secondly, Magneto's powers. Whether the claws have been simply coated with it or actually molecularity infused with it, they can't grow anymore because adamantium's structure is too rigid to allow any movement.
  • As seen in the video explaining the X-23 project, we see Laura having a surgery similar to the one Logan had done to cover his bones in metal. However Laura is still a growing girl and the metal covering her bones is unbreakable, meaning as she gets older she is going to suffer unimaginable pain as her body tries to grow but the metal prevents it.
    • As noted above, Laura's bones are never said to be coated. The surgery only shows her claws being worked on.
  • Word of God confirms that, as in the comics, only Laura's claws are bonded.

    Adamantium bullet 

  • Last time we saw Logan shot with an adamiantium bullet in the head, he got amnesia. This time around, everyone seems to be sure that it will kill him and it actually does kill his clone. How come?
    • Wolverine gets shot right in the center of the forehead one of the stronger parts of the skull. X24 gets shot in the eye where the bullet would be able to enter the brain from the eye socket and cause massive damage.
    • The clone's healing factor is clearly shown to be weaker than in Origins. That said, I guess if Hugh Jackman and the series' creators change their minds about him stepping down, maybe the clone could be resurrected by shooting it up with the power-enhancer drug?
    • Logan's healing factor is both clearly stated and shown to be slowing down in the film, which is why it is believed that the bullet will kill him this time. As for the clone, it kills X-24 is because it does a rather extensive amount of damage to the skull and brain when he was shot. In Origins: Wolverine, the adamantium bullet only makes a small hole in the front of Logan's head, so the bullet did not actually inflict as much trauma to the brain as people think.
    • But wasn't the whole reason why the the bullet didn't kill him in Origins not because of his healing factor, but because adamantium can't break adamantium? If the bullet can't penetrate the adamantium coated skull, how can it kill Logan now that he's older?
    • I'd have to see it again (not that I need an excuse) but I'm pretty sure the film never definitively establishes he received the full adamantium treatment. Certainly even Will Munson's shotgun made a bloody mess of his skull, so it's possible X-24 was deployed out of necessity before they had a chance to treat his entire skeleton.
      • Word of God is that X-24 got the full treatment, and you can see the edges of the adamantium coating when his head explodes.
    • Alternatively, the coating was just thinner for whatever reason.
    • I was under the impression that X-24 only got his claws adamantiumed, like Laura. He may have been cloned from Logan's aged, deteriorated DNA, which would be different from Laura who is a test tube baby with the healing factor producing gene deliberately left in – perhaps even duplicated if they (despite everything) still went with giving her two X-chromosomes from her father instead of one from him and from her surrogate mother. (Yes, I know "x-gene" doesn't mean "on the x-chromosome", but that chromosome is responsible for a lot of immune system related things so it could happen.)
    • And if his skull is made of bone and the adamantium poisoning went straight to his brain… well, it might have affected the healing factor mechanism. And maybe one of the kids lit him on fire before leaving, which would have been a smart thing to do.
    • The simplest explanation: Logan is not part of the main comics universe, so those rules don't necessarily apply. In the post-[DoFP] timeline of the film universe, adamantium can punch through adamantium if you get it going fast enough (like, fired as a bullet).

    Capturing kids 

  • Wasn't the goal to kill these kids? Why didn't they just shoot the kids outright instead of gathering them in a circle?
    • Initially, they'd still be useful for research and gunshot wounds make that more difficult. Later on, killing them would have eliminated all their remaining leverage over Logan.

    Dead X-Men 

  • How did Xavier kill all the X-Men? His seizures didn't kill humans. And all of them? Were they all really at the mansion with none of them powerful enough to survive?
    • Who knows how long that seizure lasted. Five minutes? Ten? Caliban states he cannot breathe during so even a few minutes would be plenty to suffocate everyone within range.
    • Even if it didn't literally kill every X-Man it would have killed the majority of them and virtually all of the students.
    • My question is, what happened to Jean? She should've easily been able to resist the effects of the seizure, psychically subdue Xavier, and even kill him at range if needed.
    • Keep in mind that although Xavier hasn't been taking his meds as frequently as he should, he has been taking them at least off and on, presumably for years. The seizure that happened in Westchester likely came without warning, with Xavier's completely un-suppressed powers. Plus, for all we know he may have been hooked up to Cerebro at the time... All things considered, it's fortunate that he didn't kill a lot more people than he did! X2 established that with Cerebro he could kill every human or mutant on Earth.
    • It's possible that something else was going on at the same time. Maybe somebody was shooting at them, and then Charles had an unexpected seizure which froze everyone nearby, and during that critical moment the bad guys just kept shooting.
      • The problem with this is, as the film demonstrates, everyone will freeze. Unless those bad guys are shooting from outside the range of his telepathy they would have been frozen as well unless they were either resistant to or shielded from his telepathy, or they were firing from outside his range. Neither case is at all likely given what we know of the incident.
      • Magneto's helmet shields him from Xavier's telepathy. It's possible that something like that was in play. Though granted they don't hint at any of this during the film.

