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Logan has numerous nods to the previous films of Fox's X-Men franchise:

  • X-Men:
    • Charles mentions the Statue of Liberty at the beginning of the film, referring to the Liberty Motel where Logan later learns Gabriela is hiding out with Laura. However at the time, Logan initially thinks he's referring to the incident that comprised the climax of this film.
    • Charles references Logan's cage-fighting. Logan's very first scene in the entire franchise was the cage fight Rogue witnesses when they first meet.
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  • X-Men: The Last Stand: An extended version of the dinner scene with the Munsons has them asking about Laura's mother, and Logan and Charles use Jean Grey as their cover story. However Charles' dementia catches up to him, and he begins rambling that Logan killed her, in reference to the climax of this film, when he's forced to kill Jean to stop the Phoenix.
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine:
    • Logan mentions to Laura he got the adamantium bullet he intends to kill himself with (and which Laura ultimately uses to finish off X-24) "a long time ago," as a nod to the adamantium bullet Stryker used to wipe out his memories in Origins.
    • Bobby, the child with electric powers, was created using a genetic sample taken from Chris Bradley.
  • The Wolverine: The manner of Logan's death is a deliberate nod to Yukio's premonition of Logan's death in The Wolverine. Just as she predicted, he dies lying on his back, there's blood everywhere, and he has his heart in his hand. The Prophecy Twist of the latter is that Laura — his daughter — holds his hand as he passes away.

Logan also has nods to previous events within itself:

  • Within the film, while staying with the Munsons, Charles tell Logan that spending the evening with them is what life and family truly looks like. Logan's last words are "So that's what it feels like," as he finally comes to terms with Laura and accepts her as his daughter.


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