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Examples of Ho Yay in The DCU.

The following have their own pages:

  • As the foremost Plucky Comic Relief/Heterosexual Life-Partners/big ol' Woobies of The DCU, Booster Gold and the (late) Blue Beetle see a lot of m/m shipping. One word: Boostle.
    • From Formerly Known as the Justice League Issue 6:
      Beetle: Get a grip, Booster. You're acting like some jilted lover.
      Booster: Well, that's what it *feels* like!
    • This exchange from JLI Spectacular #1:
      Beetle: That's what I like about you, Gold—you're a man after my own heart!
      Booster: And that's just about all I'm after.
    • Ted (Blue Beetle II) gets a bit with Dan Garrett (Blue Beetle I), too, although it's all in flashbacks or posthumous. When Ted explains how he came to take over the Blue Beetle mantle, he flashes back to Dan's final moments, during which we see Dan caress Ted's face while making him promise to fight in his place. Later, when the stress of the job gets to Ted, he talks to and caresses his photo of Dan.
    • Some Ho Yay can be spotted when Ted goes out drinking with Firestorm.
    • As of Generation Lost, Max Lord seems to have gotten in on this. His fight with Booster reads so much like an abusive, jealous ex that fandom's started making cracks about how his killing Ted was really just so he could have Booster all to himself.
      • In Countdown to Infinite Crisis, Max Lord kept tabs on Booster like he did with all other superheroes. Unlike the other superheroes however, the file on Booster Gold has a picture of him in a speedo.
    • And in Booster Gold v2, he went back in time to hang out with Ted again, and the slashy comments were everywhere. They're even mistaken for lovers at one point, by someone who's only heard them talk for like a minute, and Booster compares them to an old married couple.
  • Piper and Trickster in the DCU, especially during the trainwreck that was Countdown to Final Crisis. Piper is canon-gay, but Trickster isn't. Having them chained together, and Trickster constantly asserting his non-homosexuality (but never asserting his heterosexuality) makes the entire storyline seem like Trickster dealing with his sexuality. Until he dies in the most Ho Yay scene of all. Piper then spends the rest of Countdown going mad with grief.
  • Piper of course has this with his good pal Wally West, The Flash, with whom he turned away from crime for. Besides his wife Linda, Wally's closest companion is often depicted as being Piper, who in-turn became such good friends with Linda that the three often come across as a polygamous couple. When Piper was arrested for an assassination attempt, Wally became laser-focused on proving his innocence and finding the ones responsible, dedication he only showed normally when Linda was in danger.
    • As noted with Nightwing, Dick and Wally are also frequently shown to be closer than brothers, something that was played up after Wally returned to reality after Rebirth. In fact, Wally and Dick's relationship has become Wally's closest bond, thanks to the world's memory of Wally being missing.
  • Nightwing has this in spades, being a Launcher of a Thousand Ships of sorts. Red Arrow is a frequent target: Red Arrow's daughter knows him as "Unca Dick" and when they bicker, teammates often remark, "Mom and Dad are fighting again."
  • Green Arrow and Green Lantern Hal Jordan, in spades. They went on a cross-country trip to see the "real" America: DC's sliding timescale would put that at no more than ten years ago, so what they were looking for in 1998 is a mystery, aside from, perhaps, condoms.
    • Also, Green Arrow and the Flash (Barry Allen) once had an epic jealous blowout over which of them was Hal's real BFF (masquerading as an ideological clash...what a flimsy excuse...)
    • Plus, Hal and Barry's Earth 36 alternate selves are a gay couple
    • Fellow Green Lanterns Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner have bucket loads of Ho Yay too.
  • After Oracle formed the Girl Power team Birds of Prey, she and Black Canary built up something that can only be called a long-distance lesbian relationship. At one point when Oracle was dating Nightwing, he was showering at her place, and Black Canary assumed it was her showering. So, of course, she saw no problem at all with barging in on her.
    • It helps that the definitive writer of the series, Gail Simone, encourages fans to write femme-Slash Fic about them. And some femme-Slash Fic about Huntress and Black Canary and Slash Fic about Huntress and Oracle.
    • It wasn't just Gail Simone who did it. Chuck Dixon, the series' original writer, could pack quite a bit of this trope into the two characters even before they met face to face. The letter columns were filled with fan theories that this was Canary rebounding after her relationship with Green Arrow. Printing images like this (when they actually met for the first time) helped.
    • It wasn't just between Oracle and Canary: when Spy Smasher, a.k.a. Katarina Armstrong, showed up as an antagonist to the Birds, it turned out that she and Barbara had history. It does help explain the bitterness between Oracle and Spy Smasher in the present if they were once lovers who went through a bad breakup.