    Disappearing mutants 

  • Given the improved state of human/mutant relations in the "Days of Future Past" reset timeline, why didn't anyone in power or just curious find out why mutants were suddenly not being born anymore? Wouldn't it be pretty suspicious to have mutants outed to the public for decades, world famous, and then just stop being born with no one investigating why?
    • Who said nobody investigated? For all the viewers can tell from watching the movie, there were investigations but nothing has been discovered.
    • What improved state of human/mutant relations? Did you watch Apocalypse? Opinions on mutants are widely varied, and there's a lot of people that hate mutants. Mutants are forced into cage fights and experimented on. And after Apocalypse nearly destroyed the world, its very possible that the fear and hatred renewed. Arguably, relations are even worse than before DOFP, they just found a way around the Sentinels.
    • The cage fights and such we see in "Apocalypse" occur quite a few years before the future we saw in "Days of Future Past" and were largely small-scale and secret, and we are given no evidence that Apocalypse's actions ruined human/mutant relations (if anything the fact that mutants stopped him could improve relations, much as Mystique stopping Magneto made her a hero to many). Moreover, in "Days of Future Past" we see a thriving school and a bright future. The best explanation is probably Hugh Jackman's statement that "Logan" is in a separate continuity from all the other X-Men films, one where some of the positive strides in the other continuity didn't happen.
      • Given no evidence? They mentioned at the ending of Apocalypse on the news that the destructive powers of Mutants were becoming a matter of controversy and hurt mutant relations. Xavier and Erik talked about this. And the school isn't just for Mutants according to Apocalypse.
      • Xavier said he wanted to open the school to non-mutants, not that he had opened it.
    • How could any investigators miss the genetically engineered widely used corn syrup, that just happened to come out around the same time as the decline in mutantkind and can be traced back to one corporation?
    • They had no reason to suspect the corn syrup. Even if they did, Transigen has a lot of resources, they could just bribe investigators away or they might even have the full backing of the government.
    • Xavier had a massive seizure that paralyzed 300 people and even killed some. At this point most people probably just said "Fuck the mutants" and stopped caring. No more guys able to lift the Golden Gate Bridge? Whatever.
    • For every person with a "fuck the mutants" or not caring perspective there would be another who would think they were awesome or another who would want to worship them. The idea that it would not be a huge deal with tons of people investigating (if only out of curiosity) just seems unlikely.


    Extinct mutants 

  • How can mutants be almost extinct after only a matter of decades at most of none being born? There should be plenty who are in their 30s or 40s or even younger.
    • Without knowing more about what happened during the time skip it's hard to say, but there's plenty of possibilities. While they talk about X-Men dying when Xavier had his first attack, they're pretty quiet about the students and others that may have been there. So perhaps a substantial number of the kids died as well. It's also possible the incident in Westchester may have triggered a fresh backlash against them, similar to how the Legacy Virus was used as propaganda during the Messiah Trilogy in the comics. Alternately, there really are more mutants out there, they've just gone to ground and are simply living quietly. Someone was at the other end of that radio when Rictor was calling ahead to let them know they were on their way.

      It's possible that this may even tie in to the forthcoming series, which is reported to be set in the XCU proper. We do already know that the plot will focus on a family whose daughter is a mutant, and are on the run on a sort of Mutant Underground Railroad. Perhaps this is connected to Eden and the destination of the Transigen kids, and will fill in some of the gaps of the six years between the new future glimpsed in Days of Future Past and the beginning of Logan.
    • It's mentioned that Caliban helped Transigen hunt mutants. It's entirely possible that mutants were hunted down to extinction. Like the tigers.

