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Nightmare Fuel / Dark Phoenix

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Never mess with the Phoenix... or you'll be nothing but ashes.

Dark Phoenix proves to be far more terrifying than any of its predecessors (even moreso than X-Men: The Last Stand), due to the story involving a murderous force awakening inside one of our beloved X-Men heroines.

The next movie, however, turned out to be even scarier...

  • The D'Bari are pretty frightening.
    • They Kill and Replace a few humans right away upon arriving on Earth. It starts when Jessica Chastain's human character, Margaret Smith, is having a lovely dinner with her family and friends. But she leaves to tend to her repeatedly barking dog, where she sees multiple faceless, brown beings. All she can do is scream before they murder her and one assumes her identity. The alien with Margaret's appearance, now called Vuk, heads back to her home, with the family and friends chatter stopping as soon as they notice her unemotional appearance.
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    • Their habit to telekinetically twist the chest of humans to torture or kill them. Vuk notably does it to Jean's helpless father.
  • Jean crushing Magneto's head with his own helmet. With two of its points being dangerously close to his eyes just before the object breaks.
  • Jean telekinetically forcing Charles to stand up and "walk" on both legs, and him basically being at her mercy throughout the scene. If she hadn't read his mind and found out that he's always wanted to help her throughout her post-accident life and turned on Vuk, Charles would be done for just like he was in The Last Stand. It's also pretty clear that Charles suffers throughout the ordeal.
  • The Mook Horror Show with a Phoenix Force-empowered Jean disintegrating the D'Bari who attack her in the final battle (picture). It crosses into Awesome because she only targets the bad guys this time around (unlike in The Last Stand), but still.
    • Cyclops' hand starting to disintegrate when Jean is fighting the D'Bari, while every X-Men member and Magneto are watching. If she was literally hell bent on ending Vuk by force-feeding her all the Phoenix energy, her powers could have expanded everywhere and instantly killed the heroes we all know and love. Thankfully she is able to put Cyclops' hand back together and ensure her powers don't disintegrate them.