  • Jennifer Morgan and Power Girl in later issues of the original series of The Warlord where they spent a large amount of time in each other's company and were often seen reclining together in Stripperiffic outfits in an attitude that was positively post-coital. In Power Girl's last appearance in the series, they reflect on how close they've become:
    Power Girl: It's almost a miracle, how close we've grown, isn't it, Jen?
    Jennifer Morgan: Yes, like sisters.
  • Secret Six has a ton of examples: Catman and Deadshot spend time doing things like threatening to kill each other, wrestling with each other, cooking for each other, getting naked together... This one is another Gail Simone series, of course.
    • Since Deadshot and Jeanette began sort-of dating, she and Catman have twice sided against each other. Both times Deadshot picked Catman over his actual girlfriend.
    • Plus having an actual lesbian on the team in the form of Scandal Savage. Her relationships with Knockout and Liana are canon; her relationship with Jeanette is more subtext.
      • Simone has confirmed that Jeanette is bisexual and it's got to be said that she and Scandal are VERY close...they're also both immortal and have a long history with one another. She's also confirmed one of the male members of the Six (Catman) is Bi too.
    • And Ragdoll, a guy who's every word drips Depraved Bisexual, although he's doesn't actually have ... equipment. He does love Parademon so much he keeps his stuffed body in his bedroom, though.
  • In one Superman comic, when Mon-El was subbing for him, he talks with a restaurant owner who seems really excited about going off for a bite with him. Turns out it's Matter-Eater Lad in disguise, and he was just excited about eating. The fangirls were crushed.
  • In the DCU Tim Drake finds himself the victim of this trope often. Sometimes with Bart Allen, aka Impulse, but usually with Kon-El/Conner Kent, aka Superboy.
  • The Red Lantern Bleez, and the Star Sapphire Fatality. Of all the New Guardians, they seem very much the closest, and during Red Lanterns Fatality tries HARD to convert Bleez, to get her to swap the power of rage to the power of love. Bleez has issues with love, and Fatality obviously didn't know that removing the red ring would kill Bleez instantly, but the moment was very much there. Fatality is also one of the only beings whom Bleez has willingly shown her face to (Bleez wears a mask).
    • It's aided by the fact that Bleez, before her torture by Sinestro Corps members, was considered very beautiful, but turned down her suitors. More than one person can equate that to her being a lesbian.
  • Almost from the beginning of its run, DC's Demon Knights series has been dropping not-so-subtle hints that Exoristos fancies the Shining Knight; for anyone who was still confused, Ex pretty much spelled it out when she declared that the sight of Sir Ystin putting down a giant wolf was "arousing". However, Ystin's situation is... complicated. They do end up going off on an adventure together when Ystin decides to resume the search for the Holy Grail.
  • Gen¹³ has Rainmaker who is totally into Fairchild.
  • In DC's New 52 the friendship between Power Girl and Huntress, AKA Helena Wayne, daughter of Batman/Bruce Wayne and Catwoman/Selina Kyle from Earth 2, is full of Les Yay.
  • Convergence:
    • In Convergence: Batgirl, Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain are shown to be living together. Stephanie also refers to Cassandra as "honey", paying a little fanservice to the popular ship.
    • In Convergence: The Question, there's a rather similar situation between Renee Montoya and Helena Bertinelli, who are also living together, and talk to one another like a married couple. In the second issue, Batwoman gets angry at Huntress because she thinks she is sleeping with her ex. Huntress' reply ("I'm what? Hey now!") indicates that she still had not known, up until that moment, that Question was gay.
  • Starfire is a very affectionate person by nature and has a very different cultural attitude in regards to sexuality and personal space. As a result, her interactions with some female characters can put her in this trope.
    • Special mention goes to her relationships with Stella Gomez and Atlee in her solo series by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti.
    • In Issue 9 Atlee has to help Stella adjust to Strata's atmosphere by blowing air into her lungs. It basically looks like a kiss.
    • Her first meeting with Jessica Cruz in Justice League Odyssey was framed very flirtatiously. It helps that Jessica is Ambiguously Bi.
    • Her relationship with Donna Troy has elements of this trope as well, especially in Perez/Wolfman years of Teen Titans. There was also the time Kory went as far as attacking Superman when his malfunctioning Superman robot killed Donna.
  • The Golden Age: In the first issue, former sidekick Bob Daley has quite a bit of despair and resentment over being kicked out of Tex Thompson's life and spends a year living with Paul Kirk in the third issue (albeit while helping him deal with his amnesia and keep from being killed by assassins).