    Claws back 

  • Timeline and previous films don't help with this confusion, but why does Logan have his metal claws back? OK, he has them in Days of Future Past, but that timeline doesn't exist any more. However, the events of The Wolverine appear to still have happened, since in the Logan film there's focus on a katana in the hideout. So even though DOFP never explained the adamantium claws, is it still speculation over how in Logan they're covered again?
    • Already explained during his brief appearance in Apocalypse.
    • It's incorrect to assume that Do FP simply erased the previous films. It seems like most of the same events still happened in broad strokes. For instance, in Logan there are mentions of the adamantium bullet, the event on Liberty Island, and Logan having been a cage fighter, so these things still happened in one way or another. Timeline issues aside, it's simply never explained how Logan regained adamantium claws between The Wolverine and Do FP, but it's already been established that somehow he does, regardless of the timeline.
    • Did you even watch the movie? He was still captured by Stryker, and is seen at a research facility in Apocalypse.
    • There are even multiple shots in Apocalypse that basically scream "check out Wolverine's adamantium claws" to the audience. Clearly it didn't work.
    • Apocalypse takes place in the 80s. The Wolverine takes place in the 2010s. Stryker still managing to capture Logan and implant him with the Adamantium in the 80s doesn't change him getting his Adamantium claws cut off by the Silver Samurai and the bone claws growing back in their place in the 2010s.
    • Either the events of The Wolverine didn't happen in the new timeline, or they happened slightly differently.
    • This troper always assumed that, when Logan joined Xavier and Magneto after the events of "The Wolverine", Magneto used his powers to coat Logan's claw with adamantium once more (it would make sense, considering they were running from the Sentinels and would need Logan in his best shape to defend themselves).
      • That's true for the bad future in Days of Future Past. However there's no indication that Logan lost his adamantium claws in the new timeline after history was changed.

    Real name 

  • How does Logan know that his real name is James Howlett? None of the other films, DOFP continuity or not, showed him learning this.
    • Possibly explained by Apocalypse. When Jean encounters him at Alkali Lake, after she manages to calm him down a bit and before he escapes outside, she says she's returning to him what memories she could. One of those memories might have been his name.
    • In The Wolverine he remembers events from WWII which came before his memory loss. It seems likely that as years passed, either as a result of help from Xavier, or just his brain healing itself, Logan has gradually regained his memories.
      • Given the Easter Egg nature of him using that name, it's possible that James Howlett is not his name in this universe, and is just an alias he's using. In other words, the writers had him randomly use an alias that is the same as his comicbook real name as an easter-egg.
      • This technically doesn't work since James Howlett was born before the timeline was changed in Days Of Future Past.
      • Looking closely at Laura's lab files shows the source of her genetic material as James Howlett. So it's not just an alias.
      • In that train of thought, in-universe he could have thought "I need to make up an identity. Hmm, how about James Howlett. James, call me Jim, Mr. Howlett, yeah that sounds natural" not knowing that was his real name.

    Other kids at Eden 

  • How did the other X-23 kids somehow get to North Dakota ahead of Laura? Yes, Gabriella said that during the escape, Laura and her got separated from others, but they still escaped the facility in Mexico at the same time. Yet by the time Logan brings Laura to North Dakota, the other surviving mutant kids are already gathered and are implied to have been together for quite some time. Throughout the film, it almost seems like Transigen and the Reavers prioritizes on getting Laura over everyone else. What about the other mutant kids?
    • It's quite possible Laura is the only one of the X23 kids Transigen really wants back and so concentrated their efforts on getting her. She seems the only X23 child that was actually combat capable. They said the experiment was a failure, she could have been the only effective fighter they made. The other kids may have made it to Eden relatively easily since all the Reavers were tracking Laura.
    • Just as Gabriela said: They got separated, and they likely fell behind while trying to evade pursuit. Transigen had no idea where to begin searching for the other kids, so focused their efforts on Laura both because they had a better idea of where to look for her (Pierce did know Gabriela was trying to turn to Logan for help) and perhaps they hoped to use her to locate the other kids (and in a way, that's exactly what happened, with Laura and Logan inadvertently leading Transigen right to them). The fact that Logan's group was also delayed by needing to fight off the Reavers on several occasions, ditch their original car and secure a replacement, the detour to the Munson's farm, burying Charles, and getting his own injuries from the first fight with X-24 almost certainly contributed to their late arrival, as well.
  • Better question, how the hell did Logan and Laura get to the Mutant Treehouse before the bad guys? They have helicopters.


