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Nightmare Fuel / The New Mutants

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WARNING: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Nightmare Fuel pages. All spoilers will be unmarked.

After three years of teasing and 1 year without a Marvel movie, this film is finally out.

They truly saved the scariest for the last.
While Logan and the Deadpool films have their truly scary moments even by X-Men standards, the final film of the X-Men saga, The New Mutants managed to top'em all in the Nightmare Fuel category.

Considering Josh Boone himself said that this film is "the hardest PG-13 ever made" and inspired by possibly one of the scariest films ever made, The Shining, this film is Darker and Edgier and scarier than the main X-Men movies, possibly even the R-rated ones, and he really wasn't kidding when he said that this film was going be a horror film with mutants.

  • The Blu-Ray Menu shows that this isn't a typical Marvel movie, but a straight up horror film.
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  • The first 2 minutes of this film has been released, and it's as horrifying as you might expect. It begins with Dani and her father fleeing as fires burn and cars fly through the air. Dani's father goes back to save the residents and dies. As Dani runs, she lies down and finds herself in Cecilia's hospital.
  • The supposed hospital that the the New Mutants are stuck in gives off a creepy abandoned haunted house vibe.
  • Sam Guthrie goes to investigate something moving in a dryer when a burning hand comes into frame.
  • Illyana and Sam stumble upon a little girl's room ... and a man with a smiley face mask, it unmasks itself to be a monster with no eyes and a terrifying Slasher Smile, and it looks like the lovechild of Look-See and Slender Man.
    • Illyana's backstory. She was subject to child slavery at a young age. What's more, it's very heavily implied that she was raped by the Smiley Men.
  • A face forms in the walls a la A Nightmare on Elm Street. Good thing it turns out to be a Missing Trailer Scene.
  • The pan across the rows upon rows of gravestones, all bearing nothing but numbers, implying that not only have scores of mutants died there, but that their "caretakers" are so callous, they don't even see them as people.
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  • We see Cecilia injured with severe claw marks on her face. Although it turns out to be a good thing in the actual movie.
  • Snowflakes falling from an unseen point into Dani's room. She catches a few ... only for the snowflakes to turn into droplets of blood when she catches a few with her fingers.
  • Rahne sits alone in a church confession booth. A few seconds later, you hear WITCH! YOU WITCH! from her abusive dead pastor. Just in case the movie wasn't terrifying enough, Reverend Craig appears in this film, branding Rahne with a W, and unlike X2: X-Men Unitednote , this film actually tackles religious abuse.
  • Roberto's burnt girlfriend. At first it looks like a sex scene between Illyana and Roberto, but Illyana is revealed to be still in her room, and voila his dead girlfriend appears on fire aka It: Chapter Two.
  • The reveal that Cecilia Reyes is working for Essex, and is training the mutants into human killers.
  • Possibly the scariest part in the movie is archive footage retooled from Logan, used when Dani looks into Cecilia Reyes.
  • Villain or not, Cecilia's death is pretty gruesome. The Demon Bear's gigantic head bursts through a wall, grabs her and shakes and bites down on her, all the while she's screaming, until she slides out of its mouth to the ground below. We can then hear the bear EATING her.

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