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Remember that spoilers are unmarked in Fridge and Headscratchers.

Fridge Brillance

  • Dr. Reyes compared new mutants to baby rattlesnakes. A baby rattlesnake can't control how much venom it secrets similar to how new mutants have a hard time controlling their powers, which can make them dangerous. This brings to mind the time Rogue's powers activated in the first X-Men movie when she nearly killed her boyfriend.
  • Not to justify Illyana's racism towards Dani (It was completely unnecessary for establishing her as The Bad Girl), but in a way it's understandable given that Russia lacks the West's complicated racial history, especially if she's from a rural region like in the comics. It likely wasn't drilled into her head from a young age that you don't talk to people of color that way. To her, mocking Dani for being Native American might have seemed no different than, say, mocking Sam for being a Southern American.
    • Of course, there are questions as to where a Russian girl even learned all those Native American insults to throw them. Her choice of insults didn't come off as confused external stereotypes, but rather as someone raised in *American* culture being deliberately rude.
  • When Rahne admits after kissing Dani that she never did anything with a girl before, she sounds like it was the first time she's admitted that to anyone. Considering her deeply religious background and her upbringing (not to mention the fact her priest beat and branded her for being a Mutant), that would make sense.
    • And Dani, growing up on a reservation and probably being the only girl there who likes other girls, then of course she's going to think that she made someone like Rahne up. Which brings a whole other kind of fridge brilliance to it when you consider her Mutant abilities.

Fridge Horror

  • The fact that things in the new timeline have not changed much after all, if not only mutants, but teenagers, are being locked inside an asylum just for having abilities.
  • The trailer also hints that they are being experimented on and remembering the "Work Shop" program in Deadpool it makes you question how many Weapon X like programs could be out there.
  • The trailer features a long pan across a field of tombstones. There's no names, only numbers. If this scene is connected in any way to the facility where the children are being held, it means not only have others (and quite a substantial number at that) died there, the staff is so callous in their disregard they don't even give them the luxury of names on their markers.
  • The Demon Bear is a literal demon....meaning that there might be other demons in the X-Men Cinematic Universe, like Belasco.
    • Except that it turns out that the Demon Bear is actually a manifestation of Dani's powers, so there's no telling if demons actually do exist.
  • The hospital is named Milbury Hospital... Nathan Milbury is Mr. Sinister in the comics, so it's foreshadowing.

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