  • Are the comic panels made up specifically for the film, or were they taken from some actual comic book?
    • They were created specifically by the book, though actual Marvel personnel such as Joe Quesada were involved in drawing, inking, and lettering them.
  • The idea of X-Men comics existing within the X-Men film universe is clever and interesting, but wouldn't the Marvel comic company get sued by the X-Men's living relatives? Also, since X-Men super villains exist in their world, shouldn't they also worry about evil mutants like Juggernaut, Blob, and Toad barging into the Marvel Comics building, demanding a cut of the profit?
    • Was it ever established that none of their relatives weren't in on it? And more to the point, what relatives? It is stated in the first film that many of the kids in the mansion come from broken homes. As for the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, it is hard to know just what is and is not canon prior to the third X-Men film, but they were pretty roundly decimated with at least Sabretooth, Toad and Blob being killed off.
    • Why would they get sued by relatives? It's not against the law to write people's stories, particularly when they're public stories. I imagine evil mutants have simpler ways to get some cash (Juggernaut and other mutants are portrayed robbing banks several times).

    Tree stump 

  • In the battle in the woods, how is Logan fatally impaled on a tree stump? A piece of wood penetrated his adamantium skeleton? It was much too large to have gone between his ribs
    • The most likely explanation is that X-24's adamantium claws sliced up Logan's adamantium ribs enough that the wood could break through his chest. Bones mend, metal doesn't.
    • The wood didn't penetrate his ribs, as he wouldn't be able to even breathe or speak. It was lower down, below his chest, where there is little skeleton to get in the way. The claws don't cut cleanly through adamantium as they were able to block each other's attacks with them. He died due to extreme trauma and blood loss. His healing factor just couldn't keep up.

    Reavers falling 
  • When Xavier has his seizure in Las Vegas, everybody within range telepathically shares the seizure. Logan and Laura, less affected, inch their way towards Xavier to medicate him, stabbing the Reavers through their heads on the way. Why do the the Reavers not fall to the ground, dead, as their perforated brains should no longer be affected by Xavier?
    • Because Xavier's still in their heads, even if they were turned into sliced fruit. Think of it like how an electric current can make muscles activate in dead organisms.
    • I think his seizures do more than just telepathically freeze people, there's some telekinetic aspect resisting movement at close range. Logan was physically pushing towards Xavier and leaning forward by the time he got into the hallway. He would have been off-balance if he wasn't actually leaning against some kind of physical force.

  • What was that cabin doing at the coordinates? Is it just a coincidence that there is a building in the place where the fictional coordinates in a comic book says there would be?
    • It didn't look terribly complicated to build. It could've easily been made within a week with enough help. Alternatively, hardcore larpers.
    • Or an old forest ranger's outpost.
    • Maybe someone who was in on the plan to get the kids out went and built Eden there precisely because they knew the kids were big X-Men fans. It would have also been the perfect way to hide in plain sight - kids reading a comic book are less conspicuous than kids reading a note that only has a set of coordinates.

     No weapons 
  • During the forest battle, why doesn't Logan just use the military rifles or SMG's that were issued to the Reavers instead of using one little revolver to surprise everyone? He's a WWII and Vietnam vet, he knows how to operate and use those types of weapons, and how to fight in an environment like that. It would've been a lot smarter than running up and letting himself get shot.
    • Because he was hopped up on pain, rage, and drugs and wasn't thinking straight. Not to mention that all the Reavers were wearing body armor designed for protection against bullets, but which was useless against adamantium claws.
    • He also decides to use the revolver near the end because his plan relied on him surprising Rice. Kind of hard to surprise him with a M14.
    • He does use one of the rifles from 2:22 to 2:25 in this video.

     Going to Mexico 
  • I'm a little unclear; the Reavers tortured the nurse to death, but she didn't give in. Then Logan finds her, and heads back down to Mexico, while Laura hides in his trunk or elsewhere in the car? Is that the timeline? Or did she find the place in Mexico by herself?
    • She hid somewhere while the Reavers tortured Gabriela, then stowed away in Logan's car when he came back to pick them up.

