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  • The X-Men go to space to rescue the crew of the Endeavour shuttle that's been caught in the "solar flare". The X-Jet's launch into space is majestic, specially with Hans Zimmer's soundtrack.
  • Jean absorbing the energies of the Phoenix Force in space.
  • Quicksilver tries to reach Jean by running on an exploded house's flying debris (seen in slow motion as usual with his Super Speed) as she starts using her powers against the X-Men after meeting her father. And, very much like Superman did with Flash in Justice League, Jean has a perception of time and space that's fast enough to spot him, and blows him aside.
    • Though we don't get anything as complex as the "Time in a Bottle" or "Sweet Dreams" sequences, Quicksilver again shows us just how fast he can be. At one point, Nightcrawler's teleportation appears to stand perfectly still. He is faster than teleportation. In another scene, it's Storm's lightning that appears to be standing still compared to him.
  • Erik pulling a subway train out of the ground in New York to slow the X-Men down and ram the door of the house Jean and Vuk are in.
  • The train battle is very much the movie's action highlight.
    • Storm using her lightning powers against the D'Bari on the train's top.
    • Erik using sharp chunks of metal to impale the D'Bari attacking him and crushing a bunch of D'Bari flat within a train compartment then detaching it from the train.
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    • Erik uses his powers to fire multiple assault rifles at Vuk. And despite his efforts, Vuk can be seen performing an Unflinching Walk towards the hail of bullets.
    • Nightcrawler finally gets to shine. After a human soldier whose son is a big fan of him is killed by the D'Bari, Nightcrawler goes nuts and starts ruthlessly taking down every D'Bari he runs into not unlike how his alternate future self's assault on the White House in X2: X-Men United. He tops that off by teleporting the D'Bari responsible for killing the soldier on to the train track, before teleporting away, leaving the D'Bari to be ran over by the train.
    • Jean lifts the train in the air while protecting her friends with force field bubbles inside, and kicks Vuk out of it. She does so effortlessly, while Magneto would be strained doing the same.
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    • Then Jean quickly disintegrates all the remaining D'Bari who attack her. One manages to attack from behind, impaling her. ...which just pisses her off enough to disintegrate that one slowly. She eventually destroys Vuk by overcharging her with the Phoenix Force, on the ground first, then in space.
      • Controlling the Phoenix Force to the degree she does is also very impressive.
    • The whole battle with the D'Bari is something to behold. The few of them we'd seen for most of the film were enough to totally overwhelm any force they came up against. Then the X-Men break free and it's all over. They attack in scores, much more numerous than they appeared to be before just so every X-Man would have something to do - any one of them would've been enough for all the D'Bari we'd seen in previous scenes. Vuk having absorbed a portion of the Phoenix Force earlier is the only thing that makes her a threat, and she's the only one who is a threat... until Jean manages to get control of the Phoenix inside her, at which point it's truly over.
  • Magneto's tries to kill Jean in revenge for Raven's death. Jean absolutely crushes him, overpowering his magnetic powers nigh-effortlessly before nearly crushing his skull with his own helmet, before breaking it into pieces and knocking him out with it.
  • Selene's attempts to kill Kurt with her telepathic powers, boasting to Professor X that he is not the only one with the power to control minds, giving Charles the first true challenge after Emma Frost. However, being far more experienced than her, Charles overpowers her and psychically pins her while assisting his team, all the while struggling to hold her back.
  • Scott vs Magneto. Rather than a one-sided beatdown one expects, Scott more than holds his own against him, simply vaporizing and dodging every metal debris thrown at him and overpowering Magneto's magnetic force with his eye beams. And nearly getting the better of him before Hank blindsides him
    • Taking out Selene with one of his signature ricochet shots from the comics
    • And later his Big Damn Heroes moment where he blasts away Vuk to save Jean.
    • Blasting away D'Bari on the outside of the train simply hearing their sounds.
    • In short, as Yoda would say, Took a Level in Badass he didn't, took several did he.
  • Meta-Awesome: This was Simon Kinberg's directorial debut and despite studio interference (especially with Fox being bought by Disney) the film flopping and receiving worse reviews than the previous attempt, Kinberg got praise from none other than Chris Claremont, who wrote the original comic. He even prefers this adaptation to The Last Stand. It also doubles as Heartwarming, especially considering the backlash the film got.


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