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  • The movie doesn't have much levity but there is a few here and there. The first one is an exchange between Hank and Charles.
"I know what you're thinking."
Hank Mccoy
"That's my trick."
Charles Xavier

  • Lots of the humor is unintentional; Magneto battling Jean over the chopper is a prime example.
    • The army officers jumping into the out of control chopper, Magneto flinging it through the air (which would have resulted in an off screen crash) and Fassbender's stance/expression just sells it
  • Quicksilver's unfazed reaction to the team being sent to space by Xavier: "We're doing space missions now? Cool." The guy has clearly seen it all between infiltrating the Pentagon and fighting against one of the most powerful mutants in history, so a trip to space in a jet plane that's not quite made for this doesn't seem to scare him.
    • Then he duct-tapes an improvised space suit on Nightcrawler when they're in space.
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  • The infamous "X-Women" quote by Mystique. While it is supposed to be an empowering feminist moment, many viewers (including women) all seem to agree that it instead comes off as unintentionally funny (if not just forced and cringey).
  • Jean disguising herself as... an old male bar patron drinking a beer, via an illusion she projects in the mind of the surrounding patrons.
  • The X-Men and Magneto are captured and taken away by a special task force after the mayhem in New York City. That task force's name? The Mutant Containment Unit. In other words, it's the M.C.U. taking the X-Men away. The Grand Finale of the X-Men film series includes a meta-joke and small jab about the future of the comics property (being integrated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe a couple of years down the line) after the acquisition of Fox by Disney.
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  • Some Black Comedy with Nightcrawler gleefully teleporting a D'Bari right on the tracks a few hundred meters in front of the oncoming train to cap his Roaring Rampage of Revenge off.
  • Some D'Bari, including Jones, have a brief Oh, Crap! moment before Magneto crushes them flat within a train compartment.
  • Quicksilver telling a student not to run during the epilogue.


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