     Alkali-Transigen's international jurisdictions? 
  • So the main plot of the film is to try and escape to Canada where it will be much more difficult for Alkali-Transigen to legally pursue the X-23 children and persecute mutants than in the United States. However, early on in the film the company has no problems going into Mexico to pursue Laura, so they don't seem to be limited by federal borders. Maybe Canada and Mexico specifically have different laws regarding their relationships with an American company like Transigen?
    • Maybe. But Canada also had someone waiting to help the kids, so even if Transigen could follow, the kids would be better off there than Mexico. Of course, all of Transigen's top operatives got killed in the final battle, so that's going to slow down their response.
    • The Transigen facilities were located in Mexico, indicating that the Mexican government is at least semi-OK with the whole thing. Transigen is implied to not really have operations in Canada, which would make it much harder for them to send in anyone to find the kids, as it would be conspicuous. Also, future!Mexico's police are probably a lot easier to bribe than future!USA's or future!Canada's.
    • As said above there are people there waiting to help (some of which are likely mutants themselves), so marching into the sanctuary would be suicide. That's why it was so important for them to get the kids before they could reach it.

     Corn Syrup 
  • The primary cause of Logan's death was ultimately the slowing of his Healing Factor; the adamantium poisoning was always a problem, but his HF could more than keep up with it before. Logan also spent the last two decades eating (or drinking) the tainted corn syrup that Transigen had developed to suppress the X-gene. Logan is shown to be more resistant to such things than other mutants, but not fully immune. Could the loss of his HF have been caused by long-term exposure to the tainted corn syrup? If so, if he had stopped eating it, would his HF have returned, leading to his recovery?
    • The corn syrup having an effect on Logan's healing factor has been Jossed by Word of God. Mangold has stated that his healing abilities are slowing via a combination of his age and adamantium poisoning: As he grows older, his healing factor is slowing. As his healing factor slows, its ability to protect him from the adamantium coating his bones weakens, which accelerates the deterioration.

     References to the first X-men movie 
  • Xavier tells Logan how they first met. He even mentions the statue of liberty. Shouldn't that timeline been erased from existence?
    • Logan only assumed Xavier was talking about the events of the first film, because Logan does remember the old timeline, (as established by the ending of Days of Future Past) Xavier absorbed at least some of that history when reading his mind in the 70s during the same, and because Logan simply thinks Xavier is delusional. However what's the first thing he sees when he actually arrives at the motel where Gabriela and Laura are holed up? A sign that says "Liberty Motel" with a big Statue of Liberty as its logo. It's an indication that Xavier actually is telepathically communicating with Laura, and she's telling him that she and Gabriela are hiding at the Liberty Motel. Its only Xavier's semi-lucid state that corrupts it into "Statue of Liberty."

     Is this movie canon? 
  • Is this a what-if story? If this is canon, then it's depressing. Even in the "good future", Xavier, Logan, and the X-men get screwed over by the humans. They can't seem to win.
    • Word of God confirms that the film is set about 6 years after the revised future at the end of Days of Future Past. So yes, it's set in the "Good Future," and plays with Hank's theory that time is ultimately immutable, and will return to course. However while it still sucks to be a mutant in 2029, it's nonetheless a better future than the Sentinel-ravaged wastelands of 2023, since life and society goes on, and mutants at least have a fighting chance (especially once the truth of Transigen's activities gets out).
    • Some "better" timeline.
      • Compared to the Sentinel-dominated wastelands we see in Days of Future Past, yeah, it really is.
      • If Logan really does take place in the same timeline as the good future in Days of Future Past, than it opens up a number of plot holes / continuity issues. Deleted scenes (assuming they are canon) make reference to events in the original timeline - events that would have never taken place in the new timeline. Furthermore, given the number of years it's been since the last mutant was born, ALL of the students featured at the end of Days of Future Past would have to be human. And Storm, Beast, Xavier, and the rest of the X-Men all seem surprisingly happy at the end of Days of Future Past for people who surely have to know their species will likely go extinct. (Granted, we only saw them for one scene but still...)
    • Hugh Jackman said "it's a stand alone movie in many ways...It's not really beholden to time lines and story lines in the other movies." So I guess it can go both ways depending on your preference.
      • That seems to be a definitive "No, it isn't" to me.
      • I would say that now Marvel owns the rights to this franchise all original bets are off. Sure, Marvel could keep the Fox X-Men timeline going alongside the MCU (although why they would is another question entirely), but the two certainly couldn't be integrated as the timelines are completely contradictory. And that is before we get into the whole mess of having two Quicksilver's.

