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  • The X-Men go to space to rescue the crew of the Endeavour shuttle that's been caught in the "solar flare". The X-Jet's launch into space is majestic, specially with Hans Zimmer's soundtrack.
  • Jean absorbing the energies of the Phoenix Force in space.
  • Quicksilver tries to reach Jean by running on an exploded house's flying debris (seen in slow motion as usual with his Super Speed) as she starts using her powers against the X-Men after meeting her father. And, very much like Superman did with Flash in Justice League, Jean has a perception of time and space that's fast enough to spot him, and blows him aside.
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  • Erik pulling a subway train out of the ground in New York to slow the X-Men down and ram the door of the house Jean and Vuk are in.
  • The train battle is very much the movie's action highlight.
    • Storm using her lightning powers against the D'Bari on the train's top.
    • Erik using sharp chunks of metal to impale the D'Bari attacking him and crushing a bunch of D'Bari flat within a train compartment then detaching it from the train.
    • Erik uses his powers to fire multiple machine guns at Vuk. And despite his efforts, Vuk can be seen performing an Unflinching Walk towards the hail of bullets.
    • Nightcrawler finally gets to shine. After a human soldier whose son is a big fan of him is killed by the D'Bari, Nightcrawler goes nuts and starts ruthlessly taking down every D'Bari he runs into not unlike how his alternate future self's assault on the White House in X2: X-Men United. He tops that off by teleporting the D'Bari responsible for killing the soldier on to the train track, before teleporting away, leaving the D'Bari to be ran over by the train.
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    • Jean lifts the train in the air while protecting her friends with force field bubbles inside, and kicks Vuk out of it. She does so effortlessly, while Magneto would be strained doing the same.
    • Then Jean disintegrates all the remaining D'Bari who attack her, and eventually destroys Vuk by overcharging her with the Phoenix Force, on the ground first, then in space.


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