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  • There's a bit of Ho Yay between Superman and Batman, which was gloriously sent up in the Superman/Batman Annual #1 (Or, as Slade's parallel-universe twin called it, "Brokeback Titanic"). They even share a bed.
  • Taken to truly ridiculous levels in the Superman/Batman comic series written by Jeph Loeb (oh, and as if that title wasn't putting it in neon lights either), in which pretty much every thought-caption that Superman and Batman had about each other was describing the other in the most ludicrously fawning tones about how the other really was the best hero ever, to the point where it really wasn't funny any more.
    • Is too.
      • Amendment: not funny any more when Jeph Loeb himself does it.
  • The thing is, Loeb was by no means the first writer to make you doubt the heterosexuality of Superman and Batman. That honor goes to Doug Moench in ''World's Finest'' #289, also covered here. It starts off with the two seeking comfort in each other at the Fortress of Solitude one lonely night and Holy Mother of God, does it go downhill from there (or uphill, depending on your point of view). It ends with - swear to God - tentacles, and the two of them embracing. And with dialogue like this (emphasis so not mine):
    Superman: We're like night and day, you and I, and yet we're closer than we realize, closer than twins because we complement each other... we fit each other... like a hand and glove.
    Narrator: They hold the grip for a long time....
    • As a commenter said, "I think the only way this would be less subtle without actual porn is if it ended with a tasteful shot of them snuggling in bed together."
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    • agrees.
  • There was an Elseworld comic in which Kal-El's rocket landed in medieval Japan, and the medieval Japanese equivalent of Batman was a woman. The results were...predictable.
  • Further referenced in their animated series crossover, when Bruce Wayne's obvious interest in Superman leads to Lois asking "You want me to fix you two up?"
  • New 52, Batman/Superman #18, we have this. The villain wants to break Superman's heart by going after the person Superman is going to miss the most if gone forever. Guess who ended up becoming the target?
  • What about the numerous times Superman carried Batman, bridal style, throughout their history? Such as this, this, and this.

  • Everyone brings up Batman but they forget that often times there is Foe-yay going on between Lex Luthor and Superman. Just look at this video for evidence: [1]


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