     Why didn't Logan kill Donald Pierce during their second encounter? 
  • It's silly to see this non-mutant man trying to intimidate Wolverine. An old dying Logan can still take him on. Donald Pierce in this movie seems like a human soldier with a robotic hand. I don't think this guy have super powers, or super strength. Logan could have killed this guy at any time. They were alone TWICE.
    • The first time they meet (outside the hospital) Logan is still trying to play dumb and hoping he goes away. The second time they meet (in Mexico, in the scrapyard) Logan's more focused on getting away; note that he does advance towards Pierce but ends up with every gun trained on him. The third time they meet, it's outside the Munson farmhouse and Logan is, once again, more worried about running away than killing one specific soldier. Logan simply spends most of this movie running away rather than trying to kill a single person (who, remember, wasn't that important in the overall Transigen hierarchy).

     Preventing future kids from being born a mutant 
  • I only saw the movie once, so forgive me if I am making a mistake. So the government slipped anti-mutant toxin in food and drinks, right? Is that part really a bad thing? Future kids would no longer be bullied, harassed, and killed by bigots. Plus, no more evil mutants threatening the world. Kids could grow up to live normal, peaceful lives. I know there are kids being trained as super soldiers later in the movie, but let's pretend that doesn't happen. What I'm asking is, is the "getting rid of all mutants" part really bad?
    • I don't know, is putting GMOs in food and drinks that would make everybody white and straight a good thing? Future kids will no longer be bullied, harassed, and killed by bigots for race or orientation. You're jumping on some very unfortunate implications there when you remember the Mutant Metaphor.
    • Also, the notion that mutant children will be forcibly depowered by this GMO is frankly the kindest possible interpretation of what is presented. The more likely situation is that mutants were being rendered infertile by this treatment. Either case is essentially genocide of a minority group.
    • You're jumping on some very unfortunate implications there when you remember the Mutant Metaphor. And here we risk setting off the arguments regarding the Mutant Registration Act once more. Mutants have been a stand-in for effectively every oppressed group in history at some point in the comics; and yet as advocates both in and out of universe regularly point out, homosexuals and other minorities cannot kill with a thought AKA Xavier, they cannot walk through any physical barrier AKA Shadowcat, they cannot One-Man Army the President's entire security detail AKA Nightcrawler, they cannot commit literal identity fraud AKA Mystique etc. We are talking about a race of people with powers that rival a lesser pantheon of gods, and it has to be said regarding the idea that this is some form of genocide, it was always going to come down to them or us eventually because humans are not used to sharing and potentially giving up their position at the top of the food chain. We're just lucky that this time it didn't end with a Sentinel apocalypse.

     No new mutants anywhere 
  • It's a major plot point that no new mutants have been born during the last 25 years. Rice reveals that this was a Transigen plot; they put a formula into the food supply which prevents random mutation. But wait, how did they manage to do this in every country on the planet at the same time? The "no new mutants" this is clearly a global phenomenon, or else someone would've mentioned that China or Zimbabwe or whatever is still producing mutants. But Transigen isn't the friggin Illuminati, are they? They don't run the world. Heck, the good guys manage to escape them simply by crossing the border into Canada! So Transigen is just a company. It's a big wealthy company and they've got a small army, but they don't run the entire world. So how did they manage to taint the entire world's food supply?
    • Simple answer: By providing the world's food supply. Do you really think Canewood is only selling its crops in the US? For that matter, do you really think Canewood is even the only agricultural conglomerate using Transigen's modified crops (keep in mind Transigen isn't putting a formula into the food supply. They actually engineered it into the crops themselves)? All they need to do is advertise "Inexpensive supercrops that will grow anywhere, are completely disease-resistant, and will completely eliminate world hunger." They just leave out the part about that the crops will also muck with the genetics of whoever is eating them to suppress manifestation of mutant powers.

     "Dead or Alive" 
  • IIRC, the Transigen guys make repeated references to how they want to recapture the escaped kids "Dead or Alive". Yet for some reason nobody ever tries for the "dead" option, even after it becomes clear that live capture is nearly impossible. If they just said "We need Laura alive", I could understand that. But they don't say that. So hey, if it's acceptable to bring her in dead, maybe don't send a bunch of goons into melee range where she might rip them to shreds with her claws. Maybe just swoop in with a helicopter and gun her down from a distance. Why don't they ever think of this?
    • Those kids were still expensive, so they're going to take them alive at all costs. It's also clear from Rice's conversation with that Army major after the incident on the Munson's farm that they're supposed to be keeping things quiet. Helicopter gunships...aren't.
    • It could also be that none of the mercs involved had enough lack of morals to kill unarmed children.

