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This might be a Darker and Edgier Superhero Horror film, but there's still some laughs.


  • Illyana makes a pun in the Comic Con at Home preview:
    Sam: That thing will kill you!
    Rahne: He's right; it's magic.
    Illyana/Magik: So am I.
  • The Comic Con At Home panel opens with the cancelled release dates, then there are a bunch of comments about the delays appearing. Some of them are:
    "The Mutants are old enough to rent a car in the State of Vermont at this point"
    "There are only 3 constants in life: Death, Taxes, and the inevitable delay of The New Mutants."
    "I couldn't even vote when this trailer came out. Now I'm 40 and balding."
    "On a scale from 0 to New Mutants, how cursed are you?"
    "Wait, maybe the New Mutants are ACTUALLY stuck in Limbo?"
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  • A promotional video including the casts guess whether or not certain phobias are real.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Tenet was delayed several times due to Covid-19 — so was New Mutants, New Mutants was already delayed before. A satirical French film news Twitter account announced ''Tenet'' was delayed "until New Mutants was released". They actually ended being released same day, in some countries.
  • And what does the final release poster say? “Hell has Frozen Over”.



  • The entire party scene when the young mutants drug Cecelia Reyes.
  • Roberto taking the lie detector test and claiming he's everyone's type. The lie detector shows he's lying. Even funnier is how he addresses Rahne and Dani when he says this. The two girls become a couple later on in the movie.


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