     Next time bring the right kind of bullet 
  • You can make bullets out of adamantium. We know this because Logan has one such bullet himself. And we know that this kind of bullet is super effective, because it kills X-24 in a single shot. And we know that Transigen has a supply of adamantium on hand, because in Laura's medical notes they mention giving her an adamantium procedure. And when Laura escapes, they know full well what her powers are and they know that Gabriella is trying to recruit Logan. Then they attack Logan's hideout with a bunch of goons who are all armed with perfectly normal bullets. Hey, here's an idea, maybe take that adamantium you've got and create some adamantium bullets. In fact, you should have done that years ago when you were planning Laura's security situation. Then it would've been easy to take down Laura, not to mention Logan, when the need arose. But nobody thought of that.
    • Because Gunss Do Not Work That Way. An adamantium bullet isn't going to be any more effective than a regular bullet just because it's made of adamantium. In fact, for some applications it will be less:
      • First, the only reason you actually need an adamantium bullet is if you're shooting a target hardened with adamantium, because it's the only thing that will actually penetrate it. Laura's skeleton did not receive the full bonding treatment, only her claws did, so shooting her with an adamantium bullet would be a waste when a conventional bullet would do the same job far more cheaply. However Laura needed the bullet on X-24 because his skeleton was reinforced, and a conventional armor-piercing round lacked the density and hardness to penetrate his skull. For killing X-24, the adamantium bullet was the right tool for the job. note  Against a "soft" target like Laura's squishy body and breakable skeleton it's a waste of a very expensive bullet.
      • Second, an adamantium bullet is going to be less effective against a human body than a conventional ball round, for the same reason conventional armor-piercing rounds are also a poor choice against soft targets: it's highly likely an adamantium bullet will pass clean through with minimal deformation, (there's nothing inside a normal human body hard enough to stop, much less deform, adamantium) and thus will leave smaller and more survivable wounds. There's a reason why hollow points are preferred against soft targets: They mushroom and expand on impact, meaning the bullet creates a much larger cavity as it passes through the target. Creating a larger cavity inside a human body means you're making a much bigger mess of the important bits inside it. And the bigger the mess, the more lethal it is.
      • Third, the only possible value of an adamantium bullet against someone who doesn't have an adamantium skeleton would be if adamantium were to have secondary effects to prevent healing. However although toxic, that effect of adamantium depends greatly on time and volume. Logan's healing factor is breaking down because he's had his adamantium skeleton for the better part of a century, and he's got a lot of it in his body. By contrast, Laura's claws were only recently bonded, and that's all she has. As we clearly see in the film she's not hampered by its presence at all. So shooting her with an adamantium bullet in of itself isn't going to prevent her from healing from the wounds. The only reason it killed X-24 is because it was able to penetrate his skull and destroyed his entire fucking brain. Shoot Laura in the brainpan with a conventional hollow point round and she's probably just as dead. Now, if it were a carbonadium bullet we'd be talking, however there's no evidence carbonadium exists in the films.
      • Fourth, bullets work because the soft lead conforms to the shape of the harder steel barrel, thus allowing the rifling to spin and stabilize the bullet. An adamantium bullet would either need to be undersized and fitted with a sabot, which does work terribly well in rifle or pistol rounds (though work wonderfully in shotguns), or they're destroy the gun. They might simply flatten out or rip out the rifling, or they might just blow up the gun. I suppose you could make a lead round with a smaller adamantium penetrator, much like modern steel-core armor piercing rounds.

     Immediate Attempted Murder 
  • I'm sorry if this was covered elsewhere, but why did the gangsters in the intro immediately go for shotgun murder for just trying to steal some dude's car? I know, narratively, it exists to give Logan a justification for self-defense but I don't understand their motivation for going immediately for murder just to steal a car.
    • I'm not sure what the Headscratcher is considering it's something that's very much Truth in Television, no matter how illogical it might be to a law-abiding citizen. There's sadly many cases of people being shot by car thieves during carjackings in Real Life.

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